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Every Vow She Breaks ~ Getting the Most from your Setting by Jannine Gallant

I am thrilled to host my friend, and a fabulous author, Jannine Gallant, who writes tense, compelling, passionate Romantic Suspense.  


Thanks for having me on you blog, Alicia! Today, I’d like to explore what a well-drawn setting brings to a book. For me, it establishes the tone of the story. City vs country. Hot weather vs cold. A tropical beach. Snow-capped mountains. A steamy bayou. All add a different dimension to a book, and with it, certain expectations from the reader. In my new release, Every Vow She Breaks, the story is set on the Northern California coast in the fall. Fog shrouded redwoods and long stretches of deserted beach with a cool wind blowing are the backdrop for romance and mystery. The eerie surroundings add to the suspenseful atmosphere. The feeling you get when you’re walking alone in the woods as the sun sets and dark shadows fall across the trail… A stick snaps. Your heartrate speeds up, and you glance over your shoulder, even though you know no one is there… That’s the feeling I want to convey to readers with my setting. If I’ve done my job right, immersing them in the mystery will be a piece of cake!


As a reader, what are some of your favorite settings? If you’re an author, do you have certain settings you use again and again?




A Promise Can Follow You To the Grave…

Claire Templeton is drawn to the majestic beauty of the California Redwoods in the hopes of capturing an unexplained phenomenon on camera. What she doesn’t expect is to run into her first love, Jed Lafferty, the boy she worshipped as a child, the man she’s never been able to forget.

Carefree, fun-loving Jed doesn’t believe in fate, preferring to make his own luck. But when he runs into the little girl who used to follow him like a shadow, now an irresistible woman, he can’t help feeling the odds are turning in his favor. Letting Claire walk out of his life the first time might be his single biggest regret. But when strange gifts and cards left for Claire turn sinister, it’s clear someone else from her past isn’t ready to let go . . .


About the Author:

Write what you know… I’ve taken this advice to heart, creating characters from small towns and plots that unfold in the great outdoors. I grew up in a tiny Northern California town and currently live in beautiful Lake Tahoe with my husband and two daughters. When I’m not busy writing, I hike or snowshoe in the woods around my home. Whether I’m writing contemporary, historical or romantic suspense, I bring the beauty of nature to my stories.




Barnes & Noble




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Quirky Facts about Jannine Gallant and Her New Release – Every Move She Makes

I’m thrilled to welcome a talented author and a wonderful friend, Jannine Gallant 

Quirky facts about Jannine…

1…What is one word you would use to describe yourself? What is one word you think others might use to describe you?

I’m painfully organized. Not having all my ducks in a row makes me crazy. Others call me stubborn. (My husband has been known to say dumb-stubborn!) I don’t like to give up—or give in.

2…If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could have 3 (inanimate) objects, what would they be?

My laptop with endless battery life. (Not writing isn’t an option!) A pantry full of non-perishables. (Eating creepy-crawlies also isn’t an option!) Sunscreen. (Because I’m practical that way.)

3…What celebrity would you most like to be stranded on an island with?

While we’re still stranded, I’ll add Josh Holloway to my list. After all, he was Lost on an island, so he’d have some basic survival skills, right? Not to mention he’s hot (fanning myself with a palm frond), and this is a fantasy…

Quirky facts about her book…

1…What do you want readers to come away with after they read Every Move She Makes?

I want them to close the book (or click off their reader) and say, “Wow, that was great! I can’t believe I stayed up until two in the morning to find out who the stalker was. When’s the next book in the series coming out?” Basically, I just want readers to be entertained.

2…What is the most difficult thing about writing a romantic suspense book?

Keeping it real! With each book, I swear I’ll never put another cop in a story. They have procedures I know nothing about. Thankfully, my CP asks her husband or son to straighten out the details I’ve massacred. Because let’s face it, you can’t write suspense without bringing in the authorities at some point. Keeps me on my toes. As for the crazy bad guys, apparently I have no problem thinking like a psycho. Hmm, something new to worry about! LOL

3…What actors would you like in the main roles if your book were made into a movie?

This one’s easy. Ben Affleck is Kane. No question about it. Rugged action hero who is totally hot! Perfect.

