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Delicious Heat: Bangers Tavern Romance 3  by Sadira Stone ~ Steamy Contemporary Romance ~ #AHAgrp #Blog

Please help me welcome today’s guest, Sadira Stone….

Please tell us a little about yourself, where are you from? Where do you live now? Family? Pets?

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area (the fog belt), joined the Army right after high school, went to Germany, then to Georgia & Alabama where I earned my teaching degree, then back to Germany where I taught on U.S. military bases until 2014 when I took early retirement & moved to Tacoma, Washington. After seven years in the Pacific Northwest, we recently moved to Las Vegas, where I live with my darling Hubs. No pets at the moment. One gorgeous daughter, one charming stepson who, with his lovely wife, will soon furnish us our first grandchild!

Where did you get the idea for Delicious Heat?

 Anna and Diego’s Meet Cute scene happens in Bangers Tavern Romance 1, Christmas Rekindled, and readers asked for their story.

Why did you choose this genre?

My stories are always realistic contemporary romance centering around small businesses and the found family who gather there. I love the way a shared enterprise can forge close relationships.

Was there anything unusual, any anecdote about this book, the characters, title, process, etc, you’d like to share?

The story starts out with Anna’s discovery that her weasel of a husband is cheating on her. She tosses him out, then the very next day discovers she’s pregnant. Tough choice—stay in a crappy marriage for the baby’s sake, or divorce him and become a single mom? Diego’s arrival in her life further complicates her choices, of course.

What is the most difficult thing about writing a book? What was the most difficult thing about this one in particular?

I always struggle with the middle of the first draft. I started writing this book last spring, then my husband fell ill. I wrote through his surgery, recovery, and our move to Las Vegas, not to mention the pandemic. It was sloooow going.

Are there any tricks, habits or superstitions you have when creating a story?

I’m a kinesthetic learner, so I always start out by jotting scene ideas on index cards. These get arranged into a rough outline. It gives me such satisfaction to crumple and toss each card as I work that idea into the story.

What actors would you like in the main roles if your book were made into a movie?

Diego’s appearance is based on actor/musician Alfonso Herrera. He’s a hottie! Anna is half Lebanese-American on her father’s side. Lebanese actress/singer Maya Asmar would be make a perfect movie Anna.

What genre have you never written that you’d like to write?

I recently attended a panel discussion on reverse harem romance, and now I’m noodling out plans for a reverse harem series. This one will have supernatural elements, something I’ve never dabbled in before. Can’t wait to get started!

What is your favorite quote?

Life may not be the party we hoped for; but while we’re here, we might as well dance.

What celebrity would you most like to be stranded on an island with?

Whichever one had the best boat-building skills.

Is there one subject you would never write about? What is it?

BDSM. No shade on the kinksters—I believe that whatever consenting adults do behind closed doors is none of my business. But I don’t get the appeal of that kind of sexual expression, so I’d do a lousy job writing it.

What do you want your tombstone to say?

She touched lives and had a blast.

If you could spend time with a character from your book, whom would it be? And what would you do during that day? (PG-13 please 🙂

I’d love to help Diego in his food truck for a day. I’m a wannabe chef at heart.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Absolutely! This story (and my life) rejects the old-fashioned notion that in order to be a good mother, a woman must put her own needs last. Anna chooses to leave her cheating, neglectful husband, and she gets tons of push-back for that choice.

Your favorite…

Movie: French Kiss

Music: Blues

Place you’ve visited: The Loire Valley in France

Place you’d like to visit: Tahiti!

TV show from childhood: The Partridge Family (Yup, I’m old.)

TV show from adulthood: Any hospital drama, like Chicago Med

Food: Cheese!

Sports team: Meh. I’ll watch whatever Hubs is watching.

Which do you prefer: Board games/card games or television? Darts!

Thank you, Sadira. What a fun interview. I’m old too, LOL, and I also loved The Partridge Family. 🙂

Please tell us about your book…


Cupid has lousy timing.

After kicking her cheating husband to the curb, nurse Anna Khoury discovers she’s pregnant. When Bangers Tavern’s hunky chef makes heart eyes at her, she dismisses that delicious thrill as the last thing she needs. Single motherhood will take all her strength and focus. Anna’s battered heart can’t take another blow.

