Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Historical Fictional Characters

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing Historical Fictional Characters.

Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Robin Hood, Sir Lancelot, Zorro

bestcrowe Venezuelan pole dancer Romina Dabbio per

(The Zorro franchise is pretty strict about copyright, so rather than post a pic, I inserted a link to a movie clip) Click here for a ZORRO Movie Clip (Of Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones)

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Me (Alicia Dean). Author of Liberty Divided Isle of Fangs Book 2 ~

Want: Zorro, because of all that mystery and danger. And because, in the above-linked scene, he was soooo sexy, it made me wish I was Catherine Zeta Jones! (Or wish that I was Antonio Banderas, she’s pretty hot too ;)) I was going to say I also want him because of how fast he moves, but then I realized that might not be a plus.

Wed:  I guess Sir Lancelot so I could live in a castle. With Robin Hood I would have to live in the woods. And Richard Gere as Sir Lancelot, come on…who could resist that? Although since Lancelot was stealing King Arthur’s woman, he might not be faithful. But on the other hand, I would be ‘Wanting’ Zorro, so I guess I wouldn’t exactly be faithful either.

Waste: Robin Hood, although that probably makes me a bad person since he steals from the rich to give to the poor. But if I was married to Sir Lancelot, I would be rich, so he might steal from me. So yeah, I would have to waste him. But if he looked like Russell Crowe, I would definitely do him first.


Jannine Gallant, Author of We’ll Never Tell (Book One in the Secrets of Ravenswood Series) FREE on Kindle!!! Oct. 16-18.  Website:

WANT – Robin Hood. Defender of the downtrodden—and too gorgeous for words. You can haul me off on your horse any day!

WED – Has to be Sir Lancelot. Let’s face it—Guinevere caused him nothing but misery. Lancelot is a tragic character, and he needs the love of a good woman to turn his life around. I’m volunteering!

WASTE – Sorry, Zorro, but you lose. I just can’t be sure what’s behind the mask and cape. The others are a sure thing.


Kathy L Wheeler, Author of Quotable Website:

Want: Zorro – Antonio Banderas. When he focus his attention on his heroine (me), I am living a character in one of my own books. YUM.

Wed: Robin Hood – I’ll take Russell Crowe as Robin Hood. He’s scary enough to keep the bad guys away.

Waste: Sir Lancelot – I hate to say that Richard Gere is a waste, but compared to the other two… there’s really no choice.


Christine Elaine Black, Author of A Rose for Lancaster Blog/Website: ~

Want: Zorro, of course. I love a hero who can wear a cape with style and the Latin lover accent is a complete turn on. I don’t mind the mustache or the color black, so all in all he’s a ‘stallion’ in my book.

Wed: Robin Hood. He does the right thing, stands for something legit and is faithful to his lady. He’s used to outdoor living and probably knows how to throw a mean BBQ supper, and there’s always a ready supply of ale. He can steal my heart anytime!

Waste: Lancelot. He’s the least romantic one for me. Other than fall for King Arthur’s wife I don’t recall anything memorable about him except for having the guys over and sitting a ’round’ the table (haha). Sorry, but it’s good ‘knight’ and goodbye for him.


Silver James, author of THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC Website: ~

Want: Robin Hood. He looks good in tights and he’s good with a bow. That means strong hands and arms. But he has that whole “merry men” thing going on and hanging out with his buds. If the Sheriff of Nottingham came knocking, ol’ Rob would take off to create mischief. But that’s cool. He has a sense of honor and looks out for the poor but I think he’d want to hang with the Merry Men instead of staying home at night.

Wed: Zorro. Oh be still my heart. Sexy, Latin lover who likes to play at being someone else? There’s just something about a man in a mask… His love life would definitely be filled with spicy heat. He has a well-honed sense of duty and honor (are you sensing a theme here? LOL) and I bet he dances a mean tango, which is the dance of love. He might dash off to save someone but he’ll come right home, a rose in his teeth and a look of “I want you” in his eyes.

Waste: Sir Lancelot. Yeah, yeah. Knight of the Round Table, chivalrous and all that, but dude! She was married. So not cool in my book. Especially since her husband was his best friend. I don’t care how gorgeous he looks sitting on a charger, sword in hand, armor all shiny and stuff, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And even though he sort of tried to redeem himself, it just doesn’t work for me.