For Rachel, I’ll have to go with Natalie Portman. She has the auburn hair and the right “look.” Now where are those producers…



Thank you, Jannine…I enjoyed your interview. (By the way, I’m totally with you on Josh Holloway. Not so much with Ben Affleck. He’s talented, and nice-looking. Oddly, I’ve just never found him sexy. Him and Ryan Gosling. Those are two guys I just don’t ‘get’ as far as their appeal.)

Now, readers, take a look at her fabulous new release…



No matter where she goes, he knows her every move…

Long ago, Rachel Carpenter was a glamorous soap star. She gave it all up to move to Napa Valley with her daughters to open a bookstore near her family vineyard. Her life is safe and dependable, until she encounters Kane Lafferty at a wilderness camp in the rugged High Sierra. A burned-out police detective struggling with his own demons, Kane is instantly attracted to Rachel. And like Rachel, he isn’t sure if he’s ready to open his heart. But everything is about to change…

Someone is watching from the darkness. A fanatic obsessed with Rachel for years has decided to claim what he believes is his. It will be up to Kane to not only protect his new love and her family, but to uncover the identity of the stalker before it’s too late for all of them…


Rachel curled up against him. “Kane?”

“Yes.” Turning on his side, he stroked the hair away from her face.

“Will that man come after me again?”

His hand stilled. He wouldn’t sugarcoat the truth. “More than likely he will. Psychos who are fixated the way this one seems to be usually don’t give up until they’re caught.”

“I’m scared.”

He pulled her tight against him. “It’s okay to be worried. It’ll make you cautious.” He pressed a hand to the soft curve of her breast. “Know in your heart I won’t let anything happen to you. I’ll keep you safe. You can count on it.”

She hugged his hand against her. “Thank you.”

His chest tightened with emotion. “Go back to sleep.”

With Rachel in his arms, he finally let his guard down to relax into oblivion.

Buy Links:


Barnes & Noble



About the Author:

Write what you know. Jannine Gallant has taken this advice to heart, creating characters from small towns and plots that unfold in the great outdoors. She grew up in a tiny Northern California town and currently lives in beautiful Lake Tahoe with her husband and two daughters. When she isn’t busy writing or being a full time mom, Jannine hikes or snowshoes in the woods around her home. Whether she’s writing contemporary, historical or romantic suspense, Jannine brings the beauty of nature to her stories. To find out more about this author and her books, visit her website atjanninegallant.com.

Author Links:







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A Fall Freebie – Two Reunion Stories FREE on Amazon for a limited time…

Please welcome two wonderful authors and dear friends, Jannine Gallant and Margo Hoornstra.

Ladies, the floor is yours…


Celebrate Fall with TWO FREE Reunion Anthologies 

September is here and the kids are back in school. A time for reflection…the years go by so fast. Maybe you’re remembering your own school years and feeling a little nostalgic. Why not take a trip down memory lane to a high school reunion? And the best part is you can do it for FREE! 

We’re offering our Serendipity Reunion Anthologies free for a limited time Sept. 16th through the 19th. Six complete stories in two volumes. Classmates from Serendipity High make a return trip to Vermont for their 20 year high school reunion. Will they get a second chance at love? 


Road To Serendipity by Jannine Gallant

Will a twenty year high school reunion inspire old classmates to risk it all for love? 


Lonely Road To You

Kate Abbott is content with the life she’s built in Seattle, even if her son thinks she’s in an uninspired rut. Former rock star Tyler North is happy on the Montana ranch where he fled to escape the ravages of fame and fortune. Neither plans to attend their high school reunion, but fate throws them together on a journey of discovery. Can Kate and Tyler put aside fear of change to take a chance on love? 

Rough Road Ahead

When Chantal Day’s cosmetics company is consumed in a hostile takeover, she’s left broke and homeless. Abandoning Manhattan for the Adirondack Mountains, she discovers her high school flame is back. Widowed with a daughter to raise, Flynn McKenna doesn’t need a sexy woman tying his life up in knots. They broke each other’s hearts once. Will they find common ground before an old threat finds them? 

Winding Road Home

Adam York attends his high school reunion hoping to see his old running pal but is doomed to disappointment. When Chloe Lane walks off the set of Get Lei’d with her dignity in shreds, she swears off men…until she runs into Adam on the course of the Lake Tahoe Marathon. Attraction threatens their friendship with the promise of something more, but will Chloe risk her heart before it’s too late? 

Click HERE to download your free copy of Road To Serendipity from Amazon.


