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New Releases from TWRP – And Fun Facts about the authors!

I am proud to share some of the latest releases from The Wild Rose Press… Please check out the books and follow these authors on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Enjoy the wonderful stories AND the fun fact tidbits…


Anna Small with How To Marry A Rogue, Historical romance novel 

Jack promises to protect his best friend’s little sister on her trip abroad. But is he the biggest threat of them all?   

Fun Fact: Part of the story is set in Bordeaux, at the hero’s family winery, so I happily did some research at a local Florida winery. All that tasting and drinking really helped inspire me! The rest of the book is set in England, where I grew up in the beautiful countryside and went to school outside of London. I hope this experience gives my historical romances a flavor of their own.


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Anna can be found at:

Website: http://www.annasmallbooks.com

Twitter: @annasmallbooks

Facebook: Anna Small Books


Judy Ann Davis with UNDER STARRY SKIES, Western Historical Mystery Romance Novel

Romance happens under Colorado’s starry skies. 

Fun Fact: The story of school teacher Maria O’Donnell teaching Indian Two Bears to read and write in 1875 evolved in “Under Starry Skies” since I had worked in adult education and understood the value of reading and writing for all adults. Two Bears was a minor, but favorite character in my first book, “Red Fox Woman.” I had to bring him back in the sequel since my readers fell in love with him. They also fell in love with the youngest Ashmore brother, Tydall, who’s my story’s hero.


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My website: www.judyanndavis.com

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4353662.Judy_Ann_Davis


Mickey J. Corrigan with Whiskey Sour Noir, Book #1 in The Hard Stuff series; a noir novella, dark romance. 

Love is like a whiskey sour: you’ve got to watch out or it sneaks up on you. And it can be so bittersweet.

Fun Fact: One day the phrase “whiskey sour noir” just popped into my head. I loved it and wanted to create a story to go with it. A friend had told me about a close relative who had been labelled a sex offender, and how that had totally ruined the man’s life. So I used that concept as my theme. 

When my editor at the Wild Rose Press called the novella “book #1,” a series was born. Each story takes place in the imaginary Dusky Beach, a seedy little Florida beach town where the women seem to drink too hard and fall too hard for the wrong kind of men. 

After my editor Diana Carlile created the superb cover for Whiskey Sour Noir, she came up with the next title, Vodka Warrior. And another amazing cover. She is so awesome!

The next book in the series, Mai Tai Guy, will be a quickie and a free read. Book #3 is in line for editing. I’m not going to tell you which kind of liquor is up next in Dusky Beach. But I bet you can guess!


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Mickey J. Corrigan Vodka Warrior: Book # 2 in The Hard Stuff series, a gritty romantic comedy novella. 

Theresa Tierney is over the hill and drinking enough to roll straight down that slippery slope—and she blames it all on the body god next door.

Fun Fact: Vodka Warriors is the second book in The Hard Stuff series about tough women who fall in love with the wrong kind of man. The inspiration for this story came from my dental hygienist. She entertained me while cleaning my teeth, recounting the antics of a hard drinking woman at war with her neighbor, a younger man who partied daily with strippers. 

The typical crazy South Florida tale became enlarged in my mind as I wrote about Theresa Tierney, the body god next door, and the other kooky characters in Vodka Warrior. Like Whiskey Sour Noir, Book #1 in The Hard Stuff series, the story takes place in the seedy town of Dusky Beach. This is where all the Hard Stuff women live—and love. 


Buy Links: The Wild Rose Press  and Amazon

Find Mickey at:

Website: www.mickeyjcorrigan.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5828647.Mickey_J_Corrigan


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