To Be a Guest on My Blog & Other Promo Opportunities



Kindle Rafflecopter Giveaway ~ Gain more likes, follows, etc:  Each month, I create a Kindle Rafflecopter Giveaway where authors can pitch in $6 for the cost of the Kindle and submit one task for entrants to do. It’s a great way to increase your followers. Authors can choose to have entrants like their Facebook Page, follow them on BookBub or Amazon, sign up for their blog or newsletter, like a specific post on Facebook, etc. If you are interested, join this Facebook Group for info on how to participate, and for updates. Kindle Rafflecopter Facebook Group.


Author Promo Pal ~ My daughter, Lacey Clary, has a promo service where she offers 5 weeks of promo for $35.00, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and purchasing and perhaps reviewing your book. You can find details here: Author Promo Pal Facebook


Author Bytes on Alicia Dean Facebook Page

Share about your books in a fun little ‘byte’ on my Facebook Page. Fill out this form Author Byte Form and copy/paste into the body of an email and send to with the subject line: Author Byte (if there is a particular day you would like your post to go up, please add the date to the subject line and I will do my best to accommodate you)



 ~ I love to host other authors on my blog, and I love to host people other than authors. So…if you would like to be a guest on my blog, choose one of the listed types of spots, read the instructions carefully, then fill out the form below. Or email me at with the subject line: Blog Guest Spot and let me know in the body of the email the type of blog you’re interested in and 3 preferred dates. (Click on my blog calendar link to see dates available (please list 3 dates in case your chosen date is already taken by the time I see your email): Alicia Dean Blog Calendar )

1) Author Interview: If you choose to do an author interview, please click on this document, download, complete, and email to me.  

2) 10 Moments That Changed My Life: Provide a list of 10 moments that had a big impact on your life, from infancy to present day. Please be fairly brief; do not write paragraph after paragraph about each event. Perhaps one brief paragraph per event will suffice. You may also include a few related images. Here is an example of a 10 Moments post:

3) Free Write: Write a blog post on any topic. Objectionable material will not be accepted. Approval of all posts is at my discretion.

4) Spotlight, cover reveal, etc. If there is a type of guest post you’d like to do that is not covered here, please contact me and let me know, and I will attempt to accommodate you.

5) ANTHOLOGY OR SERIES ~ If you are part of an anthology or series and would like a guest spot to feature more than one book, I am happy to host you. Something specific I offer is for each author to provide the below…

  • A three line blurb
  • A few favorite lines from the story
  • A fun fact about you or the story
  • What was the most difficult thing about writing in conjunction with the other authors
  • What was the best thing about writing in conjunction with other authors
  • Each author would provide a cover, buy link, and a few contact links. If you have an image or cover for the boxed set/series/anthology, you can provide that as well.

IMPORTANT – Please read the instructions:

When I contact you to schedule your guest spot…(I will list these in the email I send, but just an FYI)

Provide the information ALL IN ONE DOCUMENT, and attach any images you wish me to use, including an author photo (or insert them in the document – book covers should be appx 400 x 600 or larger). Please provide the info no later than two days before your scheduled blog, preferably sooner. Please use the subject line:

Author Name – ‘Blog post’ – Month & Day of scheduled blog appearance

For example: Alicia Dean Blog Post July 1

PLEASE do not send several images and documents and ask me to ‘use whatever I’d like’ – What I’d like is for you to send me the exact post, as you want it to appear. 🙂

The document should contain the following information, in this order:

  1. Author Name and Book Title
  2. Blog post info (interview, free write, etc) and giveaway info and reader question, if applicable
  3. Blurb*
  4. Excerpt* (no more than 500 words, the shorter the better – I am happy to feature Erotic books, but the excerpt should not be very explicit)
  5. Buy link(s) (and price if you’d like)
  6. Bio*
  7. Contact links
  8. Include at least 5 ‘tags’ or key words SEPARATED BY COMMAS. They can be phrases, rather than just one word, i.e. Romantic Suspense, Award Winning Author, The Wild Rose Press, etc.

*These are optional as is an author photo

In order to choose a date, provide your preferred dates (3 to 5) in the comment section. If none of your dates are available, I will find a date as close to your preference as possible. Once we’ve settled on a date, I will request the info. Please include the scheduled date of the post in the subject line of the email you send.

If you’d like to do a giveaway, you’re welcome to. You could give a copy of your book or a gift card, or whatever. Or, not do one. Some authors like to and some do not. 🙂 If you choose to do a giveaway, let me know the following: 

  • Prize
  • How you wish people to enter; answering a question you pose at the end of your blog or simply commenting
  • Will you choose the winner or will I?
  • What day (or how many days after the blog) would you like the winner to be chosen.



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