Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part XIII – Quotes by Elvis

Elvis has been quoted many, many times over the years. In some of the quotes, his vulnerability and insecurity come through. In some, his wisdom, and in others, his love for his fans. Those who were close to Elvis emphasized how much he loved and appreciated his fans. In spite of his unparalleled success, he never forgot how it came to be.


Here are some of my favorites…

elvis_presley_quote_30x20 NO SAINTquote - comic booksjames dean etcjesusoceanshirt quote 2 HOllywood musicquote-the-lord-can-give-and-the-lord-can-take-away-i-might-be-herding-sheep-next-year-elvis-presley-148538


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2 responses to “Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part XIII – Quotes by Elvis

  1. Ahh…Alicia, I concur, Elvis had a lot of wisdom…I especially appreciated his comments about his shirt and his not being the REAL KING! As always, best of luck with all your writings!

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  2. Diane Burton

    He sounds so sincere. Modest, despite all his fame. Thanks for sharing, Alicia.


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