Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Actresses

The winner of the drawing for any Alicia Dean title is Winona Cross. She chose Lady in the Mist as her prize. Thank you, Winona, and congratulations…hope you enjoy the book!

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing actresses.

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Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock (notice I provided a little male eye candy along with the female? You’re welcome!)

Cameron Diaz-20130508-32 angelina Sandra Bullock George Clooney-MSA-012911

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Me (Alicia Dean). Author of Liberty Divided Isle of Fangs Book 2 ~

WANT: Cameron Diaz. She’s hotttt, those gorgeous blue eyes, that perfect body…sexy! Plus, she’s a great actress, and she has a fantastic sense of humor. She’s adorable! Besides, she used to do Justin Timberlake, so it would be like I was doing him too!

WED:  Sandra Bullock. In spite of her horrible choice with Jesse James, I think she’d make a good wife. She’s wholesome and sweet and extremely successful, so she’d take good care of me. And, she’s extremely attractive.

WASTE: Angelina Jolie. This woman just pisses me off. She’s gorgeous, no doubt about that, and I love some of her movies, but I am not over her breaking up Brad and Jennifer. Plus, she’s just freakin’ weird!


M.J. Schiller, author of TAKEN BY STORM, website:

Want: Cameron Diaz. At first I was going to say Angelina Jolie, ’cause she has that raw sex appeal, but I found another category that fit her better. Cameron Diaz is so cute. I wish I looked like her! Plus, I like her name. She seems upbeat and personable and she’d be someone fun to have a fling with, if I was a guy. But she’s been with a few too many partners to feel comfortable settling down with. Might be a red flag.

Wed: Sandra Bullock. She seems smart and doesn’t seem to be a drama queen like some movie stars. She’s pretty and seems to be fun. She actually has a lot of versatility as an actress. She plays the ditz well, (loved her in “While You Were Sleeping” with Bill Pullman), but can also play strong and sassy, (like in “The Blind Side”) or overbearing (“The Proposal”). With a promising acting career in front of her, she’d be a good provider.

Waste: Angelina Jolie.  She just seems to have a little too much crazy goin’ on!


Kathryn Freeman, author of Too Charming,  website:

Excuse me while I put my man brain in…

Want:  Angelina.  Those lips – enough said.  She’s bat crazy and her desire to have a rainbow of children puts me off marrying her so instead I’ll put her in her Lara Croft costume and drool.  A lot.

Wed:  Cameron.  Beautiful and, yes, a bit crazy too, but she looks fun and game for anything.  I don’t think she’d have a problem throwing on her jeans and joining me for a pint with the lads.  But put her in a sexy dress and male eyeballs will roll out of their sockets.  A hot babe who likes to laugh – that’s a keeper.

Waste:  Sandra.  Through my male eyes she’s not quite got what the others have.  Not stunning enough to want.  Not warm and sexy enough to wed.  With my female brain back in, she’s been quoted as saying if she hadn’t been an actress, she would have been a romantic novelist.  Sorry, there’s enough competition out there.


Linda Carroll-Bradd, author of contemporary western, Tie Down My Heart, website

Want: Cameron Diaz, there’s a whole lot of attitude sizzling under that All-American exterior

Wed: Sandra Bullock, because she’s so much like the girl next door.

Waste: Angelina Jolie, although she might look sexy, her persona is too aloof, haughty


Charlotte Copper, author of Silver Blade  website

WANT:  Angelina Jolie. She’s super hot (admittedly sometimes on the skinny side, but think Tomb Raider), but I wouldn’t want to become co-parent to all those children.  Then again, I forgot to ask…will Brad be coming with her?

WED:  Sandra Bullock. My husband is fully aware that Sandra is the one female out there that I would change teams for! I have pretty much all her movies – even the not so good one. And I was totally devastated when she didn’t end up with Ryan Reynolds.

WASTE: Cameron Diaz. I have never thought much of her (acting or otherwise), and I would certainly not be willing to change teams for her.


