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Halloween Romance: Portrait of Love (The Picture of Dorian Gray)

Last year, my OKRWA writing chapter held a fun contest where participants were challenged to write a 500 word story with a ‘monster’ as the romance hero. I’ll be sharing a few of those on my blog between now and Halloween.  Enjoy!


The Picture of Dorian Gray is my favorite book. I love Oscar Wilde’s unmatched wit and timeless storytelling. Funny, heartbreaking, terrifying—the tale has it all. And I find the story’s premise so intriguing: Lord Henry, a twinkle in his eye, corrupting an innocent young man for his own amusement. Destroying a beautiful life filled with promise—just to see if he can. The creepy portrait, riddled and oozing with Dorian’s sins—while he stays young and gorgeous—is the icing on the cake. So it isn’t any wonder that when I imagine the perfect monster, I always “picture” Dorian Gray (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Please enjoy this twist on my very favorite monster tale of all time, The Picture of Dorian Gray. After all, the scariest devils are the ones painted on the inside.

Portrait of Love

Dorian stepped to the easel, pulled the drape from the canvas, and turned to face the mirror on the opposite wall. Comparing himself to the portrait was an activity to which he was well accustomed. He’d repeated the habit several times daily for the past hundred years. However, today the reason behind the ritual was quite different. Instead of seeking out changes with his usual morbid fascination, Dorian searched the grotesque features for consistency.

He scrutinized the portrait alongside his reflection. The murky eyes, glazed with the film of unatoned sin hadn’t resembled his own in years—but had they changed since yesterday?

He squinted, expecting to find a new cataract on one milky iris or a fresh boil on the surrounding wrinkled skin. He found nothing. The same brown blotches marred the gnarled fingers. The same arthritic bend stooped the back. For the first time since its creation, the painting hadn’t changed one iota.

Dorian checked the time. Seven p.m. Lydia would be there any moment. Exquisite Lydia. Down in whatever cancerous sliver of soul he had left, he knew she was the reason behind the painting’s sudden refusal to alter. After a century-long quest for pleasure, Dorian had found what his hardened heart searched for all along. Love. He adored Lydia, and tonight he would tell her so.

Footfalls echoed on the stairs. Dorian sucked in a breath, snatched the sheet from the floor, and flung it over the portrait.

“I let myself in,” Lydia said, dragging her eyes over him. “Mmm…don’t you look tasty.” She wrapped her red-tipped fingers around his tie. “Mr. Gray, this suit reminds me of another Mr. Grey whom I’ve read a great deal about.”

He pulled her close. “Perhaps we should stay in tonight. You can compare our…techniques.”

She nibbled his ear, stopping abruptly. “What are you hiding?”

Dorian’s heartbeat stalled. “Hiding? Nothing—”

“What is this?” She pulled away, touching the draped canvas.

Her movement shocked his heart like a defibrillator. “It’s—a surprise. You mustn’t see until it’s finished.”

“Surprise? Is it painting of me?”

“Patience, dear. Soon you’ll see.” He led her away from the portrait, making a mental list of artists he knew. He could surely commission one to paint his beautiful Lydia.

Halfway down the staircase, Lydia touched her throat. “I left my scarf in your room.” She kissed his cheek and dashed back upstairs.

A scream exploded above. Dorian bounded the stairs and burst into his bedroom.

“Is this a joke?” Lydia shrieked, staring at the portrait. “This is how you see me? An ugly old hag?”

“Let me explain.”

She threw the canvas to the floor and stomped it with her stiletto heel.

Grimacing, Dorian clutched his chest.

“What’s happened to your face?” she cried. “Dorian, you’re a monster!”

Dorian collapsed. He clawed the floor, searching for the portrait.

“I love you, Lydia,” he whispered as his hand stilled upon the torn canvas.

From between his gnarled fingers, peered the innocent blue eyes of youth.

Check out Anna’s spooky romantic suspense short story:



An ancient scrimshaw doll–does its gypsy magic protect? Or destroy?

As a child, Darcy Vaughan cowered beneath the malice of her twin sister, Scarlett. Now, Scarlett is back and Darcy hopes to establish the sisterly bond she’s always longed for. Instead, Scarlett tries to destroy Darcy’s life–and her new relationship with the town doctor.