Saturday In Serendipity by Margo Hoornstra

A twenty year high school reunion changes the lives of former classmates and leads to unexpected futures. 


Three Strikes Thursday

Barry Carlson, a pro baseball success, could have any woman he wanted. Except one. Twenty years before, Barry won Amanda Marsh’s love, only to crush her heart. He’s returned to Serendipity, determined to win her back. Recently divorced, Amanda is happy—until Barry slides back into her life. Can they put aside old wounds and new misunderstandings to find a forever love? 

Two On Tuesday

Blane Weston’s construction company needs the venture capital Matt Durand has. With his reputation for hostile takeovers, she wants no part of him. Mixing business with pleasure, she’s off to Serendipity  to hook up with a former flame. Not used to being denied, Matt follows. How can Blane enjoy a journey to her past when Matt is determined to dictate her future? 

One Fateful Friday

His high school reunion in Serendipity over, hospital CEO Jake Holbrook regrets his single state. When a special woman from his past tumbles back into his life—and his bed—he’s determined to keep her there. Family practitioner Bethany Thomas avoids an entanglement with her new boss, but unknowingly betrays him. As the holidays approach, can they overcome a lack of trust to find their Christmas miracle? 

Click HERE to download your free copy of Saturday In Serendipity from Amazon.



Margo Hoornstra is an empty nester from Michigan with an awfully full nest! She balances her writing with long walks around her small town and plenty of time spent with her grandchildren. Visit her Website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.



Jannine Gallant lives in beautiful Lake Tahoe. She squeezes time for cathartic hikes in the woods with her dog between writing, a part time job and keeping up with two teenage daughters. Visit her Website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.



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Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: TV Doctors

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing doctors from TV shows.

Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Jack Shephard from Lost, Dr. House from House, Hawkeye from M*A*S*H

jack-lost Dr-Gregory-House-dr-gregory-house-31945732-375-500 hawkeye pierce mash an amusing little vintage

Click on book titles below to learn more and to be taken to a buy link


Me (Alicia Dean). Author of DEATH NOTICE – A killer is using her obituary column to forecast his kills. 

Want: Jack Shephard. Although he wasn’t as hot as Sawyer, I found him very, very sexy, and I actually wanted him and Kate together. I guess we don’t always get what we want, right?

Wed: Hawkeye, I suppose, although I never could get into MASH. But, I do love a sarcastic, wise cracking soldier/doctor. And, I thought it was pretty cool, the little bit I saw of it, when he and Hotlips sort of had a thing brewing. I like the whole love/hate thing.

Waste: Dr. House. I thought more people liked him than they do, but if I’m not mistaken, we all want to waste him. I couldn’t get into the show, didn’t find him attractive at all, although with his real British accent, he was a lot more do-able.  


Jannine Gallant, author of We’ll Never Tell, small town romantic suspense ON SALE now through Friday for only for .99¢!

Want: Dr. Jack Shephard—he’s hot in a guy next door sort of way. Okay, the one I really WANT from Lost is Sawyer. Oh baby! Dr. Jack is just the next best thing.

Wed: Hawkeye—what’s not to love? He was a great guy—sweet, funny, dedicated. Okay, maybe not the most handsome one in the bunch, but I refuse to waste Hawkeye!

Waste: House—the guy’s a jerk. Leaves me cold. Enough said.


M.J. Schiller, author of THE HEART TEACHES BEST Murder could be her final lesson.  – Website: www.mjschillerauthor.blogspot.com

M.J. is giving away a free ebook of The Heart Teaches Best to one lucky commenter!

Want: Dr. Jack Shephard, Matthew Fox is a hottie! (But to be honest, I’d rather have Sawyer from Lost ~ he’s got that whole bad boy thing going for him!)

Wed: Hawkeye. He’d just be so much fun to hang with! 

Waste: House, he’s just too dark for me. I’m not big on heavy sarcasm. Light sarcasm I can do, but don’t want it edgy.


Diane Burton, author of ONE RED SHOE  Wannabe writer rescues wounded spy while risking her heart. Website:  www.dianeburton.com

Want & Wed: Dr. Jack Shephard. Hot. Take charge guy, dependable.

Waste: Both House & Hawkeye. House. He is so sarcastic. His dependence on pain killers is understandable, but not his method of getting them. Hawkeye: too little boy cute; practical joker (which isn’t all that bad). I just can’t see wanting or wedding him.