Chef Diego Vargas is aiming higher than burgers and tater tots. His dream—his own food truck, the Empanada Angel, but he’ll need his family’s support to pull it off. Meeting Anna leaves him thunderstruck, even though his attraction to her threatens all his plans. Call it fate, call him crazy, but he’s determined to prove he’s in it for keeps.

With a belligerent ex-husband and two overprotective families set on breaking them up, Anna and Diego will need more than red-hot passion to pull them through. His career and her baby’s future are on the line.

Come back to Bangers Tavern for a spicy tale of forbidden love that will warm your heart…and other parts…and make you hungry for empanadas!


He dipped a spoon in his olive and sun-dried tomato tapenade and held it to her lips. She held his gaze as her soft pink lips closed delicately around the morsel. Then her eyes closed, and her fingers fluttered to the delicate V where her collar bones met. Her soft moan brought his dick to full attention.

Note to self—cook for Anna as often as possible.

A devilish smile bloomed across Anna’s lovely face. “What Olive doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

“Smart mom.” He slathered her feta-studded burger with tapenade, topped it with a dollop of tzatziki, and filled the rest of the plate with garlic tots.

Watching Anna eat was his new favorite thing. Perched on her stool at the center island, she attacked her dinner with enthusiasm bordering on feral. Each groan of pleasure echoed between his thighs.

She licked tzatziki from her thumb, then glanced up and caught him gawking. “Oh, jeez, I must look like a pig.”

He shook his head. “A pig could never be so pretty.” Or tempting. Or bewitching. Or fascinating…

She ducked her chin and giggled. “You’re trying to seduce me and Olive with your cooking superpowers, aren’t you?”

“Drat.” He smacked the counter. “You’ve discovered my evil plan.”

Buy link(s): https://books2read.com/deliciousheat


Award-winning contemporary romance author Sadira Stone spins steamy, smoochy tales set in small businesses—a quirky bookstore, a neighborhood bar, a vintage boutique… Her stories highlight found family, friendship, and the sizzling chemistry that pulls unlikely partners together. When she emerges from her writing cave in Las Vegas, Nevada (which she seldom does), she can be found in belly dance class, or strumming her ukulele, perhaps exploring the West with her charming husband, or cooking up a storm, and always gobbling all the romance books. For a guaranteed HEA (and no cliffhangers!) visit Sadira at http://www.sadirastone.com.

I’d love to hear from you! Please visit me on all the socials.

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“10 Moments That Changed My Life” by Monique DeVere ~ New Release: Matt’s Pregnant Runaway Wife


Please help me welcome author friend Monique DeVere with the moments that changed her life, and her latest release, Matt’s Pregnant Runaway Wife. I’ve read the book and it’s a fabulous romantic read. 

10 Moments That Changed My Life

  1. Moving to the UK with my parents and meeting my future husband at age 16, then marrying him when we were both 19. We celebrated our pearl wedding anniversary in December last year. 30 years of marriage. Not too shabby.
  2. The birth of my firstborn. Up until that point in my life, I was going to be a doctor but I had no understanding of how much I’d love this little person at first glance, and never want to let her out of my sight.
  3. Swapping my doctor future for a mummy-and-author future. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating stories to entertain my siblings. So, deciding to pursue a writing career felt like a secret dream come true. Especially when a couple of my stories were read on local radio.
  4. The years spent pursuing the dream of writing for Harlequin Mills & Boon. I wouldn’t say it was wasted time—although on occasion I’ve felt that way. I have to honour those years because the time spent targeting that market taught me how to write romance with emotional depth. If I could go back and speak to my younger self, I’d say: the first full-length book you ever wrote was a romantic mystery. Stick to that!
  5. Giving up the dream of the Big Publisher contract and concentrating on writing for The Kingdom instead. For the first time in my life, I feel truly fulfilled and satisfied with my genre.
  6. This may not be obvious, so I’ll state it. The births of each one of my other three children changed my life for the better. No one can prepare us for the depth of joy children bring to our lives. I cherish every moment of raising my children.
  7. The births of my three granddaughters, at which I was blessed to be present.
  8. The dreadful day we received the diagnosis that our seven-year-old had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. This was the saddest day of my life. What made it worse was the length of time it took before the doctors addressed my concerns. In the end, it took almost a month to get serious attention, and that was only because she began bleeding from her nose and her liver was grossly swollen. When the doctor asked me what I thought the diagnosis was, I told him I thought it was leukaemia. He said that while she had a lot of the symptoms, she didn’t have all of them so he was happy to tell me it wasn’t that. Then he went away and returned an hour later to say he was sorry, but I was right, our little girl did have leukaemia.
  9. When Meg came out on the other side of the chemo treatment. She is now 18 and a university student studying Digital Film Production & Screenwriting. So proud of her.
  10. My heritage as a Barbadian. It has given me the tools I need to write my new series of Christian fiction set on the island of Barbados.


