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New Releases from Wild Rose Press – Plus, fun facts and favorite lines

I’m happy to feature two new releases from The Wild Rose Press.  Please check out the books and follow the authors on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Now, for a bit about the stories, some favorite lines, AND the fun fact tidbits…


Willa Blair with The Healer’s Gift (A Highland Talents Novella) – Scottish Historical Paranormal Romance 

The Healer’s gift changes everything Coira thinks she knows about herself and her future.

Fun Fact: The Healer’s Gift (A Highland Talents Novella) resolves the story of one of the most tormented characters in HIGHLAND HEALER (Highland Talents Book 1). Coira MacDugall deserves the harshest punishment for her actions in the Highlands.  But her clan’s new laird, Logan, defies her expectations.  And the Healer’s gift changes everything she thought she knew — about herself and the people around her.  

A few lines from the story: 

“Ye bring me peace.  Did ye ken that?  I desire ye, I canna hide it.  But ye bring me peace.”


!!! Ebook On Sale – Only  $2.00 – 1/2 Price at The Wild Rose Press through July !!!

Click here to learn more or purchase: Wild Rose Press        Amazon

Find Willa here:

website: www.willablair.com

blog: www.willablair.com/blog

Twitter: www.twitter.com/willablair

FB: www.facebook.com/willablair


Sharron Riddle with Walking Sticks: The Gift, a New Adult paranormal novel 

Is death the only way to stop the cursed walking sticks? 

Fun Fact: The Walking Sticks was inspired by Maori Legends – Native New Zealanders – who believed in blue skinned, fair haired fairy folk years before the first white men arrived to their islands. 

A few lines from the story: 

“I know, but it seems like weird stuff has been happening ever since I opened the package. The stick in my room…” Kerry looked around, lowered her voice. “I locked it in my closet, and I heard it in there. Riva, I swear, it was trying to get out.”


Click here to learn more or purchase: Wild Rose Press   Amazon

Find Sharron here:

Website: http://www.sharronriddle.com

Twitter @RiddleMeAStory

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/shariluvs2write



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