SILVER JAMES, author of BLOOD MOON – MOONSTRUCK 1 (Warning: Pursue an alpha Wolf at your own risk. Hot sex, bad words, and action of the blood and guts kind will ensue.), BLOOD MOON and all the books in the Moonstruck series are on sale this week. Website: www.silverjames.com 

Want: Dr. Jack Shephard. He’s gorgeous and more than ready to perform mouth-to-mouth.

Wed: House. I’m old. He’ll fix me. And we’ll be curmudgeonly together.

Waste: Hawkeye. Had to waste someone and I was more a Col. Potter fan. I know. No accounting for my tastes!


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these sexy tv doctors would you Want, Wed, and Waste?

Thanks for playing!


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Want, Wed, Waste: Cowboys

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing Actors in Cowboy Roles.

Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck OR Sam Elliott, Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy

clint Sam&Tom Paul-Newman-as-Butch-Cassidy

Click on book titles below to learn more and to be taken to a buy link


Me (Alicia Dean). Author of DEATH NOTICE (Northland Crime Chronicles, Book 1)  – A killer has something to say, and he’s using her obituary column to get his point across…

Want: Clint Eastwood. YUMMM….I have always found him exceptionally sexy. I admire his talent and brilliance so much. I am beyond amazed at how he keeps directing and starring in phenomenal movies, even in his eighties. And, yes, I would still ‘want’ him just like he is at this moment. STILL sexy!

Wed: Paul Newman. His blue eyes and sexy smile, sigh… I adored Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, among the other Paul Newman/Robert Redford movie pairings. Paul was gorgeous and from what I can gather, a terrific husband.

Waste: Sam and Tom. UGH…sooooo hard. But, unlike some of my fellow authors, I’m following the rules. SO, I must waste these two gorgeous, rugged, sexy cowboys. Now, before I waste them, I would, uh…have some fun. 😉


JANNINE GALLANT, author of ASKING FOR TROUBLE ~ Will a demon in a diaper bring them together—or tear them apart forever? Available FREE on Amazon now until Feb. 22nd!   Website: http://www.janninegallant.com/

Want: This is easy. Clint Eastwood in his Spaghetti Western days is just too, too sexy. That glimmering stare and go to hell attitude. Oh my! He can carry me off into the sunset on a horse any day.

Wed: Paul Newman (sigh). Those baby blues look straight into your soul. And talk about handsome… I’d have to marry him because he must know how to cook with all those food lines. Right?

Waste: Sorry Sam. The man never did much for me. As for Tom Selleck—rugged and sexy without a doubt, but I’m not a fan of mustaches. I’d have to waste them both!


Darcy Flynn, author of Rogue’s Son – Kit doesn’t need a man, thank you very much! Website/Blog: www.darcyflynnromances.com

Want: Clint, you’re one cool guy and handsome to boot. Your ‘spaghetti westerns’ always called to me. Yep, I’d enjoy a fling in one of those honky-tonks!

Wed: That’s easy. Tom Selleck. He’s tall, dark and extremely good-looking. And that twinkle in his eye does something to my innards. J Plus, I’ve always wanted to kiss a man with a mustache! Sigh

Waste: Paul “Butch Cassidy” Newman, normally, you’d be my man. You’re adorable and your piercing, blue eyes make me swoon. But, since you die in the end anyway, I guess I’ll have to let you go.


Linda Carroll-Bradd is the author of contemporary rodeo story, Tie Down My Heart. Website www.lindacarroll-bradd.com

Want—Paul Newman—I had a major crush on him in high school. Went to see “Butch Cassidy” 6 times in the movie theatre in its initial release—which was fairly unheard of among my friends.

Wed—Sam Elliott—who wouldn’t want to listen to his gorgeous voice every single day? Even now, I don’t fast-forward through whatever commercial (beef or trucks) when I hear his voice-over.

Waste—Clint Eastwood—can’t get all those Italian-made westerns out of my head and hate squinty eyes in a hero


SILVER JAMES, author of THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC (Werewolves, Fae, and Dragons, oh my! What’s Sade Marquis, a human FBI agent, to do? Solve the crime, of course.), Website: http:/www.silverjames.com

Want: Sam Elliott AND Tom Selleck. There is no way I’m going to choose between these two! Want them both. Like now, please! *waggles brows* I mean, I fell into a potted plant for Sam (seriously!) and I’ve had a thing for Tom without his shirt on since forever.

