A Plethora of 99 Cent Ebooks!!!

99 Cent Ebooks galore

Check out our monthly list of 99 cent reads. All different genres, all great bargains! Just click on the cover to be taken to the purchase page.

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cupid's beau SX312_BO1,204,203,200_

What happens when a Cupid falls for her target? (Sweet Valentine’s Day Romance)



Archaeologist Francie is on a mission: get her doctorate and make her father proud. But the handsome project director on this latest dig might just make her forget those plans.

Find Patricia Kiyono here: http://patriciakiyono.com



Samantha Held will go to any extent necessary to achieve her goal…Blake Langford is determined to stop her.

Find Devon McKay here: http://devonmckay.weebly.com/



Sarah Kerry’s version of Hell on Earth has arrived…refuse Michael Lonnigan’s love, marry Liam Devlin instead, or risk her father’s execution.

Find Kara O’Neal here:  http://www.karaoneal.com/



She needs a dungeon master. He needs her secrets. 

Find Marie Tuhart here: http://www.marietuhart.com



The relationship of star-crossed lovers Elizabeth Sutton and Edward Morgan founders off the coast of Bermuda with the shipwreck of the Sea Venture in the seventeenth century. Will the lovers be reunited, or will their eternally entwined souls search forever to fulfill their destiny?

Find Marilyn Baron here: http://www.marilynbaron.com/



Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise partners with gorgeous ex-Scotland Yard detective Shana George to find a missing Santa. But will Dane get what he wants most for Christmas–to spend the holiday with Shana?

Find Stephanie Queen here: http://stephaniequeen.com/



After a fall-out, can you go home again?





Trapped in 1863, where a lady endures life as a man’s possession, Cheyenne is determined to return to her time. Staying would mean losing her identity. But leaving means giving up the one man who truly makes her feel whole.

Find Susan JP Owens here: http://www.SusanJPOwens.com



As the last witch in the Turner line, Celeste doesn’t know if she’s finally found true love or if  Grandma has cast a love spell to continue the Turner line. But he has one big flaw…he’s a mortal.

Find Maureen L. Bonatch here: http://www.maureenbonatch.com



Fresh out of a bad relationship, Mel Thompson is determined to have a hot fling. When her best friend, Adam Caras–a renowned ladykiller–catches on to her plan, he offers to introduce her to the erotic pleasures of the one-night stand. Sex could ruin their friendship, but after a soul-searing kiss, Mel fears one night may never be enough.

Find Anna Durand here: http://www.annadurand.com/



Prince Tahj of Avistad senses unrest in the palace even before he finds a girl bound and gagged on his bedroom floor. Bashea was stolen from her home, a gift from Lord Boltar, the bitter Grand Vizier who is about to claim what he believes belongs to him, the rule of Avistad. Born from a fiery coup, Tahj and Bashea’s relationship burns with a passion neither quite understands, but will it be strong enough to defeat their twisted and powerful enemy?

Find MJ Schiller at: http://mjschillerauthor.blogspot.com/



Savannah Bradford’s brief sabbatical didn’t include getting stuck in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, or spending the night with an enigmatic old woman from the twilight zone. But the encounter led Savannah into a timeless struggle between dreams and passion. Will a simple gift from a bizarre twist of fate thrust Savannah toward her true destiny before it’s too late?

Find Casi McLean here: http://casimclean.com/



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4 responses to “A Plethora of 99 Cent Ebooks!!!

  1. I love snagging bargain books! Thanks, Alicia!


  2. coryellsusan

    Wow!Bargains galore!Thanks for posting.


  3. Thanks, ladies. Yes, looks like some tantalizing reads.


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