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Welcome, Guest Author Tena Stetler today! Author of ‘A Witch’s Journey’


A Witch’s Journey  –  Blurb:

Pepper McKay comes from a long line of powerful witches. Unfortunately, magic brings her nothing but trouble. She learned the love of wildlife rescue and rehab from her Aunt Ashling. After graduating from college, Pepper works for Salem Wildlife Sanctuary and lives from paycheck to paycheck until she inherits the McKay property in Lobster Cove. With the family land and resources, she dares to dream of starting her own wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center.

Lathen Quartz, a former Navy SEAL turned handyman maintains the enchanted McKay property for the McKay estate. But someone is trying to steal the McKay magic. Lathen offers to help Pepper achieve her life-long dream of building a wildlife center. During the long hours spent together on the project, their mutual attraction can’t be denied. But each harbors a deep, dark secret. Will they overcome their demons and give love a chance?

Psst – I’ll let you in on a little secret. The sequel to A Witch’s Journey will be out during the holidays 2016. A Witch’s Holiday Wedding.  Don’t miss it!



Buy Links:


A Witch’s Journey  – New Release

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B01F0LRJ7U

The Wild Rose Press: http://catalog.thewildrosepress.com/all-titles/4349-a-witch-s-journey.html?search_query=A+Witch%27s+Journey&results=2

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/a-witch-s-journey-1

Barnes and Noble:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-witchs-journey-tena-stetler/1123770497?ean=2940158155598

All Romance Books:   https://www.allromanceebooks.com/storeSearch.html



Leaning over, Lathen’s arms enveloped Pepper calming her angry energy. “You okay?”

She nodded. A faint orange glow emanated from her palms slowly spreading to her fingers. A tiny spark snapped at the tip of her pinky.  His large hands eased over hers to stop the progression of sparks. A vibration of feet pounding the ground had them both glancing up as a uniformed police officer sprinted toward them.

Lathen listened while Pepper gave her statement. He added what he saw and they were released. On the drive to the cabin, Pepper rested her head on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around her. Nostrils flared as he inhaled her citrus and wildflower scent mixed with the adrenaline that fueled her flight or fight response, now diminishing as she relaxed against him.

For the first time since that terrible day his SEAL team’s mission had gone horribly wrong, the sensation of phasing had thrummed through his body as he shoved his way through the crowd to get to Pepper. He actually had to restrain the response. Could I have phased? Was the overwhelming desire to protect Pepper so ingrained, his wolf’s physical ability to shift kicked in? He didn’t have the answers tonight, but… Restless in the seat, he flexed his torso and leg muscles. A coiled ready-to-spring sensation felt familiar. A slight smile crossed his lips.

Pepper tilted her head up to peer at him. “Uncomfortable?” She tried to slide over giving him more room, but his arm tightened around her pulling her closer.

“Never felt better in my life,” he said confidently. The predator awareness was back, and he reveled in it.

Her eyebrow arched in question as he felt her eyes linger on him and shot her a quick glance.

“So has trouble always followed you around?” he wanted to know.

“…Nooo, well, not exactly. At least not to this level. You’re aware of the final incident in Salem, but the ten years prior was calm, except for deadbeat boyfriends.”

“Which, I am guessing, is why you learned to defend yourself so well. Magic didn’t do it for you?”

“Magic is hard to use in the presence of mortals. Besides, it’s forbidden. You know that.”

Lathen raised an eyebrow. “Someone forgot to tell Mr. Green or Mr. Bonchard. And what about those flying feathers the night Tom showed up at your place?”

She shook her head. “I still have no idea what happened that night. Must have been the cabin or land, some kind of protection enchantment that triggered it. Glad no one else saw. Need to talk to Ashling. Seemed the feathers took on a life of their own.”

“Oh—Green saw, all right. He was babbling about all kinds of things as they took him away.”

She shrugged. “Strange, if he’s any type of magical creature, he’d know better than to say such things.” Pepper looked up at him, her forehead creased. “Things just don’t add up.”

The truck slowed to a stop in front of the cabin. “We’ll remember this Fourth of July for years to come,” Lathen commented with a frown.


Ten Moments That Changed My Life.


