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Each Tuesday, I share a snippet from one of my stories, along with three options. To enter, guess which of the three options the snippet is from.

Post your answer in the comments before Sunday evening at 5 p.m. CT. (You may respond here or on my Facebook page). Each Monday, I will randomly draw a name from all the correct answers and that person will win a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Winners will be announced in the next Tuesday Test Day post.

Last week’s winner is…

Sharon Buchbinder

Congrats!! Please email me and I will send your $5 gift card. Thank you for playing!

(The correct answer was “Without Mercy”)

Which of the below stories is this snippet from?


“Good. Have you talked to Patrick?”

“No. I went by, but he’s sleeping off a humdinger of a drunk. I couldn’t get one coherent word out of him. I’ll keep trying, though.”

I bet you will, I thought, and immediately felt bad. Maybe he really was trying to find out who’d broken into my studio. Even if it was Patrick.

“Okay, well, just let me know.”

He nodded. “I was thinking, how about if I buy you dinner this evening? We haven’t seen much of each other since you came home. I wanted to wait a while, you know, with what happened to your parents. But,  I’ve missed you. I’d like to take you out.”

“You mean, like a date?”

“If you want to call it that.” He smiled.

I shook my head. “I’m sorry, Hutch. I can’t. I mean…I don’t think…” I couldn’t tell him that the very thought of socializing with anyone, especially a man, especially a man from Jessup, terrified me. That this town, and everyone in it, represented the fear and tragedy that my life had become. I had no room, no enthusiasm, for  a social life. And, even though it had been years ago, I hadn’t forgotten what it felt like to be hurt by Rick Hutchings. “I’m not going to be here much longer, and—”

“No need to explain. It was just a thought.” He gave me another smile, but his eyes looked wounded. “I’ll let you know what I find out about your break-in. See you around.”

He walked away, not looking back, and I sighed, somehow feeling even more dejected than I had earlier, when Deanna skewered me in front of the whole town.


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Have fun!

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19 responses to “#TuesdayTestDay with Alicia Dean ~ Win a $5 Amazon Gift Card!!

  1. pamelasthibodeaux

    Truly Madly


  2. I don’t know but I really enjoyed the snippet. Will have to find out what book. Wild guess. Death Offerings.

  3. Carol Schmoker

    Truly Madly.

  4. Dorothy Bronstein

    Truly Madly

  5. Maureen Bonatch

    Truly Madly

  6. Peggy J Twigg

    Truly Madly

  7. Jannine Gallant

    Sounds like I need to read this one, whichever it is!

  8. Wild guess: Truly Madly. FYI, Jessup MD is where we have a lovely state prison and fish market (separate, not in the prison 😉 Then it would be a poisson prison, a fabulous French restaurant. 😀

  9. I think it’s Death Offerings. What a great excerpt!

  10. Kara O'Neal

    Hmmm….not sure. I think it’s Death Offerings. (What a cool title!)

  11. Diane Burton

    I’m guessing Truly Madly.

  12. Calvin

    truly madly

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