Darcy Flynn, author of  Keeper of My Heart Website:

Want: Robin Hood! He’s charming, romantic, and a thief with a roguish smile. A short-term adventure with him would be thrilling, but he certainly isn’t marriage material. Plus, I don’t want to live in a forest.

Waste: Sir Lancelot! At one time, I would have loved to marry him, but his affair with Guinevere ruined that dream. Any man, no matter how noble and honorable, if he commits adultery, he’s not the man for me.

Wed: Then there’s the engaging and mysterious Zorro! I want to marry this romantic, well-educated, wealthy and cultured nobleman! To be Mrs. Don Diego by day, all the while knowing his secret. Dressed in black, cape flowing behind him, wielding a sword…what can I say!  *Sigh* Did I mention he’s a superb athlete! 🙂


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these Historical Fantasy Dudes would you Want, Wed, and Waste?

Thanks for playing!


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13 responses to “Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Historical Fictional Characters

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  2. Jessica Subject

    Oh, I’m all about Robin Hood. I love what he stands for. I’d want and wed him, especially if he looks like Russell Crowe, and I’d waste the other two.


    • Hahaha, Jessica. A lot of people have trouble deciding to waste even one. You are ready to waste two. I like that kind of cold-blooded thinking. 😉 Yes, he’s definitely SEXY! (I was thinking more of the actual Robin Hood when I wasted him)


  3. Reblogged this on Kathy L Wheeler – Author and commented:
    Want, Wed, Waste Wednesday…who would you chose


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  5. winonabennettcross

    Didn’t have to think twice:

    Want: Robin Hood because I would love the adventure and danger!
    Wed: Sir Lancelot because he would most likely be kind and understanding. But, wait . . . would he be boring? Guess I could trade him in for Robin Hood if I wanted to. The horses knights had would be a big, big plus.
    Waste: Zorro. Just because. Well, he would slash “Z’s” in everything.


  6. While you have Crowe, Gere and Banderas….I think Russell Crowe, Franco Nero (1967) and George Hamilton (Zorro, the GAY Blade), so…
    Want: Sir Lancelot. I grew up thinking the Richard Harris/Vanessa Redgrave Camelot was a wonderful, beautiful movie. It wasn’t for several years and quite a few viewings that I actually stayed awake for the ending, and found out it wasn’t such a happy ever after. And come on, he was involved with a married woman!
    Wed: Robin Hood!! There is something about the Crowe version of Robin Hood that just has me falling in love with Russell over and over again. (And except for this movie, he has never been on my to-die-for list)
    Waste: George Hamilton in Zorro the Gay Blade…need I say more?


  7. I am so much more about Antonio than the Gay Blade, but whatever 🙂 I can’t argue with the Russell Crowe thing, except I’ve found him attractive in more than just Robin Hood. Gladiator…Proof of Life…yum!


  8. Want- Easy! Robin Hood! He’s got the heart of a good guy, but he’s willing to get down and dirty when he needs to! He’s not exactly the kind of guy you want to marry though, being hunted and all. And living in trees. Wed- which leads me to Sir Lancelot {swoon}. You know he’s good husband material! He’ll be loyal as he has an acute sense of honor. He’s got a steady paying job. And what fun it would be to “peel” off all that armor and find out what’s underneath! Waste- Zorro. I’m gonna be honest here and say I’m not all that familiar with the character and that may have led to his downfall. Although I do like a man in black…
    Thanks for the fun game! Can’t wait until the next one!


    • M.J., you always crack me up…yeah, I don’t think I’d want to be the spouse of someone who was being hunted. Moving sucks, and you’d have to do it a lot. Thanks for chiming in!


  9. This is so much fun.
    The easiest is who I’d waste–Lancelot. It’s the fidelity thing. Besides, I can’t stand Richard Gere.
    Now the hard part. I guess I’d want Zorro–whew, he is so hot! That leaves Robin Hood to wed. My Robin Hood is Sean Connery from the movie Robin & Marian, when they’re older. His devotion to her is as strong as his devotion to his people. Besides who wouldn’t want Connery? 🙂


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