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Maestro, Eggs, and Nina No More

Good morning!!

I’m so excited about this weekend. My critique partners and I are getting away for a mini writing retreat. We will be staying at an Air BnB called “The Maestro” which is owned by the son of band leader Al Good. It looks like a cool place to hang out. And, I definitely need the push and focus for my writing. I’ve been neglecting it terribly lately, feeling very inadequate, but yesterday, I received a really nice compliment from an author I respect a great deal plus, I’ve been listening to Donald Maass’ The Emotional Craft of Fiction via my Kindle. Wow, such great insight about how to tap into reader emotions. It also helped tap into my emotion for my story, which has made me like it a little more, and that’s important. If you don’t like your story, how can you expect readers to? Suddenly, I’m re-inspired and I feel I might actually have the ability to write…and finish something!


I’ve been attempting weight watchers and some days I do well, others, not so much. I have found that if I meal prep, I’m much more likely to stick to it. Also, if I use my Tupperware Breakfast Maker, I eat healthier breakfasts. Without this, I often stop for fast food breakfasts…yuck! I keep eggs, spinach, cheese, milk and Canadian bacon at work. (Did you know Canadian bacon is only 2 smart points for 5 slices!!! – I only use 2 in my breakfast, so that’s very low in points.) Admittedly, the cheese jacks up the points, but without cheese, what’s the point of anything, right? What tips do you have for eating healthy? (Please don’t suggest cauliflower rice, been there done that, didn’t like it. I also tried that two-ingredient pizza crust with flour and greek yogurt….blech!!!)


Ugh, I’ve been working on my 1940s Martini Club story for a while now, (way too long), and I haven’t gotten nearly far enough. But, I have realized some things about the story that has made it more interesting to me, so now, I am more enthused and I am determined to finish it, this month, maybe during our retreat weekend. One thing I unhappily realized is, my heroine’s name, Nina, was used by me for a heroine in a short story. So, I had to come up with a new name for her. I researched girl names for babies born in 1925 and the list was not all that appealing. I did find a few gems and ran them by my critique partners, who I met for dinner last night, and they came up with some suggestions as well. However, after thinking about it further, I decided not to use the ones we discussed, and now, my heroine is Sylvia. It will feel weird for a while to call her that, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon. Hope she does too! 😀 Have you ever done that, repeated hero/heroine names for your stories? Once you have a name for a character, does it bother you to change it? Side note, this is Jessica De Gouw, the actress who is the model for Nina Sylvia— 

And, just because…



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Tupperware Tuesday ~ Fun / Sales / Prizes / Memories!

Welcome to my Tupperware post!! I wanted to share this week’s sales with you…and offer you a chance to share a memory and win a prize!!


When I was a young child, my mother sold Tupperware. We were raised in a Tupperware household and I have a lot of great memories associated with the product. For example…

There were 5 of us children at home at the time. (We have an order half-brother who didn’t live with us, and we have a baby sister now, who wasn’t born yet during Mom’s Tupperware heyday. :)). Any time we were going on a road trip, even just the 85 mile trip to Pharoah/Weleetka, she would put water and a wash cloth in Tupperware tumblers so she could wash us up during the trip. (Anti-Bacterial Wipes were yet to be invented) I remember Dad calling it, “Canning a wash rag.” 😀

I think I used that story in one of  my books…Death Notice.



These were the tumblers Tupperware sold at the time: (Remember them?)

GIVEAWAY!! Share a Tupperware memory in the comments. I’ll draw one name and the winner will receive a $5 Amazon gift card PLUS a piece of Tupperware!

Be sure to check out theses sales…and if you would like to place an order, email me by Thursday evening at 5 p.m – or comment with your order.  Here is a link to the complete catalog: https://www.tupperware.com/shop-publications

TO PLACE AN ORDER: Comment or email me with the description, item# (if you have it), quantity, your address, and pay method (PayPal or credit card are the easiest)

This sale is ONLY good this week – Be sure to let me know by Thursday if you’d like to order. What a great deal…all kinds of uses for this item. The seal comes in black or red:

Just in time for all the summer barbecues – these items will make grilling SO much easier… (These sales end June 8)

Tis mini stack cooker is a convenient way to make dinner for one or two in the microwave.Great for college students…who wants to cook in college? Here are some simple recipes: http://blog.tupperware.com/founders-of-fresh/7-simple-tupperwave-mini-stack-cooker-recipes/

More great sales…

Let me know if you have questions, and be sure to comment with your memory!!


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Let’s Party!!! – #Tupperware #Sales #Prizes

Who doesn’t love Tupperware? I’m hosting a Tupperware Facebook party this evening from 8 to 9 CT. Please join me for games, giveaways, and special deals!!



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