  1. Losing my job due to downsizing in 2014.  I’d written stories most my life, but when this happened after being at the job over 14 years, I decided with my hubby’s support it was time to live out my dream of being a published author. After the initial shock of losing my job,  I polished up A Demon’s Witch manuscript. After overcoming my fear of book submission.  Yes, people, it’s a real phobia, a close friend and my hubby insisted that I submit a query letter and synopsis.
  2. Request for a full manuscript and The Wild Rose Press contract that followed.  My husband was out of town when the email arrived that TWRP wanted to contract A Demon’s Witch. I was so excited I called and could do nothing but squeal in his ear.  Finally, I settled down enough to tell him I hadn’t lost my mind, but A Demon’s Witch had a contract.
  3. Holding that debut novel in my hand was beyond my wildest dreams.  I was a published author, now I wanted more.  The rest, as they say, is history.
  4. Promotion. What a learning curve!  For a person who didn’t facebook, thought twitter was for the birds, this was foreign territory. I took a class on building web pages, signed up for Facebook and figured out how to tweet with the help of other authors. I built and maintain my own website at www.tenastetler.com, post three times a week to FB and Tweet daily. What a shock to the system. LOL
  5. Additional contracts for Charm Me, A Witch’s Journey and my 2016 holiday release, A Witch’s Holiday Wedding made my first year with TWRP fantastic!! I’m working on the second book in the Demon’s Witch series, now.
  6. The purchase of a fifth wheel trailer and RVing over the country as vacation time allowed.  I love to hike, kayak, go whitewater rafting, and bicycling in the state and national parks of our great country.  In fact, this past weekend, on a camping trip to Cheyenne Mountain State Park, I finished the first draft of the second book in the Demon’s Witch series.  Yippee!
  7. First real date with a wonderful man who became my husband. We went to see the original Star Wars movie.
  8. It was a whirlwind courtship, he proposed and we were married four months later.
  9. The death of my mother changed me in so many ways. I miss her every day. It changed the way I looked at life.  Life is short, don’t put off enjoying it, because you’re not guaranteed tomorrow, no matter your age.  It changed my tolerance for mean-spirited people.  And made me realize the value of kindness and paying it forward.
  10. It’s not changed my life yet, but I am so enjoying planning our wedding anniversary celebration to Disneyland (Star Wars Adventure) and Universal Studios (Harry Potter’s World). Our long time best friends will be joining us!


Tena Stetler is a paranormal romance and cozy mystery author with an over-active imagination.  She wrote her first vampire romance at the age of twelve, to the chagrin of her mother and the delight of her friends. Colorado is home; shared with her husband, a brilliant Chow Chow, a spoiled parrot and a forty-year-old box turtle.  Any winter evening, you can find her curled up in front of a crackling fire with a good book, a mug of hot chocolate and a big bowl of popcorn, unless a deadline looms.

Contact Information:

Website: http://www.tenastetler.com

Blog: http://www.tenastetler.com/my-blog

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/tenastetler.author

Twitter Page: www.twitter.com/TenaStetler

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14187532.Tena_Stetler

The Wild Rose Press: http://catalog.thewildrosepress.com/1264_tena-stetler

Amazon:  www.amazon.com/author/tenastetler

Newsletter: Sign up at www.tenastetler.com

Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/tenastetler/


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Just in Time for Halloween ~ A Demon’s Witch by Tena Stetler ~ From The Wild Rose Press

Please help me welcome Tena Stetler and her new release from The Wild Rose Press ~ A Demon’s Witch

Tena is offering a free ebook copy of A Demon’s Witch. To enter, sign up for her newsletter. You can find the sign up here: www.tenastetler.com


Blurb –       Keeping a lid on all the paranormal beings inhabiting Washington D.C., is a daunting job. Bruce, a six hundred year old demon and the Territory Overlord of the Western Hemisphere, keeps his finger on the pulse of DC’s power players through the activities at his highly successful Wycked Hair Salon. His movie star good looks and body builder physique keeps his dance card full and the rumor mills running. Within these walls, his anonymity is safe, mostly. 

Bruce’s world spins out of control when Angelique, a pint size, gorgeous witch, with an attitude breezes through the doors of his salon. She is the younger sister of Tristian, Bruce’s long time trusted enforcer, whose professional skills are second to none. Tristian is furious at the relationship between Bruce and Angelique, a dangerous situation. The undeniable attraction between demon and witch promises to tear apart both their professional and personal worlds.


