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New Releases from The Wild Rose Press plus Fun Facts & Fave Lines

I am proud to share some of the latest releases from The Wild Rose Press… Please check out the books and follow these authors on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Enjoy the wonderful stories, fave lines, AND the fun fact tidbits…


Frances Evesham with An Independent Woman, Historical (Victorian) mystery romance Novel

Northanger Abbey meets Downton in Victorian England

Fun Fact: One day, my mother took me to the old Post Office in a tiny English Cotswold village where she grew up. There, I met Great Aunt Annie, a maiden Victorian lady, almost a hundred years old. Tiny and neat, with cotton-wool hair styled in a careful bun at the back of her neck, Aunt Annie bustled about, making cups of tea and cutting slices of fruitcake.

Aunt Annie lived quite alone, content, full of lively interest in the world and its news. She would have adored the internet.

Philomena, the Independent Woman of my novel, is, like Aunt Annie, a Victorian woman: self-sufficient, spirited and capable. The Victorians invented and built things. They engineered steam trains, bridges and factory machinery. Their photographs suggest they were solemn and unsmiling, but that was because they had to keep still for 30 seconds for every shot.

I believe the Victorians were like us inside, nursing their own hopes and dreams of adventure, love and happiness. I’m having fun writing their stories.

A few lines from the story:

Philomena leaped in the air and turned, terrified.

Lord Thatcham, tall and menacing, glowered at her from the doorway, his eyes ablaze with fury.



Click HERE to order from The Wild Rose Press and to order from Amazon, click HERE

Webpage: http://francesevesham.com/an-independent-woman-coming-soon/

Find Frances here:

Website and blog: www.francesevesham.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/francesevesham

Facebook: www.facebook.com/frances.evesham.writer


Marilyn Baron with Homecoming Homicides A Psychic Crystal Mystery Book Two, Mystery and Suspense Novel, Dark romantic suspense with a humorous twist 

Psycho Meets Miss Congeniality 

Fun Fact: When my daughter was a homecoming contestant at her university in a small North Florida town, I attended the pageant and noticed a man approach each contestant for her autograph on his pageant booklet. That sparked my imagination and was the inspiration for this story. I wondered what would happen if that man was a serial killer. The fictional college town, Graysville, was patterned after the town where I went to college, Gainesville, Florida.

A few lines from the story:

“All right, you immature rat bastard, listen up. I am going to pick up the phone and have you reassigned. It’s obvious we can’t work together if you can’t get over yourself. Okay, we had sex. Let’s just get that out on the table.”




Click HERE to order from The Wild Rose Press and to order from Amazon, click HERE

Find Marilyn here:

Blog: Petit Fours and Hot Tamales www.petitfoursandhottamales.com

Web site: www.marilynbaron.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarilynBaron

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marilyn-Baron/286807714666748?fref=ts

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4722647.Marilyn_Baron


Diana Rubino with A BLOODY GOOD CRUISE, paranormal novel 

“How would a ship swarming with vampires liven things up?”

Fun Fact: My husband and I are hooked on cruising, and my very first cruise was on the Eastern Mediterranean, beginning in Rome and ending in Istanbul. The ports of call included Rhodes, Cyprus, Santorini, and Egypt. Because I love Italy and cruising, I wanted to combine those passions with a humorous story about vampires and how they face prejudice in the human world. I met an Italian woman named Fausta in the mid-80s and always loved that name–I always planned to use that name in one of my books someday. I finally got the chance with Fausto, close enough!

A line from the story:

“All the blood has drained from your face, and not in a good way.”



Click HERE to order the paperback from The Wild Rose Press and to order the ebook from Amazon, click HERE

Find Diana here:

www.DianaRubinoAuthor.blogspot.com www.DianaRubino.com

https://www.facebook.com/DianaRubinoAuthor https://twitter.com/DianaLRubino


Heidi Wessman Kneale with AS GOOD AS GOLD, paranormal historical novella,

What would you pay for the chance at love?

Fun Fact: In the Seventeenth Century, gold and silver were the standard coinage throughout Europe. However, each country minted their own coins. Even these changed from time to time, often depending on the whimsy of whoever was king at the moment. Our Heroine Daywen Athalia, had she been wealthy enough (she isn’t) to deal with gold coins, she would most likely have been familiar with British Guineas. 

Our Hero Bel MacEuros is fond of stealing foreign gold. Here, he has stolen some Bavarian Guilders. It was entirely possible he could have also stolen some Florins, depending on where he was thieving in the German States. 

The Gypsy woman Alishandra doesn’t care if her gold is Guineas or Guilders. For her, gold is gold and rather fungible–she’ll take it in any form, unless it’s cursed. Like this gold was. 