Dr. Cabin Creighton returned to his hometown near Lake Chickasha, Oklahoma to take over his father’s practice. One look at Darcy and Cabin wants nothing more than to love her forever. But a guilty heart and memories of his deceased wife are holding him back.

When someone from Scarlett’s past reappears, bad things start to happen. Darcy and Cabin struggle to keep their love alive, but as danger draws closer, Darcy finds herself once more at her sister’s mercy, with nothing but the yellowed bones of an ancient doll to protect her.


In the center of the doll’s chest bloomed an intricate rose. Cabin explored the flower with his fingers, fascinated by the small carving which held more detail than all the doll’s other attributes combined.

“So, it just pulls out a magical Tommy-gun and blasts the person it sees harming you?” he asked, pointing the doll’s arm at a lamp on the end table.

Darcy smiled and shook her head. “Not quite.”

“What is it, then? Is the doll psychic?”

She frowned. “I think it’s more like karma, in a way. It discerns the aura of the betrayer…feeds on the negative thoughts. The betrayer has to knowingly betray the doll’s owner, or at least have intent of wrongdoing. Some trace of malice the doll can pick up on.”

Intent of wrongdoing. Cabin thought of Samantha, how he’d watched her waste away, nothing but skin stretched over bones at the end. How he hadn’t done anything to help her. He shook away the thoughts, but couldn’t shake the guilt.

“And what sort of…things happen to the betrayer?”

“Oh, it can be anything from a mild annoyance to…worse, depending on the level of betrayal.”

“I’d better watch my step around you,” he spoke to the doll as he straightened its dress. He turned and looked into Darcy’s eyes, haltingly bringing his hand to her face, tracing her features. She closed her eyes. He wanted her, wanted to feel alive again, even though he didn’t deserve to.

“Only true love breaks the spell…” she murmured.

Cabin jerked his hand from her cheek. The movement knocked the doll from his lap, tumbling it onto the hardwood.

Darcy’s eyes sprung open. “Oh, I’m so sorry. How stupid of me to say that—”

A rough bang on the front door caused Darcy to gasp and widen her eyes. She jumped up, scooping the doll from the floor as she crossed the room.

Cabin followed, standing close behind her. She cracked the door open.

“Really? This is how you treat your sister? Your twin?” Scarlett pushed past Darcy, into the living room.


“You promised to check on me. I had a coughing spasm and very well could have died in that house all by myself.” She shook a cigarette from her pack, looked around the room, then slid it back in.

“May I intervene?” Cabin asked, his piercing gaze aimed at Scarlett. “You’re perfectly fine. I would have sent you to the hospital if I’d thought otherwise. As for the coughing spasm…you can blame those cigarettes for that.”

“Thank you, Dr. Drew. I’ll check into Celebrity Rehab right away.” She cackled, her breath reeking of alcohol. She turned to Darcy, snatching the doll from her hand. “Where did you get this?” she demanded. “How many crap-filled Dumpsters did you have to dive into before you found the ridiculous thing? They should’ve buried these dried up bones right along with that crotchety old bat’s.” She pumped the doll’s legs in a suggestive manner and laughed, holding it from reach as Darcy grabbed for it.

Cabin circled Scarlett’s wrists with one hand, twisting the doll free with the other, and handed it to Darcy.

“My, you are a strong one.” Scarlett batted her lashes over bloodshot eyes. “I can certainly see why my sister…my twin sister…has such a bad case of Cabin fever.” She turned on her stilettoed heel and staggered through the doorway, onto the porch. “I hope you can remedy that, doctor.” She laughed as Cabin shut the door.

Darcy nestled the doll’s face into her neck, stroking its hair. “Scarlett makes it so hard. All I want to do is help her. I wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted to be around this again.” She motioned from herself to the wall separating her house from Scarlett’s.

“Well, that would screw up my next move.”

Click HERE to buy

Other Books by Anna:





Anna works as a middle school secretary in her beloved hometown of Anadarko, Oklahoma, where she resides with her high school sweetheart-turned-husband, Tim. She has written for as long as she can remember. She still has most of her tattered creations—leftover stories she was unable to sell on the playground for a dime—written in childish handwriting on notebook paper, bound with too many staples. Her love of storytelling has grown throughout the years, and she is thrilled her tales are now worth more than ten cents.

