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Ramblings of a Lifelong Elvis Fan – Part 40 – Why Elvis is the King of Music

A poll to crown ‘King of Music’ is in the works, and I have been religiously reminding Elvis fans on Facebook to vote for him daily. When I first discovered the poll a few months back, Michael Jackson was ahead. Now, Elvis is ahead by over 15,000 votes. The voting goes until January, 2016, so lots of time left, but I can’t imagine that anyone besides Elvis will end up with the crown. Here is the link if you want to take a look and vote. (You can vote once every 24 hours) 


Of course, being a rabid Elvis fan for as long as I can remember, I am definitely biased as far as who should win King of Music. I’ve read comments on the website and people have posted stats and opinions and presented their own arguments for why their guy (mostly between Elvis and MJ), deserves to win. Everyone has their own opinion and tastes, and yes, statistics do back up an entertainer’s success. (However, I can’t imagine anyone attempting to pit another entertainer’s stats against Elvis’. No other singer has accomplished what he did, period.) Setting all of that aside, this contest is for the KING of MUSIC, correct? You would have to take into consideration which entertainer had the biggest impact on music, which one blazed a trail that earned him a ‘superior’ spot. And, when you take the word ‘music’ – surely a singer whose work spanned so many different categories embodies the very soul and definition of ‘music.’

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Consider all of Elvis’ genres: (and I’ve provided an example of a song in each)

(Do yourself a favor and watch these videos…pure pleasure! Especially Lawdy Miss Clawdy and Just Pretend and Suspicious Minds…okay, okay, I love them all!)

Early rockabilly:  That’s All Right, Mama

Rock and Roll:  Hound Dog

Ballads: Until It’s Time for You to Go

Blues: Reconsider Baby

Soul: Lawdy, Miss Clawdy

Country: Just Pretend

Gospel: How Great Thou Art

Pop: Suspicious Minds

Then you have the songs that were just…Elvis. His movie songs, his covers, his rare recordings. No one can or will ever touch the magnitude of what Elvis has done for music. So, you can have your opinions and you can quote stats. But, there is only ONE King of Music…

Okay, I won’t keep you in suspense, it’s Elvis Presley!!! 😉 

Who is YOUR King of Music? (I promise I won’t ban you if it’s not Elvis :)) 


EOLS Charity

Elvis was known for his giving heart and charitable work during his lifetime. Lisa Marie and Elvis Presley Enterprises have continued that tradition with their involvement in various charities. In 1984, The Elvis Charitable Foundation was formed. The EPCF created a scholarship fund for students majoring in the arts. The charity also contributes to one of Elvis’ favorite charities, Goodwill Homes, a Memphis facility that provides counseling and services for abused children and their families. The EPCF also assists numerous other charities, especially focusing on arts, education and children’s programs.

Learn more here, including how to donate:


On Elvis’ birthday this year, I released a Vintage Romance short story set in 1957, and of course, my heroine is an Elvis fan. 🙂 As a tribute to Elvis’ generosity, and in order to assist with this worthy cause, 10% of my proceeds for End of Lonely Street will go to the EPCF.


All Toby Lawson wants is to go to college to become a teacher and to be free of her alcoholic mother and some painful memories. But when her mother nearly burns the house down, Toby must put her dreams on hold and return home to care for her. The only time she isn’t lonely and miserable is when she’s listening to her heartthrob, Elvis Presley. His music takes her away and helps her escape from everything wrong in her life.

Noah Rivers has always loved Toby, but no matter what he says, she can‘t get past the fact that her drunken mother once kissed him. He soon realizes the true problem lies in Toby’s belief she’s not good enough for him and in her fear she will be just like her mother.

What will it take to prove to her that she deserves to be happy, and that he would give anything to be the man to make her dreams come true?

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Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part 7 – Anniversary of That’s the Way It Is

Elvis: That’s the Way It Is was Elvis’ first non-dramatic film, a documentary chronicling live performances from The Elvis Summer Festival at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. The film features shows Elvis performed on August 11, 12, and 13, 1970. Who would have imagined that, seven years later, he would be gone? He was so vibrant and sexy and alive at the time that it is mind boggling to think about. 

One of the things I loved about the film was that it not only showed some amazing concert performances, but it showed the ‘behind the scenes’ Elvis hanging out with his entourage, rehearsals, fans commenting on what they love about him, and celebrities such as George Hamilton, Cary Grant, Juliet Prowse, and Sammy Davis, Jr. arriving for opening night. 

I was only nine years old when the film released, and I remember watching it, enthralled. At the time, I had never been to an Elvis concert, and it was a thrill to see him perform. And, to see glimpses of the ‘real’ Elvis in how he interacted with his friends and the people who worked with him. 

That’s the Way It Is featured some fabulous songs, some that people who aren’t true Elvis fans aren’t all that familiar with, such as How the Web Was Woven. Here is a brief clip of him singing part of the song in rehearsals as he plays the piano. Watch what he does at the end: 

Here is a recording of the entire song: 

One of my very favorite songs from the performances is Just Pretend. I love it so much, I named my first romance after it (I wrote it when I was eleven). I also named my hero Lonnie Beale after Elvis’ character in the movie, Tickle Me. And, I described him as looking like Elvis. 🙂 I still have the story, written mostly in pencil with the first page missing from the tattered spiral notebook. At the end, my heroine thinks Lonnie died in a plane crash, but as it turns out, (Spoiler alert!) he’d taken a different flight and he comes to her where she’s crying on the beach, and he sings Just Pretend (which has a line, “I’ll come flying to you again.” – see how I cleverly wove that in?) It was a riveting moment, LOL. 

Here is his concert performance of Just Pretend: 

Wasn’t he so sweet to his fans? Lucky, lucky woman. 

I was excited to learn that the re-mastered version of That’s the Way It Is will be showing in select theaters this month. It is coming to Oklahoma City, and I must go. So, I’m off to check on tickets. Until next time…  


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