A few lines from the story: 

“Lachlan,” she said, her voice quivering ever so slightly. “Would you marry me?”

He studied her for a moment, then sucked his teeth. “I’d hate tae break your heart. I dinnae want tae marry ya.”


!!!Currently on sale from The Wild Rose Press and Amazon, $1.99!!!

Click HERE to order from The Wild Rose Press and to order from Amazon, click HERE

Find Heidi here:

Heidi Kneale blogs at http://romancespinners.blogspot.com


Lynn Shurr with A Wild Red Rose, Contemporary Western Novel

As a rodeo bullfighter, Clint Beck is unafraid of wild things, but can he tame a beautiful gold-digger and win her heart?  

Fun Fact: When I began to do research on bull riders for The Convent Rose which preceded A Wild Red Rose, I often watched the Professional Bull Riders on TV and attended rodeos. While I admired the courage of the bull riders, I was even more taken with the bullfighters who put their lives on the line to save a downed rider. They are heroes, too. Those who read the first book know Renee will not be easily tamed. I thought a rodeo bullfighter just might be up to the task.  

A few lines from the story:

“But people like us don’t deserve true love.” Renee Niles to Bodey Landrum


!!!Currently on sale at The Wild Rose Press for $2.50!!!

Click HERE to order from The Wild Rose Press and to order from Amazon, click HERE

Find Lynn here:


http://lynnshurr.blogspot.com and www.romancingthejock.com

Friend Lynn on FaceBook at Carla Lynn Shurr Hostetter


Cait Jarrod with Entangled Love, Romantic Suspense novel 

In the question of love and death, where does the truth lie? 

Fun Fact: My family and I took a trip to California a few years ago. When I started writing the story, the sunny setting came forth as a perfect location for the characters to move forward with their relationship. Santa Monica beach is beautiful. 

3 of the author’s favorite lines:

 “I’ve wanted you since we were teens” ~ Ryan

He’s making me say it. “I want you.” ~ Emma

“Now that’s settled, I have a dumpster to see about suitcaes.” ~ Niles, Ryan’s Butler


Click HERE to order from The Wild Rose Press and to order from Amazon, click HERE

Find Cait here:

Webpage: caitjarrod.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cait-Jarrod-Author/500705936640529?ref=hl

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/cait.jarrod

Twitter: http://twitter.com/CaitJarrod

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6966274.Cait_Jarrod


Email: cait.jarrod@aol.com

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/caitjarrod/











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Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Historical Fictional Characters

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing Historical Fictional Characters.

Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Robin Hood, Sir Lancelot, Zorro

bestcrowe Venezuelan pole dancer Romina Dabbio per

(The Zorro franchise is pretty strict about copyright, so rather than post a pic, I inserted a link to a movie clip) Click here for a ZORRO Movie Clip (Of Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones)

Click on book titles below to learn more and to be taken to a buy link


Me (Alicia Dean). Author of Liberty Divided Isle of Fangs Book 2 ~

Want: Zorro, because of all that mystery and danger. And because, in the above-linked scene, he was soooo sexy, it made me wish I was Catherine Zeta Jones! (Or wish that I was Antonio Banderas, she’s pretty hot too ;)) I was going to say I also want him because of how fast he moves, but then I realized that might not be a plus.

Wed:  I guess Sir Lancelot so I could live in a castle. With Robin Hood I would have to live in the woods. And Richard Gere as Sir Lancelot, come on…who could resist that? Although since Lancelot was stealing King Arthur’s woman, he might not be faithful. But on the other hand, I would be ‘Wanting’ Zorro, so I guess I wouldn’t exactly be faithful either.

Waste: Robin Hood, although that probably makes me a bad person since he steals from the rich to give to the poor. But if I was married to Sir Lancelot, I would be rich, so he might steal from me. So yeah, I would have to waste him. But if he looked like Russell Crowe, I would definitely do him first.


Jannine Gallant, Author of We’ll Never Tell (Book One in the Secrets of Ravenswood Series) FREE on Kindle!!! Oct. 16-18.  Website: http://www.janninegallant.com/

WANT – Robin Hood. Defender of the downtrodden—and too gorgeous for words. You can haul me off on your horse any day!

WED – Has to be Sir Lancelot. Let’s face it—Guinevere caused him nothing but misery. Lancelot is a tragic character, and he needs the love of a good woman to turn his life around. I’m volunteering!

WASTE – Sorry, Zorro, but you lose. I just can’t be sure what’s behind the mask and cape. The others are a sure thing.


Kathy L Wheeler, Author of Quotable Website: http://kathylwheeler.com

Want: Zorro – Antonio Banderas. When he focus his attention on his heroine (me), I am living a character in one of my own books. YUM.

