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Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Valentine’s Day – Romantic Movie Leads

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing Actors in Romantic Movie Roles.

Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle, Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honor

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Me (Alicia Dean). Author of Valentine romance short story, Cupid’s Beau – What happens when a Cupid falls for her target? (ON SALE for only 99¢)

Want: Matthew McConaughey, I LOVED How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, and MM is very hot, but he acts a little ‘off’ sometimes, so I would just want him on a temporary basis. But many times. 🙂

Wed: Patrick Dempsey. I adore Patrick Dempsey. There’s something about him that really appeals to me. I would Wed him so I could Want him often. And if you haven’t seen Made of Honor, you’re missing out. It is such a cute, fun, sexy movie. Definitely a good choice for Valentine’s Day (or any day). He also seems like a good husband, so Wedding him is a win-win.

Waste: Tom Hanks. I like him and respect him, and Sleepless in Seattle was a good movie. He and Meg had good chemistry, but he’s the least appealing of the two. Everyone loves Tom Hanks, so if I actually wasted him, I’m sure a lot of people would be angry with me, so I won’t. But he’s in my Waste category by default.


Marie Tuhart, author of More Than One Night – Escape to an Erotic Fantasy, Website: http://www.marietuhart.com

Want – Matthew McConaughey – because he’s the ultimate bad boy and so darn cute.  I can just cuddle up with him and have all sorts of fun.

Wed – Tom Hanks – because he’s the man you bring home to meet the parents.  He’s funny, sensitive and faithful.  And not bad to look at.

Waste: Patrick Dempsey – there is just something about him that turns me off.  I’m not sure what it is, but he’s not my type of guy.


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Want: How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days is my absolute favorite Romantic Comedy. Just typing this out makes me want to drop everything and go put the dvd in. Yum, yum, yum. Plus, Mr. McConaughey is not only a Texas, but hell, was he ripped in Magic Mike. Yeah, I’ll let Matt do me!

Wed: The only part of Sleepless in Seattle that I really loved was when Rosie and Meg were watching An Affair to Remember with Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant (the sexiest man of all time). But who wouldn’t wed a lovable Tom Hanks? Not me. I’ll take him.

Waste: This is ridiculous. There is no possible way to waste Patrick Dempsey. The man pulled a victim out of a burning car for God’s sake! No. I’ll just have to want <i>and</> wed him too. I’m BREAKING the rules.


Diane Burton, author of ONE RED SHOE – Wannabe writer rescues wounded spy while risking her heart.  Website:  www.dianeburton.com

Want: Patrick Dempsey. Patrick is hot! What my mom would’ve called a dreamboat. Didn’t see him in Made of Honor; loved him in Enchanted.

Wed: Tom Hanks. No question. I watch Sleepless in Seattle every time it’s on and get all choked up every time. Even better in You Got Mail. In real life, he seems very devoted to his wife Rita. Gotta love that.

Do I have to waste one? Then I guess it has to be Matthew McConaughey.  I didn’t see him in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, but I loved him in Failure to Launch.


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Want: Gotta go with Matthew McConaughey. He hasn’t aged all that well, but I’m not exactly a beauty contest winner, either, so I’m not gonna be picky. He still has a certain charm.

Wed: Patrick Dempsey! He has that wholesome, boy next store, killer smile thing going for him and he just seems like a nice guy.

Waste: Wait. Wait just one minute here. I can’t waste Tom Hanks! He’s too awesome and cool. Huh. McConaughey has to go. Waste McConaughey, Wed Hanks and Want Dempsey. Sorry, Matthew. I guess that whole poor aging thing meant more to me than I thought. And you never did “Big” or “Sleepless in Seatle” or “Castaway”…and you’re not the voice of Woody. Ba-bye.


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these Swoon-Worthy Romantic Leads would you Want, Wed, and Waste?
Thanks for playing!


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