Contact Links

Anna Kittrell Amazon Author Page/Books http://alturl.com/bchbw

Facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/AKittrell

email kittrellbooks@gmail.com





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A Humorous and Helpful Article from Anna Kittrell – How to Hear Your Errors

A dear friend of mine and very talented author, Anna Kittrell, shares a different method for reading aloud to catch mistakes in your writing:

Read Aloud, Hear Your Errors

by Anna Kittrell

Have you ever listened to a first grader proudly read a story while dragging his finger over every single word on the page? Indeed, he should be proud—he is mastering the skill of reading aloud. And as you sit smiling (or, perhaps shifting impatiently while Spot the dog runs on and on and on…) a habit is being reinforced that will not only help the child read better, but will also help him write better.

Reading aloud forces the brain to slow down and focus on each individual word, allowing the writer to hear errors initially overlooked. When used as an editing tool, this technique drastically improves writing quality. But what if your voice simply can’t hold up through that enormous work in progress? Take heart, there is a solution—Adobe Reader’s Read Out Loud option. 

Not unlike that first grade child, Read Out Loud loves to read to you all day long, leaving you free to sit back and relax, with nothing to do but drag your finger across the page—and catch mistakes. Trust me, you’ll find plenty.

To use the Adobe Read Out Loud option, follow these six easy steps:

  1. Save your word document as a PDF in the “Save as type” drop down box. This will turn your word document into an Adobe Reader file.
  2. Open your PDF in Adobe
  3. Go to your Adobe toolbar, and select “View”
  4. From the drop down box, select “Read Out Loud”
  5. Choose an option from the list that appears to the right: Deactivate Read Out Loud, Read This Page Only, Read To End of Document, Pause, or Stop.

(Tip: Since it is not possible to make changes within the PDF, I keep my original word document open. When I encounter an error, I pause the reader, pop over to my word document, and make corrections.)

  1. Listen as the automated voice brings your words to life—sort of.

(Tip: During the Read Out Loud process, if you click on your document, a box will appear around a section of your text. After the outlined portion is read, the reader will stop. Repeat the above steps to re-start Read Out Loud.)

That’s all there is to it.

Okay, I admit the mechanical voice sounds a lot like the gal on my GPS, but I promise she will not say, “recalculating”—unless it is in your document. Sometimes she makes mincemeat of my characters’ names, which I find wildly entertaining. And, on occasion, a regular word such as bifocals throws her for a loop (she calls them biforcals).

Still, it beats reading aloud all weekend, getting laryngitis, and being unable to call in to work. Wait a minute—that sounds like a job for Adobe Read Out Loud! Type your excuse, save as a PDF, dial up your boss, and let the computer explain why you won’t be at work on Monday. Then spend the day cleaning up that manuscript—with Adobe Read Out Loud.

Anna Kittrell is the author of  Romantic Suspense stories, Skinbound and Another Man’s Treasure

Plus, Inspirational Young Adult,  Redbend High Series.

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Click here to purchase from Amazon

Visit Anna on her homepage




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Five Authors from Oklahoma – (Burdened, Vol. 2) Five Stories in One Boxed Set About a Cursed Doll and True Love

Last week I introduced a boxed set of 5 short stories from The Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll series. This week, I am featuring Burdened, Volume 2. 

A while back, a group of Oklahoma authors came together to write a series of short stories with the recurring theme of a cursed Scrimshaw doll. The curse began in the late seventeenth century when a father feared his daughter’s betrothed would betray her. A gypsy attempted to hex the girl with this spell: All those who betray you will suffer. Only true love can break the curse. As luck (or bad luck) would have it, the girl was holding a Scrimshaw Doll her father had made for her, and the curse went into the doll instead, and therefore, it carried on for centuries. Our first installment picks up with the young woman’s daughter, who has inherited the doll.  

These stories, in various genres, all stand alones, were published with The Wild Rose Press as individual releases, but have now been released in two boxed sets, each containing five stories.


 *** ON SALE for a limited time for only 2.99. Click here to purchase… 

From Amazon:


From The Wild Rose Press:


(Cursed, Volume 1, can be found here – and still on sale for $2.99)

From Amazon:


From The Wild Rose Press:


Take a look at the fun and exciting stories in Volume 2: 


Kathy L Wheeler with The Color of Betrayal, Contemporary Novella

He’d risk a broken nose for love


When I found myself stuck trying to determine artist Malia Kane’s sidekick, one of my very good friends began to speak—so what if he’d already passed from this world into the next—It worked. Charlie’s advice was perfect! And I was happy to bring him back to life as Malia’s agent. It was a fitting tribute for one of my best friends ever.

