#TuesdayTestDay with Alicia Dean ~ Win a $5 Amazon Gift Card!!


Each Tuesday, I will share a snippet from one of my stories, along with three options. To enter, guess which of the three options the snippet is from.

Post your answer in the comments before Sunday evening at 5 p.m. CT. (You may respond here or on my Facebook page). Each Monday, I will randomly draw a name from all the correct answers and that person will win a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Winners will be announced in the next Tuesday Test Day post.

Last week’s winner is…

Alina K. Fields

Congrats!! Please email me and I will send your $5 gift card. Thank you for playing!

(The correct answer was “Soul Seducer”)

Which of the below stories is this snippet from?


“You’re crying again. Another movie?”

She jumped, whirling to see Chase standing behind her. Had he heard her phone call with Greg? There was nothing in his expression, or his words, to indicate he had.

She turned her back to him and shook her head. “Please just go. I want to be alone.”

“Must be a doozy. Let me guess. It’s a Wonderful Life?”

With rage bubbling just beneath the surface and no one else to expend it on, she vaulted from her chair and advanced on him. “I’m not watching a movie. You were right, okay? Christmas sucks. The movies, the stupid trees, the music, it all sucks. And, by the way, you’re fired.”

His eyes widened, and he lifted his hands in surrender. “Chill out, okay? You didn’t hire me, so you can’t fire me. I stay on until Greg tells me the job is over.”

She stood directly in front of him, hands on hips. Her chest rose and fell with the intensity of her anger, although why she was angry at him, she had no idea. “Well, Greg’s a two-timing piece of shit, and I’m no longer in danger since I’m no longer his fiancée, so trust me, your job is over.”

His expression softened. “I’m sorry. How did you find out?”

Her eyes flew to his. “You’re not surprised. You knew?”

He rubbed a hand over his jaw. “I worked on his security detail before he sent me here. I knew.”

“And you didn’t bother to tell me? To save me the humiliation?”

He smiled with sympathy. How dare he smile at her with sympathy.

“Would it have been less humiliating if a total stranger had told you your fiancé was cheating?”

No, it wouldn’t have been, but that was beside the point. “I expect you to be gone as soon as you can make arrangements. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a bottle of wine that needs my attention.” She went to brush past him, and he took hold of her arm, stopping her.

“Drowning your sorrows?”

She looked down at his hand, then back up at him, shaking off his touch. “No, celebrating. After all, it’s the holiday season, right?”




Short story “BLUE CHRISTMAS” from:


Have fun!


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16 responses to “#TuesdayTestDay with Alicia Dean ~ Win a $5 Amazon Gift Card!!

  1. Jannine Gallant

    Hmm… I’m stumped on this one.

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  2. I love the excerpt and the heroine’s retort! LOL!

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  3. I’m going with LOVE BREAKS.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Maureen Bonatch

    Love Breaks


  5. Kara O'Neal

    I’m guessing Love Breaks.


  6. pamelasthibodeaux

    I’m going with Love Breaks too!


  7. Diane Burton

    Just a guess–Love Breaks.


  8. I’m guessing Love Breaks as well. And thank you for the gift card! I picked up two of your paranormal books to get myself ready for Halloween!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Love Breaks for me too! (Great excerpt!)

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