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Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part XV – Elvis’ Twin

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I have always been fascinated by the fact that Elvis was born a twin. The other baby, Jesse Garon, was stillborn. Can you imagine, what if Jesse had been born? Would they have looked alike? Would Jesse have been able to sing like Elvis? Would he have been an entertainer as well, or would it have changed Elvis’ course in life, and maybe he wouldn’t have become an entertainer at all? Throughout his life, Elvis was also fascinated about his twin. Those close to him knew just how much losing Jesse Garon affected him.

Here is a great article by Elvis’ hairdresser and friend, Larry Geller. He talks about how intrigued Elvis was about the fact that he had a twin brother. 

Click here for article

A couple of additional things to share…

I love it when other celebrities talk about Elvis, and this definitely caught my attention. I saw Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zepplin on Jimmy Fallon recently. Plant is a huge Elvis fan. He speaks with Jimmy about meeting Elvis in 1974. Elvis said he’d heard that Robert sound checked to one of his songs and asked him which one. Robert said “Love Me.” They were leaving and headed down the hallway. Elvis turned around and started singing “Love Me” and Robert Plant sang with him. Plant said, “I could have packed up, quit and gone home right then.” (I paraphrased). Even though I’ve basically quoted the entire interview, here it is if you want to check it out:


Lastly, I have a new release out, and as I’ve stated before, I try to mention Elvis in all my published works. Here is a little snippet from Without Mercy:

China’s house was too quiet. She put on an Elvis Presley CD—finding comfort in the music she and her aunt had listened to when she was growing up—and turned the volume up as loud as it would go. She was heading up the stairs when it occurred to her that the music would mask the noise of an intruder.

Debating for just a moment, she decided the silence was worse, and left the music on. “Danny Boy” blasted around her as she reached the top of the stairs.

Her house was a multi-level, thirty four hundred square-foot Tudor with five bedrooms, a pool, sauna and hot tub. The front was secluded by an overhang of trees, and the back yard opened up into a wooded area. The home was much more elaborate than she could possibly afford on her salary. There were months she could barely make the utilities, and last summer she hadn’t opened the pool because she couldn’t afford the upkeep. But at least she didn’t have to pay a mortgage.

She’d always counted herself lucky that Gary had left her the house as compensation for his abandonment. But now it felt like enemy territory, and the spacious rooms seemed to be nothing more than good hiding places for intruders.

In the bathroom, she turned the shower on as hot as it would go and stripped, stepping quickly inside. Steam surrounded her, the spray so strong, it stung her skin. But that was okay. It meant she was alive.

She wasn’t sure how long she’d been standing under the water. It had turned cold, yet she remained. The strains of “Love Comin’ Down” penetrated through the closed door. She considered getting out, but the cold water was starting to numb her, and that was what she needed. To forget, not to feel for a while.

“China?” A man’s voice bellowed her name at the same time the bathroom door flung open, slamming against the wall. She screamed as the shower curtain was yanked back.

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Elvis Presley – Ramblings from a Lifelong Fan, Part 1

Elvis Presley has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have always loved him—I don’t even recall the first time I discovered him. It just seems as though he was always there. My sister, Ruth, however, does remember when she discovered him, and I’m a little jealous of that memory, since I don’t have my own. (Nor do I remember the incident, so I’m telling her version, which is very short :)). She was five and I was seven (but, it’s really odd how, all these years later, she’s somehow older than me…hmmm…) 😉 Anyway, I digress. She said that I called her into the living room where Elvis’s movie, Harum Scarum, was playing (on our black and white television. This was around 1967, but we didn’t yet have a color tv), and I pointed Elvis out to her and said, “Look, isn’t he cute?” From then on, she and I grew up sharing our devotion to Elvis.


I can’t explain exactly how I feel about Elvis; only another true fan really ‘gets’ it. But, he was more than just an entertainer. He had this special, magical quality that I can’t name, but I know exists. Otherwise, why would millions of people all over the world love him so much? Why would they—nearly 37 years after his death—travel thousands of miles just to see his home? (And, they still do, daily in droves of thousands, from places as far as Australia, Ireland, England, etc.) Because, he touched people in a way no other entertainer has before or ever will again. Even if you are not an Elvis fan, you can’t deny the impact he had on the world. Yes, there are other successful, talented, well-loved performers. But, seriously, another Elvis? I don’t think so.

Although I have never wavered in my love for Elvis, I’ve recently gained a new appreciation of him now that I listen to Elvis radio on Sirius XM. It’s so awesome that they have an entire channel devoted to him. Nothing but Elvis, 24/7. And, that is all I ever listen to. Seriously, all the time, Elvis Radio. Not only do they play a ton of his great music, including rare recordings, but they have guests who knew the real Elvis. They share their memories of him, and hearing the intimate details of his life makes him all the more special.

Because of my adoration of Elvis, I have mentioned him in almost all of my published works. Here’s a little sample from “Poetic Injustice” a Romantic Suspense Novella (one of my older titles published through The Wild Rose Press) CLICK ON THE COVER FOR MORE INFORMATION

6. Poetic Injustice 6.7.11


Samantha put in an Elvis CD and cracked the window just a bit. She loved the fresh smell of rain, and a little moisture wouldn’t hurt anything.

Love Coming Down, one of Elvis’ more obscure releases from the 70’s, was playing. The damp evening air and Elvis’ powerful voice filled the car, surrounding her, calming her. She released a breath and, along with it, some of the tension of the past few weeks.

Do you have any special moments to share about Elvis, or any other entertainer?


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