A favorite line:

“You went out with Hercules?”



Find Kathy here:



twitter: @kathylwheeler


Callie Hutton with Tessa’s Treasures, Contemporary Romance Novella


Alicia Dean with Thicker than Water, Romantic Suspense Novella 

Some secrets refuse to stay buried


I almost always use celebrities as inspiration for my main characters in order to have a set image in my mind and to make them feel more real. In this story, it seemed to work especially well for me. I used Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens in Justified for my hero, Sheriff Jake Devlin, and the character really seemed to come alive for me. Another little tidbit; I almost always use fictitious towns in my books. In this story, I used Covington, Oklahoma, as a nod to Covington, Georgia, the real town behind fictitious Mystic Falls and where Vampire Diaries is filmed. I decided to use the same town in my upcoming Halloween short story, Caster’s Unfriendly Ghost.

A favorite line(s):

Julia stared at her incredulously. “You can’t possibly think that we deserve to be punished?”

Pam met her gaze. “I don’t think you do, but maybe the doll does.”




Contact me…here! You’re on my website. 🙂


Anna Kittrell with Skinbound, Romantic Suspense Novella

When Darcy falls for the town doctor, she finds herself at her wicked twin sister’s mercy, with nothing but the yellowed bones of an ancient doll to protect her.


Truth makes great fiction, and I infiltrate my stories with plenty of it. Take the following excerpt from Skinbound, for example: 

Once, as a young girl, Scarlett whispered Darcy’s name through the keyhole of her bedroom door. Darcy knocked, then twisted the knob. Finding it locked, she’d dropped to her knees, peering through the keyhole into the shadowy room. Puzzled, she’d raised her head—just as a straightened coat hanger plunged through the opening, nicking her cheek. 

The truth is, yes, I almost lost an eyeball. As a child, my sister plunged a straightened coat hanger through the keyhole, barely missing my eye. I moved just in time. Oh—I should mention one little discrepancy—she hadn’t called my name through the opening. I was just spying. Guess I deserved it.

A favorite line(s):

She dove for the cardboard box as if it were home plate. Blood oozed from her skinned elbows as she thrust her hands into her great-grandmother’s belongings, rescuing her scrimshaw doll.


Find Anna here:

Website: http://annakittrell.com/

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/AKittrell

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KittrellAnna

Email: kittrellbooks@gmail.com


Tamrie Foxtail with The Bone Bride, Romantic Suspense Novella 

Daira’s first love has returned to their home town. Is he the next victim of the scrimshaw doll?


I live in a small Oklahoma town. Our old home was a short walk from a haunted bridge, one that actually appears on a list of Oklahoma’s most haunted sights. I’ve always wanted to use the bridge in a story, and it seemed a perfect fit with a cursed doll.

A Favorite Line(s):

She turned to look at him. His nose was an inch from hers. She struggled to keep her eyes from crossing. “You think I don’t want you to kiss me because you dumped me twenty years ago?”

“You mean there’s another reason?”

“Yes! You’re little more than a stranger, now. I don’t go around kissing strange men.”

His smile deepened. He leaned closer, the tip of his tongue tracing the shell of her ear. She shivered.

“I’m not a stranger, sweetheart.” His hands slid down her arms and moved to her waist. “I’m the man who took your virginity in the backseat of my car.”





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An Inside Look at Another Man’s Treasure with Anna Kittrell

I am supremely honored to introduce my guest today. Anna Kittrell is not only a fabulous author, but she’s my friend. And, she is one of the nicest, most pleasant and funny people you’ll ever meet. I had the privilege of being her editor for Another Man’s Treasure. I enjoyed every moment of it, not only because I was working with Anna, but also because the book is fantastic. I interviewed Anna, so read below for an inside look at the author and her romantic suspense, Another Man’s Treasure.


What was the inspiration behind Another Man’s Treasure?

Twenty-five years ago, a retail photographer had a two-day assignment at the clothing store where I worked. Between customers, we visited, our small talk turning to his photography. He told me before becoming a photographer, he’d worked as a garbage collector. He said every morning on his trash route he saw people through kitchen windows drinking coffee and reading newspapers.

