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Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Characters from TV Ads

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing characters from television commercials.

Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

The Brawny Man, Green Giant, Mr. Clean,

(Yes, you read that correctly ;))

brawny-man2 jolly-green-giant mrclean_circle-11

(and just in case your picturing the 70’s, porn star Brawny look:)


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Me (Alicia Dean). Author of DEATH NOTICE – A killer is using her obituary column to forecast his kills. 

Want: Jolly Green Giant. Well, I love vegetables, he’s jolly, and he’s giant, so I’m sure he’d be a blast to hang out with…and tons of fun in the sack.

Wed: Mr. Clean – I’m sure he’d clean my house, and that makes him win for husband material, hands down.  I can’t think of another reason why I would even need a husband, so he may be my ultimate fantasy man now that I think about it.

Waste: Brawny Man. He’s too outdoorsy, and I’m an inside kind of gal. I want to just chill inside, in my clean house, after I’ve had a romp with JGG (That’s my nickname for my lover, Jolly Green Giant).


Kae Elle Wheeler, http://kathylwheeler.com The Wronged Princess – book i,  new and revised! 

Want: The Brawny Man is strong, outdoorsy. But does he clean house? 

Wed: Mr. Clean is hot. And Clean. I could do him. Plus, he cleans house. He’s a keeper.

Waste: The Green Giant, is green and I hate peas. That’s what I think of. Have to waste him.


Juli D. Revezzo,  author of  Drawing Down the ShadesBusiness can be hell… Website: http://julidrevezzo.com/

I’ll take the Brawny man for the win…Errr, I mean the Want, Mr. Clean for the Wed (because, hey, he’ll clean my house!) and the …oh, shoot. Do I have to waste the Green Giant? Okay, we’ll use him for fertilizer in the garden. 😉


Layla Chase is one of the contributing authors to Cowboy Heat, an erotic anthology of cowboy-themed short stories, released by Cleis Press.    www.laylachase.com

Want—The Brawny Man—who doesn’t love a man in plaid flannel? I spent 3 years in Oregon and saw lots of plaid flannel shirts and even attended a lumberjack competition on July 4th and rain fell!

Wed—The Jolly Green Giant—I picked him as husband material because with all his contacts with the growers, he’d be a good provider.

Waste—Mr. Clean—shaved heads are just not my thing. I fail to see how this style is sexy at all.


SILVER JAMES, author of THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC (Werewolves, Fae, and Dragons, oh my! What’s Sade Marquis, a human FBI agent, to do? Solve the crime, of course.), BOOK LINK: ), Website: http://www.silverjames.com 

Want: The Brawny Man. I mean, who doesn’t love a man in flannel with muscles? And he’s a lumberjack. He knows how to take care of his wood.

Wed: Mr. Clean. Hellooooo! The man does housework! What’s not to love? Plus, I think he’s way sexy. (PS, I happen to know his human model — a Norman fireman. *nods* Really!)

Waste: The Green Giant. Okay, size might matter but the dude is green! He clashes with my decor. And I’m not big on veggies.


M.J. Schiller, author of THE HEART TEACHES BEST, Website: 


Want: Mr. Clean- he’s muscular and has an attractive self-confidence. You can tell by the way he stands there with his arms crossed. But I HATE cleaning, so I wouldn’t keep him around long.

Wed: The Brawny Man- I always thought he was hot. Kind of in a Tom Selleck way. Plus, if we needed firewood, he’d be all over that.

Waste: The Jolly Green Giant- I’m not big on vegetables.


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these Hunky Ad Men would you Want, Wed, and Waste?

Thanks for playing!


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Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: French Actors

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing French Actors.

Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Gilles Marini, Benjamin Millepied, Olivier Martinez

Gilles+Marini+Arrivals+Olympus+Fallen+Premiere+pIqGHDuaFswl benjamin_millepied_tie_blazer Olivier+Martinez+2011+Jenesse+Silver+Rose+AnNUWwiCiwhl

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Me (Alicia Dean). Author of DEATH NOTICE (Northland Crime Chronicles, Book 1)  – A killer has something to say, and he’s using her obituary column to get his point across…

(I don’t know these actors, so I’m going by what little I do know, and the superficial ‘looks’ thing. :))

Want: Benjamin Millepied – He’s gorgeous, and although he’s a ballet dancer, he’s very masculine. He’s confident and sexy, he has some kind of charisma about him that’s irresistible. And, how cool would it be to have a fling with Natalie Portman’s husband?

Wed: Gilles Marini – I’m not sure what kind of husband material he’d be, but who cares? Have you SEEN this guy? YUMMMM 

Waste: Olivier Martinez –  He just doesn’t do it for me, although I haven’t seen him in anything other than photos. (That I recall). I don’t like those squinty eyes. (Let’s face it, he doesn’t have that sexy, badA$$ Clint Eastwood squint. He just has really tiny eyes)


SILVER JAMES, author of THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC  Werewolves, Fae, and Dragons, oh my! What’s Sade Marquis, a human FBI agent, to do? Solve the crime, of course. Website: http:/www.silverjames.com 

Want: Benjamin Millepied. He’s a dancer. And choreographer. That means he has moves. And stamina. 😉 Oh, and he’s pretty darn easy on the eyes, too! And did I mention that he’s limber? Just sayin’… 😀

Wed: Gilles Marini. He’s a dancer, too, but not professionally. When he took his shirt off for the tango during Dancing With the Stars, I was a goner. I swooned. No, really. Swooned, I tell you! He’s sooo darn sexy that he could be a lover and a husband. But…I wouldn’t want to wear him out so Benjamin can come visit.

Waste: Olivier Martinez. Sorry, dude. You just don’t do it for me. You might be all about the “Revenge” but I’m a lover, not a fighter. Most of the time. 😉


Layla Chase, author of Up And Coming, an erotic romance that features a Latin hero who seduces with his dancing ability.  Website:  www.laylachase.com

Want—Olivier Martinez—those intense looks he gave Diane Lane in the movie Unfaithful were scorching and the love scenes were combustible.

Wed—Gilles Marini—I have a secret fantasy over guys who are accomplished dancers and often include a sexy dance scene in my erotic titles.

Waste—Benjamin Millepied—can’t deny that I think there’s something a wee bit creepy about romances that occur while a movie (Black Swan) is in production.


Linda McLaughlin, author of ROGUE’S HOSTAGE — His hostage… Her destiny…
Website: http://www.lindamclaughlin.com

Linda is offering a FREE ebook copy of Rogues’ Hostage to one lucky commenter!!!

Want: Olivier Martinez. Not only is he gorgeous, he’s charming and has a cute sense of humor. I watched some interviews at YouTube, and he said that, as an actor, he’s the “shame” of his family of boxers and mechanics. LOL. This Sunday Olivier is starting a multi-episode arc on REVENGE, and I’m looking forward to watching.

Wed: Gilles Marini. Another handsome, charming Frenchman. Gilles isn’t just a good actor, he can dance and cook, too. Perfect marriage material, methinks. I enjoyed his stint on Brothers and Sisters as Rachel Griffiths French lover.

Waste: Benjamin Millepied. I hate to have to do this. Benjamin is an incredible ballet dancer, and I do love the ballet. But I could only find one movie he was in, BLACK SWAN, and he had such a small role, I didn’t even realize who he played until I got to the credits. Apparently his main job was choreographer and he did a fabulous job. But I fell in love with the film, not the actor. If you haven’t seen it, the movie is terrific, suspenseful and visually beautiful. Natalie Portman deserved her best actress Oscar.


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these sizzling Frenchmen would you Want, Wed, and Waste?

Thanks for playing!


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