The Wild Rose Press New Release Spotlight – A Paranormal & A Crime Story…

I am pleased to host two new releases on my blog today. I’ve read Tequila Dirty, and it’s a fun read. You should definitely check it out. Heart Shifter looks wonderful as well. Read on to learn about both of these stories and please follow the authors on Twitter, Facebook, etc. 



Charlotte Copper with Heart Shifter, Paranormal romance novella

Hot summer. Cool water. Dark secrets

Fun fact:

I once spent a week sailing in the North Channel – the location for Heart Shifter. It’s absolutely beautiful!

A few favorite lines:

“Oh, this is nothing,” he said with a chuckle. Putting the pie plate down, he leaned forward and rested his elbows on the counter. “Would you like a piece?”



Find Heart Shifter here: (Only $1.99)

The Wild Rose Press:

Find Charlotte here:




Twitter:  @CharlotteCopper


Mickey J. Corrigan with Tequila Dirty, romantic crime comedy novella  

Detective Liam Donell is in trouble when he lets Rita Deltone, a hot chick from the sticks, have her say on a Dusky Beach murder case.

Fun fact:

I wrote the first half of the novella as a short story. It ended with Rita Deltone still “trussed up” in the hospital bed, hitting on the man who is interviewing her. I brought the story to my writing group and they laughed out loud while reading it. But it felt incomplete. So I decided to explore what might happen if the detective on the case untied Rita to give her the chance to prove her innocence. That’s how Liam Donell entered the picture. Although he had been there all along, the silent brooding cop on the case. Observing her. Falling for her.

A few favorite lines:

When he said, “How would you like to make ten K in a single night, no strings attached,” you can’t blame me for sinking into a fake leatherette booth while he fetched us a round. Ten thousand dollars? Might as well be a million. What I could do with that kind of dough. I could change my freaking life.



Find Tequila Dirty Here: – (Only $1.99)

The Wild Rose Press:


Find Mickey here:



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2 responses to “The Wild Rose Press New Release Spotlight – A Paranormal & A Crime Story…

  1. Thanks for the spotlight Alicia. And best of luck, Mickey, with Tequila Dirty.


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