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Tupperware Tuesday ~ Fun / Sales / Prizes / Memories!

Welcome to my Tupperware post!! I wanted to share this week’s sales with you…and offer you a chance to share a memory and win a prize!!


When I was a young child, my mother sold Tupperware. We were raised in a Tupperware household and I have a lot of great memories associated with the product. For example…

There were 5 of us children at home at the time. (We have an order half-brother who didn’t live with us, and we have a baby sister now, who wasn’t born yet during Mom’s Tupperware heyday. :)). Any time we were going on a road trip, even just the 85 mile trip to Pharoah/Weleetka, she would put water and a wash cloth in Tupperware tumblers so she could wash us up during the trip. (Anti-Bacterial Wipes were yet to be invented) I remember Dad calling it, “Canning a wash rag.” ūüėÄ

I think I used that story in one of¬† my books…Death Notice.



These were the tumblers Tupperware sold at the time: (Remember them?)

GIVEAWAY!! Share a Tupperware memory in the comments. I’ll draw one name and the winner will receive a $5 Amazon gift card PLUS a piece of Tupperware!

Be sure to check out theses sales…and if you would like to place an order, email me by Thursday evening at 5 p.m – or comment with your order.¬† Here is a link to the complete catalog:¬†https://www.tupperware.com/shop-publications

TO PLACE AN ORDER: Comment or email me with the description, item# (if you have it), quantity, your address, and pay method (PayPal or credit card are the easiest)

This sale is ONLY good this week – Be sure to let me know by Thursday if you’d like to order. What a great deal…all kinds of uses for this item. The seal comes in black or red:

Just in time for all the summer barbecues – these items will make grilling SO much easier… (These sales end June 8)

Tis mini stack cooker is a convenient way to make dinner for one or two in the microwave.Great for college students…who wants to cook in college? Here are some simple recipes:¬†http://blog.tupperware.com/founders-of-fresh/7-simple-tupperwave-mini-stack-cooker-recipes/

More great sales…

Let me know if you have questions, and be sure to comment with your memory!!


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