Suddenly, he felt the magic aura shirt and switched his attention to the front door. She breezed in, hair like spun gold flowing to her waist, with a seductive yet regal body and a sway to her hips that should be illegal even in DC. She wore a snug rose and cream colored sweater, cut low enough he could see the swells of her rounded breasts, tailored black slacks that fit her cute ass like a glove and four-inch spike heels. She paused in the center of the salon, wet from the sudden spring storm, and lowered the briefcase she’d used as an umbrella. Her sparkling violet eyes glanced up to the mezzanine where Bruce stood watching. Blatantly her gaze wandered over his well-muscled body, undressing him piece by piece, until he felt naked. He shook his head slightly and smoothed his shirt and slacks with his hand, just to make sure he was still wearing them.

And now, let’s get to know Tena…

Where did you get the idea for  A Demon’s Witch?

My hair dresser, Jen, and I were discussing the strange things that happened in a hair salon.  Then my husband and I were talking about the music industry, we’re both former DJ’s. A 1969 summer hit about a male hairdresser came up in conversation and I mused, “What if the hairdresser was an alpha male, Demon Overlord of the Western Hemisphere that owned a salon in Washington DC?”  That’s how A Demon’s Witch was born.

Why did you choose this genre?

Because I think people read to be entertained and escape the real world for just a little while.  I like creating a world with magic and paranormal creatures that will do and use anything to overcome all obstacles for their happily ever after.

Was there anything unusual, any anecdote about this book, the characters, title, process, etc, you’d like to share?

This book was National Novel Writing Contest project.  The title, A Demon’s Witch, came to me in the middle of the night and when I woke up my husband to tell him I’d finally decided on a title, he was less than impressed.

What is the most difficult thing about writing a book?

Getting the characters to do what I want.  Finally, I’ve learned to just tell their story and all is well.

What was the most difficult thing about this one in particular?

Not necessarily the most difficult, but most frustrating. Keeping Willow from stealing the spotlight. She is the heroine, Angie’s best friend.  For some reason, she was a very strong secondary character.  Maybe she wants her own book. LOL I truly enjoyed writing this book and was sad to see it end.  I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

What’s the main thing that you could get rid of in your life that would give you more writing time?

Cleaning House.  I love a clean house, but I hate doing it. It’s a time sink if you ask me.

What is one word you would use to describe yourself? Outgoing What is one word you think others might use to describe you? Headstrong

What’s your favorite book of all time and why?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.  Because it is a tale of anything is possible.  First Harry’s journey from mistreated boy to talented wizard and JK Rowling’s journey from rags to riches both bring home the point anything is possible.

What’s your favorite childhood book?

Trixie Beldon – The Red Trailer Mystery.  I had all the Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon Books growing up.  Loved them all.

What do you want readers to come away with after they read A Demon’s Witch?

A feeling that anything is possible with love, family and friends.

What is your favorite quote?

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, WOW what a ride!”

Your favorite…

Movie – Dirty Dancing

Music – Rock and Roll

Place you’ve visited – Monterey Bay Aquarium

Place you’d like to visit – Northeast in the Fall around Halloween.  I absolutely love Halloween.

TV show from childhood – Dark Shadows

TV show from adulthood – Scorpion

Food – Pizza

Sports team – Denver Broncos

Now, I’d like to ask readers…What are you looking for when you pick up a book to read? What makes you decide to buy a certain book?  How does it effect you, if you really enjoy it?

Thank you for joining me, Tena. I also LOVE Halloween. This is the perfect book to kick off the holiday season. Best of luck!



Author Bio – Tena Stetler is a paranormal romance author with an over-active imagination.  She wrote her first vampire romance at the age of eleven, to the chagrin of her mother and the delight of her friends. Tena finds stories in the strangest places, while camping, kayaking, or hiking in the mountains. So far, she’s only found one dead body (imagined not real) during a camping trip, turned it into an exciting paranormal romantic suspense that’s nearly complete.

For many years Tena worked as a paralegal for a criminal law firm. You won’t believe the tales she can tell!

Colorado is her home; shared with her husband, a brilliant Chow Chow, a spoiled parrot and a forty-year-old box turtle.  She loves the adventure of a road trip. Together with her husband and their companion animals, they have logged thousands of miles in their RV visiting over 3/4 of the United States.  The great northwest is still on the bucket list.

Any winter evening, you can find her curled up in front of a crackling fire with a good book, a mug of hot chocolate and a big bowl of popcorn.

Contact Info



Buy links for A Demon’s Witch.

Amazon – http://amzn.com/B014BVSZIC

The Wild Rose Press http://www.wildrosepublishing.com/maincatalog_v151/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=1264

 Kobo – https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/a-demon-s-witch

 Barnes and Noble – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-demons-witch-tena-stetler/1122560853?ean=2940151032469


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