Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: The Vampire Diaries…Stefan, Damon, Klaus

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing Vampire Diaries hotties…(the roles, not the actors)

Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Klaus Mikaelson

paul-vdg damon klaus

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Me (Alicia Dean). Author of What the Heart Wants (Vampire Diaries Book 1) and Divine Enemy (Vampire Diaries Book 2) ~

(This week was not an easy choice, FYI)

Want: Klaus Mikaelson – I LOVE a sexy, hot, evil hybrid with just a smidgen of compassion. When he’s mean, he’s sexy, when he’s tender, he’s sexy. Great character and one of my favorite scenes in the history of the show is when he slaughtered the hybrids on the ‘Oh Holy Night’ episode in season four. LOVED it! Just the right touch to get you in the mood for the holidays.

Wed: Damon Salvatore – I like him better as a bad boy, his tame persona that pants after Elena like a lost puppy isn’t quite as attractive as his former heart-snatching, neck-snapping self, but I would not say no to marrying him. I’m not looking for a husband, but who could turn down Damon Salvatore? Seriously…who? (Yes, Nina dumped Ian, but we’re talking about the character here. I could write an entire post about her moment of insanity). If wer were married, I would make him constantly quote Damon-isms. (Yes, that would work as foreplay.)

Waste: Stefan Salvatore – Sorry, Stefan, I do love you, but you have to go–only because it definitely wouldn’t be the other two. The early Stefan wasn’t all that appealing to me, but since he’s had his bad boy moments, I’ve found him much more attractive (are you sensing a pattern here???).


Lana Clary, OBSESSED Vampire Diaries Fan (And also my daughter who introduced me to Vampire Diaries, so she gets an honorary spot) ~

Waste: Stefan. For anyone who knows anything about me, or reads my screen name, this has NOTHING to do with his face, butt, body, sexy anger, adorable tears, hot hopelessness, even sexier vulnerability, deliciousness, and the list goes on. It’s simply because, well, I’m backed into a corner. (the only way I’d REALLY play this game involving these three is if I had a gun to my head…come on)

Want: Damon. For obvious reasons. He is THE hottest man on the planet. I’d do things to him I’m not at liberty to say on social media without getting flagged as “inappropriate”, “spam”, “porn”, or “suspicious activity”. So we’ll just have to leave those things to the imagination.

Wed: Klaus.  Not ONLY would I be entitled and able to do all of the things I mentioned above every day for the rest of my life, but he’d take me places and buy me things. We’d go to different countries, eat fine foods, he could feed me strawberries and champagne in bed, we could kill people who betrayed us with swords and stuff, he has tattoos, he has an accent, Lana Mikaelson has a nice ring to it, he’d call me love and darling, Rebekah would be my sister and we could shop and drink together, Elijah would be my brother (wait…on second thought…not so sure that’s a good idea. Oh well, we’ll work it out), etc. etc. etc. and allllll the while we’d be safe. Because he’s Klaus. Duh.


Amanda McCabe/Amanda Carmack, Author of Murder at Hatfield House and The Runaway Countess Websites: and–what

Want: Damon, natch!!  Who wouldn’t want him?  But he might get a little tiresome in the long run–better to have him on perma-booty call…

Wed: Stefan!  Aside from all the personality changes and such, he seems the most reliable in the long run.  For a vampire anyway…

Waste: Klaus.  I do like the accent, but I can’t see him sticking around for the long run–even if he IS the oldest of them all.  Can I put him in the Want category, too???


MJ Schiller, author of Trapped Under Ice  Website: ~

Want: Damon. Hands down, hottest guy on the show. Those eyes! That crooked smile! Devilish…he’d be fun!

Wed: Stefan, because he would respect my wishes, like he does for Elena. He’s hot, too, so no problem there.

Waste: Sorry, Klaus, I would have to waste you, and not just because you’re the bad guy. I understand the hotness element of Klaus, but…I’m sorry, his lips bother me. They’re almost feminine. And their color is weird, too pink for his pale skin. Although, honestly, I could probably get over it. 