Wed: Since I’m not a polygamist, I’ll marry either Sam or Tom. Or maybe I’ll move somewhere where I *could* marry both. Because, damn. The sexy just doesn’t stop with those two. I could stare and listen (among other things) all freaking day for the rest of my life.

Waste: Sorry Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood. Y’all are really nice and all but seriously, if I have Sam and Tom, I don’t need anyone else. At all. Ever. *nods*


Diane Burton, author of ONE RED SHOE (wannabe writer rescues wounded spy while risking her heart). Buy link:  http://amzn.com/B00FDXRHZA  Website:  www.dianeburton.com

Want: Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck. Whoo-hoo. A two-fer. A menage? Nah. One at a time. Love Sam’s voice. He just keeps getting better. Tom? I’ve had a crush on him since Magnum P.I. (Oops, just reread the instructions. I’m supposed to choose? No way. I’m leaving this.)

Wed: Paul Newman. OMG. His grin, his eyes. (notice which I listed first) His faithfulness in real life to Joanne. <swoon>

Waste: Clint Eastwood Sorry. I did enjoy all the spaghetti westerns. Loved him in Two Mules for Sister Sara. But I can’t get past his behavior at the Republican convention.


Qwillia Rain, author of Looking at Rose: Poker Posse 1 — Never underestimate a Southern mama’s determination to find the right man for her little girl —  Website/Blog: http://authorqwilliarain.blogspot.com

*** – Qwilla is offering a copy of  Looking at Rose: Poker Posse 1 for one person who comments to the blog.

Want: Paul Newman, he has classic good looks, but his intelligence, quick wit, and sex appeal make him too attractive to overlook.  Although I doubt very much he’d ever give in. An interviewer once asked if he’d ever been tempted to stray after he married Joanne Woodward. His response: Why go out for hamburger when you’ve got steak at home? The man was intelligent, charismatic, and dedicated.

Wed: Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott (I’ll take both of them, they can figure out how to divvy up the time, LOL) Love both men’s voices, their looks, and their self-effacing manner. Both of the men have fascinated me since I was young. They are strong, dedicated, and determined. Shadow Riders exhibited characters who would never give up to retrieve the women they loved, and that they would make their kidnappers pay for the crime with their lives.

Waste: Clint Eastwood. Despite how much I loved him in the westerns and his run on Rawhide (not to mention the great performances in Trouble with the Curve and Absolute Power) I would have to waste Clint Eastwood simply because he honestly doesn’t appeal to me sexually. Never has.


Nancy Fraser, author of  A Saved Woman, part of the Lawmen and Outlaws series from The Wild Rose Press. “She was used merchandise, stale bread. How could she ever hope for the love of a good man.” Available now through Kindle Select.

Want: Tom Selleck, not just as a cowboy but in any role he’s ever played (except perhaps the gay newscaster in the movie In and Out). He’s aged very gracefully and is even sexier now. Plus, look at those long fingers! <Fans self!>

Wed: Paul Newman. Loved his sense of humor in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. How can you not admire the man, his charitable causes, and his long and adoring marriage to Joanne Woodward. That was one lucky lady! And, of course, those eyes!

Waste: Clint Eastwood. I’ve never been a Clint Eastwood fan and can’t remember a time when I ever thought of him as sexy.


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Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Historical Fictional Characters

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing Historical Fictional Characters.

Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Robin Hood, Sir Lancelot, Zorro

bestcrowe Venezuelan pole dancer Romina Dabbio per

(The Zorro franchise is pretty strict about copyright, so rather than post a pic, I inserted a link to a movie clip) Click here for a ZORRO Movie Clip (Of Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones)

Click on book titles below to learn more and to be taken to a buy link


Me (Alicia Dean). Author of Liberty Divided Isle of Fangs Book 2 ~

Want: Zorro, because of all that mystery and danger. And because, in the above-linked scene, he was soooo sexy, it made me wish I was Catherine Zeta Jones! (Or wish that I was Antonio Banderas, she’s pretty hot too ;)) I was going to say I also want him because of how fast he moves, but then I realized that might not be a plus.

Wed:  I guess Sir Lancelot so I could live in a castle. With Robin Hood I would have to live in the woods. And Richard Gere as Sir Lancelot, come on…who could resist that? Although since Lancelot was stealing King Arthur’s woman, he might not be faithful. But on the other hand, I would be ‘Wanting’ Zorro, so I guess I wouldn’t exactly be faithful either.

