Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Downton Abbey, North and South, Mad Men

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week we are WWW’ing men in period drama roles. WARNING: Spoilers if you’re not caught up on the shows.

Myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Richard Armitage as John Thornton in North and South (BBC) – Dan Stevens as Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey – Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men

richard_armitage abby Don-Draper-Mad-Men

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Me (Alicia Dean). Author of DEATH NOTICE (Northland Crime Chronicles, Book 1)  – A killer has something to say, and he’s using her obituary column to get his point across…

(I don’t watch any of these shows, shame on me, so I’m going by looks and what the other ladies have said)

Want: Matthew Crawley – He’s very young-looking (but from my past choices, apparently, I’m into young guys), but he’s also freakin’ hot! Love those blue eyes. He seems like the kind of guy who would make you swoon.

Wed: John Thornton – I’m sold with the English accent and the intensity. I like the way he looks, too…very sexy. I really MUST check out that show.

Waste: Don Draper – I think I would like this show, I love the era of the 50’s, but I’ve never watched it. However, I think Jon Hamm is overrated. I hear women raving about how gorgeous and sexy he is, but I don’t see it. I might if I watched Mad Men, but since I don’t, he drew the short straw.


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WANT: If I could pick Richard Armitage twice, I would, but Alicia has her rules! So, I’ll pick Dan Stevens as Matthew Crawley, though I’d like to request that he dress in a Downton Abbey costume, we meet in a period-correct setting, and he looks at me longingly with those beautiful blue eyes.

WED: Richard Armitage. Richard Armitage. Richard Armitage as John Thornton in North and South. I am such a North and South addict that I wrote a free serial sequel that starts here. Anyway, about Richard Armitage. His voice. The study he brings to his roles. His sharp good looks. His intensity. His voice. His eyes. Did I mention his lovely deep voice? If he said, “Will you put toilet paper on the grocery list?” I would probably swoon and say, “Right after you take me back to the bedroom, darling.”

WASTE: Jon Hamm as Don Draper. I realize that the 1950s are a period and that Mad Men is a drama, but it is one century too recent to be of interest to me. Darn it, now I have to go watch the last ten minutes of North and South again!


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Want: Don Draper of Mad Men – I’ve been a fan of Mad Men since it started, and against all common sense, I still want Don, if only because Jon Hamm is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen on the small screen. What a hunk! Don is a player and can be a real a jackass at times, but he’s not as chauvinistic as some of the men he works for. (After all, he recognized Peggy’s abilities and promoted her from secretary to copy writer.) He’s terrible husband material, good for the short haul only. But, oh, what a fun ride it would be!

Wed: Matthew Crawley of Downton Abbey – Big sigh. Matthew comes as close to being the perfect man as anyone could wish. He’s handsome, honorable and kind, if at times a bit too proud and stubborn. He would have been good marriage prospect even if he weren’t heir to an earldom. His love made Lady Mary a better person.

Waste: John Thornton of North and South – This was hard, in part because I haven’t had a chance to see the entire mini-series yet, just the first half, and because I think he’s an honorable man in his own way. But I’d have to waste him for the mother-in-law-from-hell factor, if nothing else. Not to mention the snotty sister. Seriously, would you want to marry into that family? And John doesn’t seem like the type to engage in a lighthearted fling. I do think he’d make a good husband, just not my cup of tea. (Besides, I was raised by two union members, so it would be like consorting with the enemy!)


Andrea R. Cooper – fantasy/ paranormal and historical romance author. Viking Fire – historical romance w/ a touch of magic

Want: Richard Armitage as John Thornton – What can I say, except he makes my giddy. It would be interesting to hear all about anything he had to say with that natural English accent. Sigh.

Wed:  Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey – Also with an English accent 😉 And his coloring reminds me of my husband a bit. Is it hot in here?

Waste:  Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men – Sad to say, out of all three of these, he doesn’t appeal to me at least not in the Want or Wed.


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these Hotties from the Past would you Want, Wed, and Waste? Thanks for playing!


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14 responses to “Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Downton Abbey, North and South, Mad Men

  1. D'Ann

    I love Downton Abbey. But don’t find that character (or actor) hot. Don’t know the others…maybe I should!


  2. Diane Burton

    Love reading all your reasons for this week’s WWW. I’ve never watched any of the shows. (I know, everybody & their brother tells me how great Downton Abbey is.) I don’t find any of these guys appealing. Sorry.


  3. I’d want Richard Armitage, all that brooding strength in abeyance but would probably end up with Dan Stevens (though I can’t quite picture him in a Stetson the way I can Richard A.) Jon Hamm you can keep; I watched a bit of Mad Men and couldn’t stand it–who wants to sit down to awful people doing awful things to each other?


  4. melissakeir

    It’s interesting because I’ve never seen any of these shows…but they are nice looking guys. I just can’t get into them because I haven’t seen the show.


  5. hmm, I haven’t seen north and south or downtown abbey, but based on pics and comments I’d take–
    john thornton to want. love the eyes!
    matthew crawley to wed. looks fab and I’m a sucker for an English accent.
    i wouldn’t want to waste jon hamm as it’s hard to find a guy with a job these days, so I think I’d just pass him along to my sister. (I couldn’t take the razor burn from his perennial five o’clock shadow.)


  6. Alicia I’m with you, Jon Hamm does nothing for me. Plus, his character is such an ass, I’d have to waste him. The other two I’m not familiar with but, like Diane, everyone tells me I must watch Downton Abbey, that I would love it.


  7. Andi, I disagree about Dan Stevens in a Stetson. I heard him interviewed about Downton and his favorite scenes were the WWI action scenes, down in the muck with charges going off around him. I think he could totally get into the whole cowboy thing!

    For the record, Mad Men is set in the 1960s not the 1950s. And I fell for Jon Hamm before he was Don Draper, who admittedly is an ass. I still like big tall men with dark hair and deep voices. Maybe because I married one?


  8. I’m a wee bit worried how quickly we are to waste and wed. The wanting,, I get. But the other two are serious commitments, and one of them you can’t take back.


    • LOL. Well, that’s true. But, we DO consider our answers long and hard before we waste someone. I assume that’s the one ‘you can’t take back’? Unless you write paranormal, that is. 🙂


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