#TuesdayTestDay with Alicia Dean ~ Win a $5 Amazon Gift Card!!


Welcome to Tuesday Test Day! Each Tuesday, I share a snippet from one of my stories, along with three options. To enter, guess which of the three options the snippet is from.

Post your answer in the comments before Sunday evening at 5 p.m. CT. (You may respond here or on my Facebook page). Each Monday, I will randomly draw a name from all the correct answers and that person will win a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Winners will be announced in the next Tuesday Test Day post.

Last week’s winner is…

Jude Anita

Congratulations!! Please email me at Alicia@AliciaDean.com and I will send your $5 gift card. Thank you for playing!

(The correct answer was Liberty Awakened)

Which of the below stories is this snippet from?


Jade’s voice wrapped around Luke in the semi darkness, sending a shiver up his spine. He didn’t recall that husky quality when he’d heard her speak before and wondered if it was due to her injury.

Her hair in the dim light of the kitchen reminded him of warm honey. Hazel in the light, her eyes now took on a deep green tint, like a jungle cat…a beautiful cat, trapped and forced into captivity.

He looked at her hands wrapped around the coffee cup and thought about how soft and fragile they’d felt when he’d held them in the hospital. He had an absurd urge to touch them once again, to slide his arms around her and hold her body against his.

Damn, where had that come from? He couldn’t afford to think about this woman like that. Couldn’t afford the luxury of desiring her, of wondering what her skin would taste like, what it would feel like to kiss her.

Her voice startled him out of his treacherous reverie. “I still don’t understand why he saved my life.”

He cringed inwardly, knowing she was talking about Smith, about him. “Could be several reasons. Maybe he wanted to keep you alive. Use you for leverage in case they got in a tight spot.”

She leaned her elbows on the table and pillowed her head in her hands. “God, it’s all so crazy. So confusing.”

He didn’t like her asking questions about El Lobo. It was important he not expose his undercover role. He might have to use it again one day. It could also possibly jeopardize the undercover agents still out in the field.

He should have known she would ask. He had hoped that the trauma of her injury would keep her from remembering but obviously, that hadn’t happened.

Jade rose from the table and moved to the window. She sipped her tea and peered outside. “It’s so quiet out here. And so dark.” She turned back to him. “How many agents did you say would be here at all times?”

“No less than four.”

“Will you be one of them?”

“Most of the time.”

Moving back to the table she sat down, a haunted look in her eyes. “How am I going to live with all this guilt?”

“What do you feel guilty about?”

“Allowing Bryce to do what he did. To hurt those poor girls.”

“It’s not your fault. My partner, Delia, helped the girls escape. I don’t think any of them were actually hurt.”

“What about the other times? I’m sure he’s done this before. How many other girls were there? Do you have any idea?”

Luke took his time replying, then reluctantly admitted, “I’m afraid we don’t. But, our government has contacted the Mexican government and they’re being very cooperative. They’ve agreed to let us send agents over there to investigate and have offered assistance in helping to locate any girls that may have been victims in the past. Or as many of them as possible.”

“Good,” Jade said quietly. Then she gave him a look of sympathy. “Delia? She was the woman Bryce murdered? She was your partner?”

Grief weighted his chest like a block of cement, but he kept his voice even. “Yes. We’re fairly certain your husband is responsible for her death.”

“You must hate me.” Her eyes shimmered with tears and self-loathing.

“You had nothing to do with it.”

“I should’ve stopped him.”

An image of DiMarco holding the blade to Jade’s neck flashed in his mind. He recalled the helplessness and the rage he’d felt as she slid to the floor, blood pouring from the wound. He gave himself a mental shake, wondering why the sight of her near death had affected him so profoundly when he’d seen more than his share of murder victims. Dragging in a breath, he said, “You did try and you almost died. Everyone did the best they could.” He didn’t acknowledge his role in Delia’s death. The fact that she wouldn’t have been out there, chasing the lead, if it hadn’t been for him.

She gave a brief nod, but her eyes were still haunted. “I’m just sorry it wasn’t enough for your partner.”


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Good luck!


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