Wed: Robin Hood – I’ll take Russell Crowe as Robin Hood. He’s scary enough to keep the bad guys away.

Waste: Sir Lancelot – I hate to say that Richard Gere is a waste, but compared to the other two… there’s really no choice.


Christine Elaine Black, Author of A Rose for Lancaster Blog/Website:  http://christineelaineblack.blogspot.ca/ ~

Want: Zorro, of course. I love a hero who can wear a cape with style and the Latin lover accent is a complete turn on. I don’t mind the mustache or the color black, so all in all he’s a ‘stallion’ in my book.

Wed: Robin Hood. He does the right thing, stands for something legit and is faithful to his lady. He’s used to outdoor living and probably knows how to throw a mean BBQ supper, and there’s always a ready supply of ale. He can steal my heart anytime!

Waste: Lancelot. He’s the least romantic one for me. Other than fall for King Arthur’s wife I don’t recall anything memorable about him except for having the guys over and sitting a ’round’ the table (haha). Sorry, but it’s good ‘knight’ and goodbye for him.


Silver James, author of THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC Website: http://www.silverjames.com ~

Want: Robin Hood. He looks good in tights and he’s good with a bow. That means strong hands and arms. But he has that whole “merry men” thing going on and hanging out with his buds. If the Sheriff of Nottingham came knocking, ol’ Rob would take off to create mischief. But that’s cool. He has a sense of honor and looks out for the poor but I think he’d want to hang with the Merry Men instead of staying home at night.

Wed: Zorro. Oh be still my heart. Sexy, Latin lover who likes to play at being someone else? There’s just something about a man in a mask… His love life would definitely be filled with spicy heat. He has a well-honed sense of duty and honor (are you sensing a theme here? LOL) and I bet he dances a mean tango, which is the dance of love. He might dash off to save someone but he’ll come right home, a rose in his teeth and a look of “I want you” in his eyes.

Waste: Sir Lancelot. Yeah, yeah. Knight of the Round Table, chivalrous and all that, but dude! She was married. So not cool in my book. Especially since her husband was his best friend. I don’t care how gorgeous he looks sitting on a charger, sword in hand, armor all shiny and stuff, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And even though he sort of tried to redeem himself, it just doesn’t work for me.


Darcy Flynn, author of  Keeper of My Heart Website: www.darcyflynnromances.com

Want: Robin Hood! He’s charming, romantic, and a thief with a roguish smile. A short-term adventure with him would be thrilling, but he certainly isn’t marriage material. Plus, I don’t want to live in a forest.

Waste: Sir Lancelot! At one time, I would have loved to marry him, but his affair with Guinevere ruined that dream. Any man, no matter how noble and honorable, if he commits adultery, he’s not the man for me.

Wed: Then there’s the engaging and mysterious Zorro! I want to marry this romantic, well-educated, wealthy and cultured nobleman! To be Mrs. Don Diego by day, all the while knowing his secret. Dressed in black, cape flowing behind him, wielding a sword…what can I say!  *Sigh* Did I mention he’s a superb athlete! 🙂


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these Historical Fantasy Dudes would you Want, Wed, and Waste?

Thanks for playing!


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Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: The Vampire Diaries…Stefan, Damon, Klaus

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing Vampire Diaries hotties…(the roles, not the actors)

Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Klaus Mikaelson

paul-vdg damon klaus

Click on book titles below to learn more and to be taken to a buy link


Me (Alicia Dean). Author of What the Heart Wants (Vampire Diaries Book 1) and Divine Enemy (Vampire Diaries Book 2) ~

(This week was not an easy choice, FYI)

Want: Klaus Mikaelson – I LOVE a sexy, hot, evil hybrid with just a smidgen of compassion. When he’s mean, he’s sexy, when he’s tender, he’s sexy. Great character and one of my favorite scenes in the history of the show is when he slaughtered the hybrids on the ‘Oh Holy Night’ episode in season four. LOVED it! Just the right touch to get you in the mood for the holidays.

Wed: Damon Salvatore – I like him better as a bad boy, his tame persona that pants after Elena like a lost puppy isn’t quite as attractive as his former heart-snatching, neck-snapping self, but I would not say no to marrying him. I’m not looking for a husband, but who could turn down Damon Salvatore? Seriously…who? (Yes, Nina dumped Ian, but we’re talking about the character here. I could write an entire post about her moment of insanity). If wer were married, I would make him constantly quote Damon-isms. (Yes, that would work as foreplay.)

Waste: Stefan Salvatore – Sorry, Stefan, I do love you, but you have to go–only because it definitely wouldn’t be the other two. The early Stefan wasn’t all that appealing to me, but since he’s had his bad boy moments, I’ve found him much more attractive (are you sensing a pattern here???).


