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In addition to being an author, I am a freelance editor, as well as an editor for The Wild Rose Press (I have been with TWRP since it opened in 2006.)  I will be happy to provide a sample edit of the first 2,500 words of your manuscript upon request.

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What people are saying:

“Thorough job with attention to detail, timely response, and solid communication describes my experience using Alicia Dean for copy editing my first self-published novel, Blood Score. This was my first independent project outside the scope of my publishing companies. With Alicia’s editor experience, I felt very comfortable using her services. I would definitely use her again.”

~Jordan Dane, Bestselling & Critically-acclaimed Thriller/YA Author


 “Ally Robertson was extremely easy to work with. I appreciated her helpful suggestions to improve my books along with her professionalism. I learned a lot about writing and editing from her and would recommend her work to anyone in need of an editor. She’ll make your book stronger with a firm but compassionate touch!”

~ Jannine Gallant, multi-published author


“Alicia Dean has a unique ability to ‘see’ things in my manuscripts others don’t. I wouldn’t submit a novel without her taking a look first!”

~ R.T. Wolfe, multi-published author


“Ally Robertson is a superstar editor! She finds big and small errors in manuscripts. With her keen eye for mistakes, and deep knowledge of word usage, grammar, and punctuation, you’ll be glad she checked your work before your readers see it.”

~ Joya Fields, Award-winning author


“Alicia Dean has edited two of my published novels. She is professional and thorough with a meticulous eye for detail.  Her personable nature shines through even the toughest edits, and I found her to be extremely approachable throughout the entire process. My very first book was edited by Alicia, and in addition to being published, placed first in the prestigious 2013 International Digital Awards contest. I highly recommend trusted copy editor Alicia Dean and will definitely request her services again.”

~ Anna Kittrell ~ Award-Winning Author


“Alicia Dean is one of the best freelance editors around. I had a full manuscript I needed to get ready for an agent but felt it was missing something. It had already won many contests and awards but I still knew it needed work. She immediately honed in on the problems I was having and helped me get to the heart of the issues, problems such as some minor GMC issues that I couldn’t put my finger on. My book is not only clearer and more concise but it is better all around. Also, Alicia had helped me with the partial to this same agent and I know it was because of her edits, I got the request for the full. You can’t go wrong if you hire her as your editor.”

~ Lynn Crain, Award Winning Author of 20 books,


“Editor Alicia Dean is a joy to work with as an editor. She’s thorough, patient and knows her stuff. The fact I can’t seem to understand comma placement did not deter her from making my Best Seller as shiny as a new penny. I owe much of my recent success to Ally and highly recommend her as an editor.”

~ Kim Hornsby ~ Best-Selling Author


“Alicia is not only exceptionally skilled at understanding genre fiction and seeing the big (plot) picture, but she wields that editing knife with diplomacy and tact, always making sure to clearly explain her recommendations.”

~Leah St. James  – author of Surrender to Sanctuary, Christmas Dance, and Adrienne’s Ghost


“Ally Robertson has edited several of my books, which have been published through The Wild Rose Press. I am pleased with Ally’s professionalism. She is thorough in the technical aspect of editing, helps to ferret out ways to improve the story without being demanding or negative, is great to work with, and has a warm personality.”

 ~  Carol Henry, author of Destination: Romance—Exotic, Romantic Suspense Adventures



For content edits and proofreading (two rounds):   1¢ per word

Proofreading OR content edits only (one round):    3/4 cent per word 

For example, if you need content edits and proofreading for a 75,000 word manuscript, you would multiply 75,000 times .01 and the rate would be $750.00. For that same manuscript, if you only request a proofread, you would multiply 75,000 times .0075 for a rate of $562.50. (This is based on the word count of the initial document you send to me for editing.)

I provide an invoice of the total charges once I receive the manuscript and I ask for half up front, either by paypal or by check.

Once I receive the manuscript, I will contact you to discuss a time frame. I can’t quote that up front because I’m not sure what your needs are or what my schedule will be like at the time I receive your manuscript. Normally, the first round takes approximately two weeks.

Obviously, it is your choice whether or not you accept my suggestions. Once you’ve made all the revisions, I will read over it again, but only for actual errors, such as typos, punctuation, etc. When I complete the second and final round of edits, which normally takes three weeks, I will contact you to let you know it is finished and send the final invoice at that time. Once payment is received in full, I send you the manuscript. 

PLEASE NOTE: I am honest in my feedback, if I am not, it is not helpful to you. If you send me a manuscript and I feel you need to work on your writing skills, I will let you know, and I will provide some brief suggestions/edits to explain at no charge.

You can let me know at the time you send your manuscript of any special things you’d like me to note or look for or consider.

To request more information about my editing services, or to request a sample edit of 2,500 words, please complete the form below: