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Six Reasons Why Reading Erotica is Better than Watching Porn by Stephanie Kinney

Erotica has its way with you. It sinks in, grabs a hold and rocks your mind, body and soul. It inspires, teaches and entertains. While it comes in many forms, two of the most popular forms come to you in scintillating movies and literature.

Both of these forms have their benefits and edges, but let’s be honest, reading erotica certainly outweighs watching it. Call me biased–I suppose I am–but check out some of these fun reasons I think dishing on a great erotic book is better than viewing it and see if you agree.

woman reading book

1. When you read erotica, you have the ability to fill in all the details you wish to see in the characters. You want to be the leading lady, no problem. Suddenly you are. You want the leading man to be your “one who got a way.” Poof, he is. Even if you don’t want to envision yourself or someone you know, you can attribute physical traits you find attractive. Films take away the mystery and present you with two paid actors sweating and moaning. There’s no “one who got away” there.

2. Reading erotica also lets you be a part of the characters lives. You grow with them in their relationship, feel their ups and downs and ultimately can be far more involved in their sex scenes than a film can offer. While you can find an erotic film that has a storyline, most of them are short, far-fetched and leave a lot to the imagination.

3. And while we’re on story lines, erotic literature comes to you with a lot more originality packed in. Maybe your characters met while hiking in Spain, perhaps they met while getting a coffee, but I can almost guarantee they didn’t meet because the lady of the house couldn’t afford to pay the refrigerator repairman.

4. Erotic literature can also be taken with you wherever you go. No need to limit your pleasure to the warm glow of your laptop in a dark room. You can shove your book or Kindle in your bag and engage in a little mental stimulation on the bus, in the park and even on your break at work. Talk about a little exhibitionism!

5. Reading also allows you to skip some of the overly close close-ups that erotic films so frequently feature. It may get you close to the characters, close to the action and close to your own personal sexual brink, but you won’t have to see the bouncing underside of anyone’s genitalia.

6. Watching erotica can help inspire some crazy sex moves, some extra vocal screams and even the use of some sexy toys like the ones you can get from places like Adam and Eve, but it can’t help you talk dirty like erotic literature can. Hear me out. You can use erotica to incite a little dirty talk by reading some of the chapters to your partner or using them to reenact a little role playing.

I can appreciate erotica in all its forms, so this is all a little in jest. With that said, if you had to pick, which way would you go?


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