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Sweetheart of a Giveaway – Win a Kindle!!! Plus – My Wackiest Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and while I don’t have a sweetheart, I do have a sweetheart of a deal! I’m giving away a Kindle EReader and offering several ways to enter. Click on the link below and be sure to get your entries in soon.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And, guess what? I’m offering a quickie (NOT what you’re thinking…) prize to one lucky commenter. Tell me your best, worst, or weirdest Valentine’s Day gift in the comments below, and I’ll draw a name the morning after Valentine’s Day, and the winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Wanna hear mine? I’ll admit, I haven’t received many Valentine’s Day gifts in my day (I’ve been married once, and he was not romantic, and I’ve had very few relationships otherwise), but one of the weirdest was when I was about 21. I received a dozen yellow roses. I know that doesn’t sound like a weird gift, but the circumstances were a little weird. I was waitressing at a restaurant in Oklahoma City. When I was in training, the day I had my first section  on my own, my first customer was a lone man. He ate and we chatted. I presented his $15 ticket to him, and he gave me a hundred dollar bill. He said I could keep the change if I told him my name. Uh…I admit, I freaked out a little. I went to my manager and told him what happened, and I said, “What should I do?” He grinned and said, “Thank him.” 🙂 I reluctantly, nervously, went back to the table to see if he needed anything else, and he ordered a whisky, gave me another hundred, told me to keep the change. Then, he had a third drink and did the same. Crazy, right? Over the next few months, he came in regularly and always tipped nearly $100. Over the course of time, he told me that I reminded him of his first and only love. She broke up with him because he was poor. Now, he’d become wealthy, but he lost her, and he’d never stopped loving her. Awwwww…. On Valentine’s Day, he sent me a dozen yellow roses. I swear, on a stack of bibles, nothing ever happened between us. We had one ‘date’ of sorts, and I had drinks with him at the restaurant where I worked. He invited me to go with him to dinner. To New Orleans, on his jet. I told him I couldn’t because I promised my mom I wouldn’t go anywhere with him. When I told her about it, she said, “Well, good grief, I didn’t know he was going to fly you to New Orleans for dinner. You should have gone.” LOL.

So…that’s my story. Tell me yours.

And, in the meantime, I’ll share a little about my Valentine’s Day Sweet Romance Short Story, Cupid’s Beau:


Buy here: https://www.amazon.com/Cupids-Beau-Sweet-Valentine-Romance-ebook/dp/B00B0JLKP4/ 

Ivy Pierce is a Cupid who prides herself on doing her job well. Except when it comes to a certain human male–Grant Crawford. Although she doesn’t understand why, each time she’s supposed to shoot her arrow into his heart, her stomach hurts, her chest hurts, and she feels….sad. Cupids are never sad.

Humans who are not looking for love only get three chances to find it. And after Ivy sabotages Grant’s last chance, her boss, Aphrodite, sends her to earth to right her wrong. She has until Valentine’s Day to help him find his soul mate.

But the more she’s around him, the more she wants him for herself, even though she knows that can never be. A Cupid and a human? Unheard of.

As V-Day draws closer, can she sacrifice her own happiness to help the man she loves find his?


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