Kacey Hammell, author of “A SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE” (Romancing the Stars Anthology) Website:

Want: Klaus AND Damon

Wed: Stefan

Waste: NONE

Reasons: – Okay, this is probably the hardest trio for me to have to choose from. Bear with me, I’ll explain …

Want: Damon Salvatore grates on my last nerve. Sometimes he’s all over the place, creator of chaos and just an overall pain in the ass. However, those blue eyes, the looks and deep stares, running around shirtless… have to give it to him, he makes the blood stir. I’d tackle him regularly.


Klaus — the growl in his throat, the purr of that gravelly voice…his bond to family make him irresistible. He’s borderline in the “Wed” category too because of that, but he’d be a bit too “high maintenance” I think for me to handle. But I’d be ready, willing and able to accept him for however long I could handle!

Wed: Stefan: *sigh* the object of my obsession/affection since the beginning. Kinder, gentler, an all-around sweetheart. I absolutely adore him — or adored I should say, his indecisiveness over Elena has finally grated on my last nerve, but I’d totally spend eternity with him. Even explore a bit of his bad boy side.

Waste: None. Just simply not an option. They’re all too “doable” teeehee and warrant the option to hang around for however long they’d like!! *g*


Lisa DeVore, author of Beautiful Music (Available Soon from The Wild Rose Press) Follow Lisa on Twitter: @mrsldevore ~

Want:  Damon Salvatore…those eyes!! I love his sense of humor and what girl doesn’t like a little “bad” in her guy?? He’s the fun brother!
Wed: Stefan Salvatore. He’s my favorite…caring, kind, and steady (for the most part), and let’s not forget easy to look out. He would be the kind to pamper a girl. Yes, Stefan, would be in it for the long haul.
Waste: Klaus Mikaelson. I’m sorry Klaus fans…he just doesn’t do anything for me. He’s too high maintenance and not much fun—all drama.


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these Vampire/Hybrids would you Want, Wed, and Waste?

Thanks for playing!


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16 responses to “Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: The Vampire Diaries…Stefan, Damon, Klaus

  1. Unbelievably, I never got into this show. Now, if you are doing True Blood, count me in!


    • This show is amazing! I held back at first because I though it would be too juvenile…it’s not 😉 And I will most definitely be doing True Blood. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Okay. I’m obviously older than dirt. 😆 These guys are cute, in a young, hipster kind of way but I have no clue what to do with any of them besides feed them cookies. Yeah, yeah. Sh’up! Look at it this way, just leaves more for the rest of you. 😀 Enjoy them, ladies!


  3. Want: Klaus – but just once, cos I’ll be too busy with Damon after that.
    Wed: Damon – so I can want him again, and again, and again… you get the idea 😉
    Waste: Stefan – does nothing for me at all. He’s gotta go!


  4. Jessica Subject

    Hmmm, I think I WANT them all. Wouldn’t that be fun? 😉 No waste here.


  5. Kelly Cox

    Want: Damon! I Love both sides his character Good & Bad!!!
    Wed: Ian “The Smolder-Holder!” Having met him face to face… He’s even more handsome in person!!! *Bonus* Also one of the sweetest & smartest guys w/the biggest heart ❤️ on the planet!!!!
    Waste: Stephan & Clause Hate to waste these two…. 😦 they’re both an important part of the series! But you, give me no choice!


  6. Entertaining. I wish I liked vampires. Hmm maybe I will have Halloween.


  7. Christi

    Ohkayyyyyy, now that I have stopped dying laughing over Lana’s post – which btw totally can hear her saying EVERY word of that 🙂 I will do mine:
    Want: Damon-I may not be a fan of the show but I also do not live under a rock…..and my niece is Lana, sister is Alice-kid is Madi I know enough to want Damon
    Wed: Klaus- Seems to be the going thing I would marry him and do all the fun stuff Lana said she would do as I know nothing about him I have to go on her word which in the world of Vamps is good as gold.
    Waste: Stefan-I mean……he is cute but if he is not always 100% hardcore then he is just creepy since he is a vampire…….


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