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I must confess…I tell a lot of lies…


Melissa Limoges (chitsuen)


Well, of course I do, I write fiction. I also make up towns in most of my stories. I like to create fictional places (with a local feel) so I can take creative license. (If I have a mayor or police chief or town doctor who’s a serial killer in a ‘real’ town, I might receive some less than favorable responses, am I right?)

When I created my world of Reapers for Soul Seducer, I knew they had to dwell in a place befitting the ‘somewhat’ undead. I had to have a reason why a particular area would have such a high concentration of Grim Reapers. So, I created a town called Boon Springs that was built on the site of a bloody massacre. The town has a history of tragedies, and I thought a name that contrasted with misfortune would make for a nice deviation. So, I called it “Boon Springs.”

Boon Springs is a sleepy little town in Oklahoma with quaint shops and lovely scenery.

However, Reapers are drawn to the town because of its horrific beginnings. A group of bandits massacred the town settlers years ago and took over the area for themselves. The leader of the bandits built an elegant mansion after staking his claim, but suffered a grisly end himself. Over the years, other families moved into the home, but most of them met with their own catastrophic fates.

Nowadays, the mansion is owned by the town of Boon Springs and is rented out for parties and celebrations. Who else but the residents of Boon Springs would turn a death house into a site for festivities? In Soul Seducer, there is a Halloween party at that very mansion. As you might guess…things do not bode well for one of the guests.

Check out Soul Seducer to see what happens at the party, and to get answers to other burning questions, such as…

Can Audra and Dimitri find love with all the doom surrounding them? Will it be made even more difficult by the fact that he is a Grim Reaper himself?

Reading is all about escape…whether you escape into a different time, a different place, or just into lives of other people (hopefully, fascinating people). So, tell me, what do you love most about reading? Is it about visiting new places? Escaping from your world into someone else’s? Something else entirely? I’d love to hear from you. And…there’s an incentive for responding… One lucky commenter will win their choice of a $20 gift card from either Amazon or Barnes and Noble – Be sure to include your email in your comment in order to be eligible.

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Crimson Winter Wonderland Blog Hop

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When you read a book, do you feel like you’ve escaped to another world?

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See you there!

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