Lana Clary, OBSESSED Vampire Diaries Fan (And also my daughter who introduced me to Vampire Diaries, so she gets an honorary spot) ~

Waste: Stefan. For anyone who knows anything about me, or reads my screen name, this has NOTHING to do with his face, butt, body, sexy anger, adorable tears, hot hopelessness, even sexier vulnerability, deliciousness, and the list goes on. It’s simply because, well, I’m backed into a corner. (the only way I’d REALLY play this game involving these three is if I had a gun to my head…come on)

Want: Damon. For obvious reasons. He is THE hottest man on the planet. I’d do things to him I’m not at liberty to say on social media without getting flagged as “inappropriate”, “spam”, “porn”, or “suspicious activity”. So we’ll just have to leave those things to the imagination.

Wed: Klaus.  Not ONLY would I be entitled and able to do all of the things I mentioned above every day for the rest of my life, but he’d take me places and buy me things. We’d go to different countries, eat fine foods, he could feed me strawberries and champagne in bed, we could kill people who betrayed us with swords and stuff, he has tattoos, he has an accent, Lana Mikaelson has a nice ring to it, he’d call me love and darling, Rebekah would be my sister and we could shop and drink together, Elijah would be my brother (wait…on second thought…not so sure that’s a good idea. Oh well, we’ll work it out), etc. etc. etc. and allllll the while we’d be safe. Because he’s Klaus. Duh.


Amanda McCabe/Amanda Carmack, Author of Murder at Hatfield House and The Runaway Countess Websites: http://ammandamccabe.com and http://amandacarmack.com–what

Want: Damon, natch!!  Who wouldn’t want him?  But he might get a little tiresome in the long run–better to have him on perma-booty call…

Wed: Stefan!  Aside from all the personality changes and such, he seems the most reliable in the long run.  For a vampire anyway…

Waste: Klaus.  I do like the accent, but I can’t see him sticking around for the long run–even if he IS the oldest of them all.  Can I put him in the Want category, too???


MJ Schiller, author of Trapped Under Ice  Website: www.mjschillerauthor.blogspot.com ~

Want: Damon. Hands down, hottest guy on the show. Those eyes! That crooked smile! Devilish…he’d be fun!

Wed: Stefan, because he would respect my wishes, like he does for Elena. He’s hot, too, so no problem there.

Waste: Sorry, Klaus, I would have to waste you, and not just because you’re the bad guy. I understand the hotness element of Klaus, but…I’m sorry, his lips bother me. They’re almost feminine. And their color is weird, too pink for his pale skin. Although, honestly, I could probably get over it. 


Kacey Hammell, author of “A SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE” (Romancing the Stars Anthology) Website: www.kaceyhammell.com

Want: Klaus AND Damon

Wed: Stefan

Waste: NONE

Reasons: – Okay, this is probably the hardest trio for me to have to choose from. Bear with me, I’ll explain …

Want: Damon Salvatore grates on my last nerve. Sometimes he’s all over the place, creator of chaos and just an overall pain in the ass. However, those blue eyes, the looks and deep stares, running around shirtless… have to give it to him, he makes the blood stir. I’d tackle him regularly.


Klaus — the growl in his throat, the purr of that gravelly voice…his bond to family make him irresistible. He’s borderline in the “Wed” category too because of that, but he’d be a bit too “high maintenance” I think for me to handle. But I’d be ready, willing and able to accept him for however long I could handle!

Wed: Stefan: *sigh* the object of my obsession/affection since the beginning. Kinder, gentler, an all-around sweetheart. I absolutely adore him — or adored I should say, his indecisiveness over Elena has finally grated on my last nerve, but I’d totally spend eternity with him. Even explore a bit of his bad boy side.

Waste: None. Just simply not an option. They’re all too “doable” teeehee and warrant the option to hang around for however long they’d like!! *g*


Lisa DeVore, author of Beautiful Music (Available Soon from The Wild Rose Press) Follow Lisa on Twitter: @mrsldevore ~

Want:  Damon Salvatore…those eyes!! I love his sense of humor and what girl doesn’t like a little “bad” in her guy?? He’s the fun brother!
Wed: Stefan Salvatore. He’s my favorite…caring, kind, and steady (for the most part), and let’s not forget easy to look out. He would be the kind to pamper a girl. Yes, Stefan, would be in it for the long haul.
Waste: Klaus Mikaelson. I’m sorry Klaus fans…he just doesn’t do anything for me. He’s too high maintenance and not much fun—all drama.


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these Vampire/Hybrids would you Want, Wed, and Waste?

Thanks for playing!


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