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A Wild Rose Press Free Read You Don’t Want to Miss!

Mai Tai Guy is an entertaining, free, mini-read by Mickey J. Corrigan that introduces us to the women of Dusky Beach. Hurry over to The Wild Rose Press and grab your copy. (You will have to create an account, which is quick and easy, and once you’ve done so, you will have access to the specials The Wild Rose Press runs on its fabulous books, ebooks you can download for your Kindle or Nook…it’s super simple!)

Back to Mai Tai Guy – I really enjoyed the story. I love Mickey J. Corrigan’s voice, love the humor and self-depracation, sprinkled with a touch of ego in this fun, fast read. It leaves us with a teaser that makes it impossible to resist reading her other books in the series. PLUS, there is a Mai Tai recipe at the end. What more could you ask for?

(Click on the cover to be taken to the link to get Mai Tai Guy for free!)

mai tai guy


When I was seventeen, I had the perfect boyfriend. Nothing fancy, he went straight to my hips. He looked good on me. Now I’m home for our thirtieth class reunion, and I’m still hungry for him. Yes, it’s been decades, but every five years our high school reunion has brought us together again. With hot, then cold results. He’s on the menu again, and this time I have my own delicious way of making sure our meet-up will truly satisfy.


Life is like a menu. You’ve got to make choices or you’ll either stuff or starve. I was never talented at the selection process. Clothes, lovers, hairstyles, jobs, real estate, BFFs, food: I’ve always made wildly random or slightly psychotic decisions. A few times in my life, however, I’ve bull’s-eyed. My high school boyfriend, for example, was perfectly on target.

Nothing fancy, he went straight to my hips. Plus, he liked me as a person. He looked good on me. Now, if that’s not the perfect man menu, I don’t know what would be.

He was all mine early on and he should have stayed that way. I thought he would. When we were seventeen, we were a power couple. I loved us.

We worked after school and on weekends at the local pancake house. I was Harried Young Waitress Over Easy. He was Cute Boy Under Glass. You could see him back there at the grill in his funny toque as soon as you walked in the front door.

Actually, another early flame of mine worked at Pancake King, too. The two guys were neighbors and best friends, but that didn’t stop me from necking with both of them. When I call it necking, you imagine fully clothed couples in dark corners, right? Choice of words is important here. I want you to like me.

Yes, I was a little loosey goosey. But really, my high school boyfriend was the long-range guy for me. Only I didn’t know it then. I was a dozen lovers away from realizing there’s one man for every woman. Like the ideal pairing: Bordeaux and Stilton cheese, Irish potatoes and freshly grated black pepper, Louisiana shrimp and minced garlic. These are the kind of tastes one develops with time and experience. As kids, our choices seemed unlimited, like you can have yourself one or both. Even more, if you want. It seems like you can have yourself everything on the menu.


Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan lives and writes and gets into trouble in South Florida, where the men run guns and the women run after them. The tropics provide a lush, steamy setting for hot romance and Florida pulp. 

Mickey has published fiction in literary journals and online magazines. Novellas include Dream Job, a cyber romance which has been compared to Twilight Zone and The Matrix; Professional Grievers, a romantic comedy set among funeral and wakes; Me Go Mango, a girls’ reunion gone wild; and Geekus Interruptus, the story of a not-so-bright woman who falls in love with a nerd. Sugar Babies is a novel about the soft prostitution industry. A thriller, the story follows three young women trying to pull themselves out of debt via arranged relationships with wealthy older men. 

The Wild Rose Press is publishing Mickey’s new series, The Hard Stuff. Each novella in the series focuses on a tough woman in a tough situation who falls for a man—and not the best man in her current circumstances.  

Mickey’s romances are not normal love stories. Her stories are gritty, wild and dark, but often darkly funny. The protagonists are kickass women. They have spunk and sass. Their romantic involvements are unusual. These are not nice girls pursued by men with bouquets of roses and bottles of champagne. Love comes hard, but it is oh so real.

Be sure to check out the other books in The Hard Stuff series. With these covers and titles like this, how can you resist?


Only $1.99 each! Click on the cover to be taken to the Amazon buy links!


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