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Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part 43 – The Movies 12-13 (1963) – It Happened at the World’s Fair and Fun in Acapulco

I have seen all of Elvis’ movies over the years, multiple times, but I am watching them again (I have them all on DVD) and blog about them from time to time. I am up to Elvis’ 12th and 13th movies. 

It Happened at the World’s Fair

11 world fair girl romance

I like this movie more than I remembered liking it. I’d always counted it as one of my lesser favorites, but it was actually wonderful. Very sweet, some funny moments, great songs. What’s not to love? And, oh yeah, ELVIS!!

About: Elvis plays Mike Edwards, a playboy crop duster pilot whose partner has a gambling problem and causes them to lose their airplane. They head to Seattle, where Elvis’ friend ‘knows a guy.’ They meet up with an adorable Chinese girl and her grandfather, who are on their way to Seattle for the World Fair, and they give Elvis and his friend a ride. Upon arrival, the grandfather is called to work, and he convinces Elvis to take the little girl to the fair. Throughout the day, he and the child bond, and he meets and falls for a beautiful nurse.  Elvis runs across the little girl later, crying. He learns that her grandfather has gone missing. Elvis takes her home to care for her. Cuteness and music and misunderstandings and romance ensue. In the end, grandfather is found, Elvis gets the girl. 

Side notes: Kurt Russell made his movie debut in an uncredited role, playing a boy at the Fair who Elvis pays a quarter to kick him in the shin so he’ll have an excuse to go see the pretty nurse again. Kurt would later play Elvis in a tv movie.

11 kurt world fair

I was curious about the little girl, because she looked a lot like the little girl from Girls, Girls, Girls. Also, she was adorable. And, Elvis (in the movie) was so sweet to her, their scenes were heartwarming.

1 world fair11 world fair

I researched and learned that her name is Vicky Tiu (who later became the First Lady of Hawaii :)). She was the sister of the little girl in Girls, Girls, Girls, who was first picked to play in this movie, but was unavailable because she was playing piano for President Kennedy at the White House (two of her other siblings also appeared in Girls, Girls, Girls) Vicky was only 6 1/2 at the time, it was the only movie she would ever make, and she was incredibly homesick. She told about a time when she was having trouble nailing a scene. They’d done about 30 takes, and she was crying, and the director was getting frustrated. Elvis stepped in and said, “That’s it, it’s a wrap. The little lady and I are going to have something to eat.” He took her to dinner that evening, and the next day, she nailed the scene. How precious is that? A huge superstar like him doing something like that? He was indeed a very special man.

My favorite songs from the movie: Relax, One Broken Heart for Sale or They Remind Me Too Much of You

Favorite scenes: 

I don’t know that I had a particular favorite scene, but there were lots of favorite moments. Early in the movie, Elvis was putting the moves on a girl (Yvonne Craig who played Batgirl on the Batman TV show and would be Elvis’ love interest in Kissin’ Cousins), and she was resisting (yeah, right!), and her parents came home, her dad chased him with a shotgun, etc. That scene had some funny moments. Something that occurred to me, though, was how Elvis had this sizzling charisma with literally every woman he did a scene with. You could actually feel it oozing from the screen.

The movie had some funny one-liners. In one scene with Elvis, the little girl, and his love interest, Elvis makes some kind of joke, and the little girls asks  him a question about it, and the nurse says, “No, dear, he was merely being funny.” Elvis says, “Did you say merely or nearly?”

When he first meets the nurse, he is being a ‘wolf’ and making advances. She tries to kick him out of the exam room, but he won’t leave. She says, “Do you want me to to call the guard?” He says, “I like it better with just the two of us.”

The scenes with Kurt Russell are also sooo cute. When Elvis first comes across him and asks him to kick him in the shin, Kurt says, “Are you drunk, Mister?” Later, after Elvis has reeled the nurse in and she’s falling for him, they run into Kurt again. He says, “Hey, Mister, want me to kick you in the shin again?” Elvis knows he’ll be busted, since the nurse is right there with him. He is trying to shoo Kurt away and be discreet. He says he’s never seen the kid before, and finally, says “Here’s 50 cents, go away.” Kurt says, “Thanks, Mister!” And kicks him in the (very sore) shin again. PLUS, the girls is onto him and angrily storms away.

Fun in Acapulco

fun in

I’m afraid I would have to classify this as one of my lesser favorites. While I did enjoy watching it again, it wasn’t one that surprised me by being better than I remembered. It was about the same as I remembered. However, I will have to say that I have a different appreciation for the many shots of a shirtless Elvis. 🙂 

fun shirtles

About: Elvis plays Mike Windgren, who is fired, because of a girl, from his job on a boat. He runs into a little boy, who insists on becoming Elvis’ manager, and gets him singing gigs. The gorgeous Ursula Andress plays his love interest. Elvis is afraid of heights, due to a tragedy in his past. He was part of a family circus act, and he dropped his brother on the high wire, causing his death. Elvis ends up overcoming his fear, and getting the girl.

Side notes: None of the scenes were actually filmed in Mexico. Teri Garr has an uncredited part as a dancer. She was an uncredited dancer in seven of his movies.

My favorite song from the movie: Bossa Nova (I’ve gained a new appreciation for this song, and especially love that it’s in a Heineken commercial)

Favorite scenes: 

I mostly had some favorite ‘moments.’ The scene where the little boy is on the phone, wheeling and dealing, and Elvis is sitting on the bed, watching. He’s wearing blue pajamas that bring out the gorgeous color of his eyes.


And, when Elvis comes out of the pool, wet, wearing a black bathing suit. 


Also, the obligatory fight scenes, which I always love. In this one, Elvis does this cute little movement with his shoulder. He had some signature gestures in many of his movies, that you can see if you watch closely (which, of course, I do), and this is one of them. Loved it! (Yes, I know it’s minor, but it’s ELVIS!) – Check it out:


See what I mean? 🙂

Thank you for joining me. Have you seen these movies? What did you think?

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