Jessica E. Subject, author of Never Gonna Desert You website

Want: Angelina Jolie – I’ve always thought she was pretty, but with all of her kids, I wouldn’t want something serious. Just a fling. And I know others don’t, but I do enjoy most of her films, especially the two Lara Croft movies.

Wed: Sandra Bullock – She seems so sweet and funny. An all aroud nice person. And I LOVE her movies.

Waste: Cameron Diaz – Sorry, but she does nothing for me. Some of her movies are funny, but I’m not lining up at the theatres for them, or anxious to rent them.


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these sexy women would you Want, Wed, and Waste?

Thanks for playing!


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10 responses to “Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Actresses

  1. Want: Diaz is HOT and has a great since of humor – we could have a great time together and I would be very attentive to her wants and needs!
    Wed: Bullock, okay, okay, so she hasn’t had the best choice in men but she is from Texas so she would make a great wife for someone faithful (ME).
    Waste: Jolie, (hot – yes, but want or wed – no way). She is clearly unstable when it comes to men and a few other areas of her life.


  2. OK, reading thru I was beginning to think I was the only non-Diaz fan, so thanks Jessica for being on the same page.
    Alicia, I do have to agree with you. Although I have Jolie as my “want”…I too haven’t forgiven her for breaking up Jen & Brad, but at least they turned what could have been a marriage wrecking fling into a long term relationship.


    • You just haven’t seen Diaz in the right movies, so I’ll let it slide. 🙂 That’s true, it wasn’t just a fling, but it’s just a weird dynamic. I think maybe Pitt was too oddball for Jenn anyway.


  3. Love all the answers! I’d def do Sandra. She’s my all time fave actress. I have most of her movies and what I don’t have I’ll get and have seen. I’m torn on “waste” because I want to put both Cam and Angie in that category. I love Angie in some of her movies but that she took Brad from awesome Jen kills me so she’s on the poop list. Cam just never did anything for me since “doing” her hair with… Well, you can watch Something About Mary to figure it out if you don’t know that one.


    • Ha! Yeah, I wasn’t crazy about the Something About Mary scene. UGH!


      • Right? And it’s not that I don’t love her acting and humor. I do. I loved her in that movie…darn, forgot the title, but she was the slacker sister and her dark-haired brainy sister kicked her out for sleeping with her bf so she went to her gramma’s in Fla. I love that show. Yes, the one I can’t remember the title of even though I can remember S.A.M.–and it’s the only show and the scene that comes to mind when I think of her or any of her movies–which is why she’s on the waste list for me. LOL


  4. LOL! I would have to agree with you–Want Cameron Diaz, she just seems like she would be great fun on a crazy beach trip. Wed, Sandra Bullock–you can always rely on her. Waste, Angelina Jolie. She is gorgeous, no doubt, but also a little—scary. 🙂 Now if you had put in my own favorite girl crush Emma Stone…


  5. winonabennettcross

    Hard to think on this one featuring women. Wouldn’t mind looking like any of them . . . But,
    Wed-Sandra Bullock. She seems so down to earth and kind.
    Want–Cameron Diaz, she’s a bit egotistical for my tastes but she seems to have a youthful heart beating. That means fun to me.
    Waste–She’s a humanitarian and for that I respect her. However, I think she’s all about Angelina deep down. I just am not a fan. Maybe my green eyes are really greener with envy because she’s so damn gorgeous.

    Calisa–the movie was “My Sister’s Keeper”. It was sad and good.

    Girl crushes–Anne Hathaway (at least the “Princess Diaries” ) and Kate Winslet (Rose). If for whatever reason someone is needed to play me in a movie I want it to be Kathy Bates.


  6. At first, I couldn’t decide. I love all their movies (never saw “Mary”). Cameron is so crazy funny (esp. in Knight & Day), not sure if she has staying power so I’d just want her. Angie, hot but if we’re basing our choices on personal life then, sorry Angie has to go. Sandra has such a range of acting skills (just saw Gravity). She can be funny, serious, terrified. She seems “real” so she would be my choice to wed–if I played for that team. LOL


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