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I love to host other authors on my blog, and I love to host people other than authors. So…if you would like to be a guest on my blog, choose one of the listed types of spots, read the instructions carefully, then fill out the form below. Or email me at with the subject line: Blog Guest Spot and let me know in the body of the email the type of blog you’re interested in and 3 preferred dates. (Click here for a calendar showing dates available (please list 3 dates in case your chosen date is already taken by the time I see your email): Alicia Dean Blog Calendar )



1) Author Interview: I have a list of interview questions I can send you, or you can answer your own interview questions. (Click here to see the questions. A Word document for you to complete will be sent to you if you choose this option)

2) 10 Moments That Changed My Life: Provide a list of 10 moments that had a big impact on your life, from infancy to present day. Please be fairly brief; do not write paragraph after paragraph about each event. Perhaps one brief paragraph per event will suffice. You may also include a few related images. Here is an example of a 10 Moments post:

3) Free Write: Write a blog post on any topic. Objectionable material will not be accepted. Approval of all posts is at my discretion.

4) Spotlight, cover reveal, etc. If there is a type of guest post you’d like to do that is not covered here, please contact me and let me know, and I will attempt to accommodate you.

5) ANTHOLOGY OR SERIES ~ If you are part of an anthology or series and would like a guest spot to feature more than one book, I am happy to host you. Something specific I offer is for each author to provide the below…

  • A three line blurb
  • A few favorite lines from the story
  • A fun fact about you or the story
  • What was the most difficult thing about writing in conjunction with the other authors
  • What was the best thing about writing in conjunction with other authors
  • Each author would provide a cover, buy link, and a few contact links. If you have an image or cover for the boxed set/series/anthology, you can provide that as well.

IMPORTANT – Please read the instructions:

When I contact you to schedule your guest spot…(I will list these in the email I send, but just an FYI)

Provide the information ALL IN ONE DOCUMENT, and attach any images you wish me to use, including an author photo (or insert them in the document – book covers should be appx 400 x 600 or larger). Please provide the info no later than two days before your scheduled blog, preferably sooner. Please use the subject line:

Author Name – ‘Blog post’ – Month & Day of scheduled blog appearance

For example: Alicia Dean Blog Post July 1

PLEASE do not send several images and documents and ask me to ‘use whatever I’d like’ – What I’d like is for you to send me the exact post, as you want it to appear. 🙂

The document should contain the following information, in this order:

  1. Author Name and Book Title
  2. Blog post info (interview, free write, etc) and giveaway info and reader question, if applicable
  3. Blurb*
  4. Excerpt* (no more than 500 words, the shorter the better – I am happy to feature Erotic books, but the excerpt should not be very explicit)
  5. Buy link(s) (and price if you’d like)
  6. Bio*
  7. Contact links
  8. Include at least 5 ‘tags’ or key words SEPARATED BY COMMAS. They can be phrases, rather than just one word, i.e. Romantic Suspense, Award Winning Author, The Wild Rose Press, etc.

*These are optional as is an author photo

I post my own regular blog each Tuesday and Friday and also the third Sunday of each month. In order to choose a date, provide your preferred dates (3 to 5) in the comment section, as long as they do not fall on Tuesday, Friday, or the third Sunday of the month. If none of your dates are available, I will find a date as close to your preference as possible. Once we’ve settled on a date, I will request the info. Please include the scheduled date of the post in the subject line of the email you send.

If you’d like to do a giveaway, you’re welcome to. You could give a copy of your book or a gift card, or whatever. Or, not do one. Some authors like to and some do not. 🙂 If you choose to do a giveaway, let me know the following: 

  • Prize
  • How you wish people to enter; answering a question you pose at the end of your blog or simply commenting
  • Will you choose the winner or will I?
  • What day (or how many days after the blog) would you like the winner to be chosen.


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