To Be a Guest on My Blog & Other Promo Opportunities

b1c62ff80d7da76ce5d6c6d391a9bcb1 Gift Card Rafflecopter Giveaway ~ Gain more likes, follows, etc:  Each month, I create a Rafflecopter Giveaway where authors can pitch in $6 for the cost of the gift card and submit one task for entrants to do. It’s a great way to increase your followers. Authors can choose to have entrants like their Facebook Page, follow them on BookBub or Amazon, sign up for their blog or newsletter, like a specific post on Facebook, etc. If you are interested, join this Facebook Group for info on how to participate, and for updates. Gift Card Rafflecopter Facebook Group.


Author Promo Pal (This is a marketing service run by my friend. It’s not mine :))

Author Promo Pal Package
Free up your time for what you love most…writing!
This can supplement whatever promo you are doing yourself, but you will always know that your book/name is being shared in the social media world.
(Promo runs from the first of a calendar month to the end of the calendar month – spaces are limited, so sign up soon – you can sign up for only one month, or continue to use the service for as many months as you’d like, as long as space is available. You can promote the same book, or a different one each month)
Here’s what you get for $25…
1- An honest review of your book on BookBub and Goodreads. The review will be recommended on BookBub and shared to Twitter and Facebook * (you will need to provide a PDF or ‘gift’ the book to me) (I will attempt to share on Amazon but not all reviews are accepted there)
(Note: This is not ‘paying for a review’ because the service is for the overall promo, but as a bonus, it includes a review.)
2 – 10 tweets per week about your book (you compose the tweets and APP tweets them each week)
3 – A teaser image created for your book that fits within the Twitter parameters and the same image resized for Instagram.
4 – Your book will be shared on Author Promo Pal’s Facebook page each week.
5 – Author Promo Pal will post a snippet and buy link to your book here: (You will need to provide a mini excerpt from your book) And I will share the post on Twitter.
6 – Your book will be listed on a blog post on Alicia Dean’s blog:
7 – Your book will be listed (and will remain) on Alicia Dean’s Pinterest
8 – On Goodreads, I will shelve up to 3 of your books (which raises their visibility). I will comment on 1 of your 5 star reviews (which makes it appear in my newsfeed and the newsfeed of my friends). I will also like a few other 5 star reviews.
9 – I will share your book on Instagram twice throughout the month.
To sign up, contact me at to reserve a spot. If I have openings, I will let you know how to pay and send your information


Author Bytes on Alicia Dean Facebook Page

Share about your books in a fun little ‘byte’ on my Facebook Page. Fill out this form Author Byte Form and copy/paste into the body of an email and send to with the subject line: Author Byte (if there is a particular day you would like your post to go up, please add the date to the subject line and I will do my best to accommodate you)



Hello! If you would like to be a guest on my blog…

  • Find 3 available dates on this calendar (rather than just one, in case by the time we schedule, the date you chose has been taken):  Alicia Dean Blog Calendar  and email me with your requested dates. I will schedule you and reply with your date.
  • Choose one of the listed types of spots, read the instructions carefully, then download and complete this form: Alicia Dean Blog Guest Info then email to me at along with images for your post. (PLEASE WAIT UNTIL YOUR INFORMATION IS COMPLETE BEFORE SUBMITTING)

Type of Posts:

  1. Hobby/Career/Passion: Each Tuesday, I will share a blog post from an author on a hobby, career, or passion one of their characters is involved in. (By passion, I mean a love for art, a particular celebrity, cooking, animals etc). Write an article of approximately 500 words about the hobby, career, or passion which can be either from the character’s point of view or from the author’s point of view regarding research on the topic or the author’s own experience with the topic, etc. Please work in the article how it is used in your book, as in, which character it relates to and how they came to be or do that. Please provide an image related to the topic.
  2. Author Interview (questions can be found on the Blog Google Doc above)
  3. 10 Moments That Changed My Life: Provide a list of 10 moments that had a big impact on your life, any time frame from infancy to present day. Please be fairly brief; do not write paragraph after paragraph about each event. Perhaps one brief paragraph per event will suffice. You may also include a few related images. Here is an example of a 10 Moments post:
  4. Free Write: Write a blog post on any topic. Objectionable material will not be accepted. Approval of all posts is at my discretion.
  5. Spotlight, cover reveal, etc.
  6. ANTHOLOGY OR SERIES~ If you are part of an anthology or series and would like a guest spot to feature more than one book, I am happy to host you. Something specific I offer is for each author to provide the below…
  • A three line blurb
  • A few favorite lines from the story
  • A fun fact about you or the story
  • What was the most difficult thing about writing in conjunction with the other authors
  • What was the best thing about writing in conjunction with other authors
  • Each author would provide a cover, buy link, and a few contact links. If you have an image or cover for the boxed set/series/anthology, you can provide that as well.

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  2. will certainly take you up on that as and when….for now….please just accept my thanks.

  3. Leslie

    I would love be a guest on your blog

  4. Hi Leslie…great! Just email me with some dates and we’ll get you scheduled. Then you can send me your info whenever you have it.

  5. Thank you for what you’re doing to help authors. Very commendable.

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