Waste: Robin Hood, although that probably makes me a bad person since he steals from the rich to give to the poor. But if I was married to Sir Lancelot, I would be rich, so he might steal from me. So yeah, I would have to waste him. But if he looked like Russell Crowe, I would definitely do him first.


Jannine Gallant, Author of We’ll Never Tell (Book One in the Secrets of Ravenswood Series) FREE on Kindle!!! Oct. 16-18.  Website: http://www.janninegallant.com/

WANT – Robin Hood. Defender of the downtrodden—and too gorgeous for words. You can haul me off on your horse any day!

WED – Has to be Sir Lancelot. Let’s face it—Guinevere caused him nothing but misery. Lancelot is a tragic character, and he needs the love of a good woman to turn his life around. I’m volunteering!

WASTE – Sorry, Zorro, but you lose. I just can’t be sure what’s behind the mask and cape. The others are a sure thing.


Kathy L Wheeler, Author of Quotable Website: http://kathylwheeler.com

Want: Zorro – Antonio Banderas. When he focus his attention on his heroine (me), I am living a character in one of my own books. YUM.

Wed: Robin Hood – I’ll take Russell Crowe as Robin Hood. He’s scary enough to keep the bad guys away.

Waste: Sir Lancelot – I hate to say that Richard Gere is a waste, but compared to the other two… there’s really no choice.


Christine Elaine Black, Author of A Rose for Lancaster Blog/Website:  http://christineelaineblack.blogspot.ca/ ~

Want: Zorro, of course. I love a hero who can wear a cape with style and the Latin lover accent is a complete turn on. I don’t mind the mustache or the color black, so all in all he’s a ‘stallion’ in my book.

Wed: Robin Hood. He does the right thing, stands for something legit and is faithful to his lady. He’s used to outdoor living and probably knows how to throw a mean BBQ supper, and there’s always a ready supply of ale. He can steal my heart anytime!

Waste: Lancelot. He’s the least romantic one for me. Other than fall for King Arthur’s wife I don’t recall anything memorable about him except for having the guys over and sitting a ’round’ the table (haha). Sorry, but it’s good ‘knight’ and goodbye for him.


Silver James, author of THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC Website: http://www.silverjames.com ~

Want: Robin Hood. He looks good in tights and he’s good with a bow. That means strong hands and arms. But he has that whole “merry men” thing going on and hanging out with his buds. If the Sheriff of Nottingham came knocking, ol’ Rob would take off to create mischief. But that’s cool. He has a sense of honor and looks out for the poor but I think he’d want to hang with the Merry Men instead of staying home at night.

Wed: Zorro. Oh be still my heart. Sexy, Latin lover who likes to play at being someone else? There’s just something about a man in a mask… His love life would definitely be filled with spicy heat. He has a well-honed sense of duty and honor (are you sensing a theme here? LOL) and I bet he dances a mean tango, which is the dance of love. He might dash off to save someone but he’ll come right home, a rose in his teeth and a look of “I want you” in his eyes.

Waste: Sir Lancelot. Yeah, yeah. Knight of the Round Table, chivalrous and all that, but dude! She was married. So not cool in my book. Especially since her husband was his best friend. I don’t care how gorgeous he looks sitting on a charger, sword in hand, armor all shiny and stuff, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And even though he sort of tried to redeem himself, it just doesn’t work for me.


Darcy Flynn, author of  Keeper of My Heart Website: www.darcyflynnromances.com

Want: Robin Hood! He’s charming, romantic, and a thief with a roguish smile. A short-term adventure with him would be thrilling, but he certainly isn’t marriage material. Plus, I don’t want to live in a forest.

Waste: Sir Lancelot! At one time, I would have loved to marry him, but his affair with Guinevere ruined that dream. Any man, no matter how noble and honorable, if he commits adultery, he’s not the man for me.

Wed: Then there’s the engaging and mysterious Zorro! I want to marry this romantic, well-educated, wealthy and cultured nobleman! To be Mrs. Don Diego by day, all the while knowing his secret. Dressed in black, cape flowing behind him, wielding a sword…what can I say!  *Sigh* Did I mention he’s a superb athlete! 🙂


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these Historical Fantasy Dudes would you Want, Wed, and Waste?

Thanks for playing!


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