Friday Fragment Contest – #Giveaway #FunGame #BookLovers – March 17, 2017


Happy Friday and welcome to my weekly contest –

Below you will find three different books, by three different authors, and beneath each, you will find three different short excerpts. Only one excerpt is from the listed book. Using the form at the bottom of the post, enter your guesses as to which excerpt is correct for each book. Once a month, I will draw a name from all those who attempt a guess on this game, AND on my Facebook SpotaLie game (check it out here: The winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

Each week, the first person to guess all 3 correctly receives an additional entry. (TIP: Click on each link and read the blurbs for a better chance at guessing correctly) – Remember, you get an entry just for guessing!

In addition to filling out the contact form, we’d also love it if you would comment, whether it is about your guesses, the books, the authors, etc. (when we offer extra giveaways, commenting is usually the only way to enter.) Last week’s Giveaway winners: Mary Anne Landers won a $5 Amazon Gift Card and Elf won an Ebook or audiobook set of all three Jane Barnaby Adventures books by J.J. DiBenedetto. Congrats, ladies!

Have fun!

Terms and Conditions: No purchase necessary to win. There is no limit on how many times one entrant can win. You do not have to guess correctly to be entered in the monthly drawing.


*** The game runs from the day it’s posted through the following Friday morning when the next post goes up, so feel free to send your guesses in and comment any time during that week. In order to stay up to date on each post, follow my blog by signing up in the column to the right. 


Extra Giveaways!!! (Last week’s winner is Elf…I think she’s owed a few gifts from the week before. I’ll be in touch soon, Elf, my apologies!)

Stephanie Berget is offering an E-copy of Sweet Cowboy Kisses

Colleen L Donnelly is offering a $5 Amazon gift card


(Must be ‘Cowboy’ week :))

Book 1:

Sweet Cowboy Kisses by Stephanie Berget

Buy Link:

Find Stephanie Here:

Snippet A:

When she cleared her throat, he jerked his eyes up to her face. “It won’t do you any good to talk to my breasts. Like most women, it’s my brain that answers questions.” A smart ass and she’d caught him red-handed. His cheeks warmed. Damn it, he was blushing. This woman was not at all what he needed. Time to end this. “I have a ranch, the Circle W. We need a camp cook. A man.” Her eyes narrowed, and her body tensed. “It looks like you need any kind of cook you can get.” She held her hand out, indicating the empty café. “Not a lot of takers.”

Snippet B:

Mother of all things holy! The doorway to the café was filled with Wranglers and muscles and cool gray eyes. He’d had aged well, if she could call twenty-eight aging. The lines of his face had thinned and his muscles were more defined. She found it hard to look away. What was wrong with her brain? She was hardworking, smart and knew enough to take care of herself. Why did the mere sight of this man turn her into a five year old coveting a candy bar?

Snippet C:

Holy neutrons! The heat coming from his gaze nearly set her heart on fire and she leaned toward him. He jerked away like she had Spotted Fever. To cover her embarrassment, she went on the offensive. “I’m a pretty good horseback rider already, right? Maybe even a prodigy.” When he only grunted, she continued. “I might even win the Grand Prix like National Velvet. And I’ll give you all the credit as my trainer.” “National Velvet rode in the Grand National. The Grand Prix is a dressage competition. I don’t do either of those.”


Book 2:

The Cowboy’s Triple Surprise by Barbara White Daille

Buy Link:

Find Barbara Here:

Snippet A:

He came to a stop beside her, not too near, but close enough to see the long sweep of her lashes as she kept her eyes down, her gaze focused on her work. Close enough to smell the same flowery perfume she had worn last summer when he’d danced with her at the wedding and, a few nights later, when he had slept with her in her bed. He gulped another mouthful of sweet tea and nearly choked on it. She never looked his way. That only made him more determined to get her attention.

Snippet B:

“I appreciate all you’ve done,” she told him, “but I’m fine now. Really. And I won’t be alone. I told you, I have a friend dropping by.” She had called that friend deliberately to give herself an out. Maybe it was the coward’s way out. She couldn’t help that now. Ordinarily, she would stand up for herself and her kids and send this man packing. But somehow, she couldn’t seem to gather the strength to do that. Or to face another argument with him and all the memories that would surface along with it.

Snippet C:

Things could have been different, too, if he hadn’t left. But he had left—without giving her time to find a way to tell him about her pregnancy. Yet in all honesty, how could she put one hundred percent of the blame on him? *Suppose you’d given me the news a long time ago?* he had asked. *How do you know I wouldn’t have stayed in town then?* He’d said nothing about staying with her. She was the one with the long-held dreams of settling down with him someday. Dreams it seemed she couldn’t forget even now.


Book 3:

Mine to Tell by Colleen L Donnelly

Buy link:

Find Colleen here:

Snippet A:

He’d come to feel optimistic about us again, hopeful I’d give in so things could return to his kind of normal. I smiled on the outside while he visited. I smiled for him, smiled for my parents, and even smiled to placate my brother. But I cried when he left, sad that he was so happy over what was nothing more than a weak pretense on my part, and sadder yet because I missed him so. Missed him on the inside, in the places where he’d never, ever, been and where I feared he never would be.

Snippet B:

“I can tell you one thing, she’s your mama’s daughter, and your mama sure doesn’t need any makeup. I know.” James looked for his mama again in Mr. Morgan’s dark eyes. Did Mr. Morgan see her the same way Pop did, and that’s why makeup was forbidden? Mama would probably laugh at all this talk about beauty, she with her faded dresses and unpinned hair. James wanted to laugh like she would, but something in Mr. Morgan’s eyes stopped him. “Your mama’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known,” Mr. Morgan said.

Snippet C:

Hearing his voice and seeing his expression ignited tiny flames inside me. Flames that had flickered quietly far too long, done little more than lick the surface of my imagination. Until that day. Each time he spoke after that, something in me flared to life and heated me up from within, bringing what Mama called an unladylike glimmer to my eye. A glimmer that was identical to the one I saw in his eyes, but she never knew that. I never talked about Raymond to her. I didn’t dare.




Correct answers & winner of the extra entry from last week:

The first person to guess correctly was… Juli, who will receive an extra entry. Congrats!

Last week’s answers:

Book 1: The Beachcombers – A

Book 2: Last Chance – B

Book 3: Fate Captured – C


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8 responses to “Friday Fragment Contest – #Giveaway #FunGame #BookLovers – March 17, 2017

  1. Thanks for inviting me, Alicia.


  2. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

    Alicia – thanks for inviting me to be a part of the game, and the luck o’ the Irish to all who play! 🙂


  3. colleenldonnelly

    Glad to be a part of the fun! Everyone loves a prize!


  4. ELF

    Well, these are certainly becoming more a matter of guesses! I hope you all had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day and thank you for the giveaway opportunities. I enjoyed the spectrum of subgenres presented in this selection, thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for this week’s game, Alicia. Sorry I’m I’m so late. There’s been a lot going on lately.

    Hope you’re doing fine.

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