One morning, while looking through one of those ordinary windows, he made an extraordinary decision. He no longer wanted to be on the outside looking in. In that single defining moment, he purposed to be on the inside looking out. He quit his job as a garbage collector and enrolled in photography school. He’d been happily following his calling ever since.

In Another Man’s Treasure, Deason McKindle is also a manual laborer on the outside looking in. Though his dreams are of fighting fires, not snapping photographs, Deason has also made an extraordinary decision.

Now if he could only figure out how to follow his calling with a dead man standing between him and his dream…

Do you write in other genres, in addition to romantic suspense?

Yes. I also write young adult. WITCHA’BE, the first book in my Redbend High series, is a Christian suspense. Here is a bit about the book:

New to the small community of Redbend, Molly Sanders is delighted when she and Lenni Flemming become instant friends during the final weeks of her first Oklahoma summer. However, Bianca Ravenwood, Lenni’s best friend and self-proclaimed witch in training, is less than thrilled. In fact, she’s cursing mad, vowing to destroy Molly while honing her craft in the halls of Redbend High School. Molly’s new school becomes a waking nightmare as Bianca, beautiful wannabe witch, targets her in a jealous rage. Plagued by terrifying, inexplicable occurrences and an embarrassing case of panic-induced hiccups, Molly is unable to escape Bianca’s snare. But if Bianca refuses to back down and Molly refuses to stand up, not only will Molly lose the best friend she’s ever had…she may also lose her sanity.

The series tracks three main characters, Molly, Lenni, and Bianca, on their four year journey through the halls of Redbend High School. The second book, DIZZY BLONDE, is under contract with Prism Book Group, and is nearing the editing stages. I am currently working on book three, LINEAGE. One final book will follow, completing the four book series.

What book have you read that you wish you would have written?

My sixteen-year-old daughter came downstairs a few evenings ago, sobbing. Afraid something terrible had happened, I jumped up from the couch and hugged her. “I finished my book,” she hitched out.

When she returned upstairs, I turned to my husband and said, “I want to write THAT book.”

It was called “The Killer’s Tears,” by  Anne-Laure. I read it the next day. I cried too—but not as hard as she did.

What do you love that most people don’t like and wouldn’t understand why you do?

Buttermilk! I absolutely love ice-cold buttermilk. My great-grandmother raised me, and we enjoyed it together. I always think of her when I drink it. I think it tastes great. Plus, the calcium and active cultures are good for my body.

What’s the main thing that you could get rid of in your life that would give you more writing time?

The Internet. But then I couldn’t promote all those books I’d be writing—it’s a no win situation.

What’s your favorite book of all time and why? What’s your favorite childhood book?

The Picture of Dorian Gray. I love Oscar Wilde’s unmatched wit and timeless storytelling. Funny, heartbreaking, terrifying—the tale has it all. And I find the story’s premise so intriguing: Lord Henry, a twinkle in his eye, corrupting an innocent young man for his own amusement. Destroying a beautiful life filled with promise—just to see if he can. The creepy portrait, riddled and oozing with Dorian’s sins—while he stays young and gorgeous—is the icing on the cake.

The Velveteen Rabbit was my favorite childhood book. My entire life, I’ve loved stories that tear your heart out. I blame my great-grandmother for that too (as well as my love for buttermilk). She used to sing me heart-wrenching songs about terrible tragedies. I’d cry and beg her to sing them again with tears still streaming down my face. I tried singing them to my own children, but they got angry when I made them cry. They hated those songs, and still haven’t forgiven me.

If you could change something about one of your books that’s already released, what would it be?

I’d have my main character wake up and discover the entire story was a dream.


There is one typo in Another Man’s Treasure that I wish I would’ve caught. I’m not telling where it is. I want readers to make a game out of finding it.

What genre have you never written that you’d like to write?

I love classic horror, and aspire to bringing that level of dread and fear to a story. I want to write the kind of tale that makes readers glad it’s only a book—to experience the same type of relief as when they wake from a nightmare.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could have 3 (inanimate) objects, what would they be?

Static Guard (providing I still have clothes), my orthodontic retainers, and lip balm.

What celebrity would you most like to be stranded on an island with?

Melissa McCarthy. I can go without a lot of things, but I cannot survive one day without a belly-laugh.

Your most prized material possession? Why?  

The tattered stories and poems that I wrote as a child. They remind me that I was born to write. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been compelled to put words on paper. My love of writing is gift from God, to whom I am eternally grateful.

Your favorite…

Movie Gladiator, The Notebook, Titanic

Music John Mellencamp, 38 Special, Night Ranger, Tom Petty, Daryl Tonemah

Place you’ve visited Arizona—more specifically, Grand Canyon. It absolutely steals your breath.

Place you’d like to visit Hawaii. I love muddy Oklahoma lakes, but to see blue water would be very cool.

TV show from childhood Fantasy Island

TV show from adulthood Face Off, the special effects makeup competition on SyFy. I love watching people do what they do best—and these competitors are fiercely creative.

Food Chinese

Sports team huh?

Which do you prefer: Board games/card games or television? Television

I would like to thank Anna for being my guest today. I enjoyed getting to know her better.She always has interesting tidbits to share. I love her movie choices, and now I wish I’d written The Killer’s Tears, and I haven’t even read it yet, but I am going to. And, sorry about that typo in Another Man’s Treasure. My bad! 🙂

Below, you can find out more information about Anna’s books. But first, Anna has a question for you…

Do you prefer to be inside looking out, or outside looking in?




Deason McKindle dreams of breaking free. Free from the ex-wife whose cheating ways landed his fist in his boss’s face, free from his dead-end job as a trash collector, free from small-town Oklahoma. In two weeks, his dream of a fresh start in Montana will come true.

His dreams scatter when he saves Charis Locke from her abusive ex-husband. The gratitude in her eyes awakens a passion deep inside him. But when he later discovers the ex-husband’s corpse in a dumpster, Deason’s charged with murder. Instead of breaking free, he loses every freedom he’s ever known.

Charis thought she couldn’t love any man other than the Alzheimer’s patient she takes care of. But when Deason is arrested, she can’t let him go to prison without a fight. As fate would have it, Charis has finally fallen in love, and only the key to the killer’s identity will unlock her dreams.


“Hey, I know you,” Vic garbled, his dull eyes floating over Deason’s features. “You’re Deason

McKindle. SOB that punched out your supervisor and landed yourself on the trash wagon.” He threw his head back and wheezed out a beer-steeped laugh. 

Deason homed in on the oversized Adam’s apple, fighting the urge to twist the man’s collar until the stupid thing stopped bobbing. 

Vic squinted at Deason, a glint in his clouded eyes. “You socked old Ricky Holland right in the mouth for messing with your old lady. Now she waits tables at Suds. Always shoving her goods in everyone’s faces.” 

Hovering above Vic, Deason’s cocked fist quaked with anger, ready to drive the no good bum’s crooked nose straight through the back of his empty skull. 

“He’s not worth it.”  

Charis’s voice rang out stronger than Deason imagined it would, given what she’d just been through. Her words pulled him from his murderous thoughts, likely saving Vic’s life. He cut his gaze to where she stood, dusting her hands over the grass-stains on her clothes. A small, red line stamped the corner of her mouth like an exclamation point.

Vic cackled. “You ain’t gonna do squat to me, McKindle. I heard how it all went down. Sam, the big boss, made you promise to keep your nose clean, cause next time you screw up, it’ll be outta his hands.” 

Deason set his jaw. “Not a problem. I know how to operate the trash compactor. By the time they find what’s left of your worthless bones, I’ll be long gone. Now close your eyes. Wouldn’t want you to get blood in them.” 

Anna also has a new release, a Christian YA called Witcha’be. I love this cover!


Amazon Buy Link (TREASURE) http://alturl.com/cct5o

The Wild Rose Press (TREASURE)    http://alturl.com/ws9i8

Amazon Buy Link (WITCHA’BE) http://alturl.com/qt8tm

Prism Book Group (WITCHA’BE) http://alturl.com/ckn2e

Website http://annakittrell.com/

Facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/AKittrell

Twitter https://twitter.com/KittrellAnna

email kittrellbooks@gmail.com

Goodreads http://alturl.com/qu6as

Book Trailer (TREASURE) http://alturl.com/p2p8p

Book Trailer (WITCHA’BE) http://alturl.com/vwcct


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