When an award-winning pastry chef marries a Sicilian-born restaurateur in a whirlwind romance she thinks she has it all…until he refuses to introduce her to his family.


This might be the biggest risk of her life.

When her whirlwind romance with gorgeous Sicilian-born restaurateur Matteo Giordano culminates in marriage, award-winning pastry chef Sabrina Newton-Giordano thinks she has it all…until Matt refuses to introduce her to his family. Sabrina desires their baby to have the same love she knew from her grandparents, but Matt’s outright rejection of his family could result in their baby never knowing his or her paternal grandparents, something Sabrina will not accept. Until that is, she hits on the perfect solution—run away to Sicily to meet the in-laws!

Matt wants only one thing—to keep his wife and unborn child safe. For a man intent on never allowing anything to stand in his way, it should be an easy task. But Matt hasn’t bargained on how stubborn his irresistible, runaway wife can be. Despite his stern objections, she’s determined to form a relationship with his family. He knows, from past experience, they’d never accept her or the baby. Now Matt is torn between the urgent need to protect his wife and fear of causing her undue stress in her pregnancy.


Copyright © Monique DeVere 2020

Crystal Swan Publications

All Rights Reserved

She kept him on his toes, he’d give her that. From the moment he met her he’d known she was unique to any other woman. The first hint was when he’d arrived unexpectedly to check on his London restaurant. Everyone, except Sabrina, had nervously tripped over themselves in his presence. She’d simply continued to work as though his arrival was as insignificant as a dust mote drifting past her head. The second hint had knocked him the moment she glanced up and locked eyes with his. Something he’d never experienced before had happened. His body had responded to the instant connection in a way that had been shocking and potent. He’d decided right then to make her his. Even then, she hadn’t made it easy for him. She’d resisted their attraction, had flat-out refused to have drinks, dinner, or—her words—anything else with him. To say that she’d become a challenge he’d fixated on was to understate the level of his attraction for Sabrina.

Then one day, after weeks of him putting his best moves on her and about to admit defeat, a delivery arrived at his office. It was a beautifully presented slice of his favourite dessert along with a note that read: if you want more, come and get it! He was pretty sure the soles of his handmade Italian shoes left scorch marks on his office rug in his haste to get to Sabrina. The rest had been white-hot sizzling sexy, whirlwind, and incredible. And now here he was, fighting to keep his marriage from falling apart only after eleven-and-a-half months of wedded bliss.

Matt washed his hands at the kitchen sink, then rummaged in the under counter fridge.

He chuckled. “Surprise, surprise, nothing but dessert and fruit.”

Yep, one thing he could be sure of was that he’d always find some sort of dessert in their fridge at home, thanks to Sabrina’s never-ending effort to create new and exciting after-dinner treats. And, oh look, she had his favourite dessert sitting in a small yellow and white cake caddy, as though she’d somehow been expecting him. When he grabbed the container his gaze landed on the four red apples in a bowl on the shelf below, so he snagged one of those, too.

Available on Amazon KindleUnlimited and to purchase from Amazon.

Book Purchase Link: https://smarturl.it/6mypb6

Author Bio

Monique DeVere grew up on a plantation on the beautiful island of Barbados, where her childhood was all about exploring and letting her imagination run free. She moved to the UK as a teen and soon fell in love at first sight with her amazing, strong-silent-type husband. They have four beautiful children and four incredible grandchildren.

Monique writes sweet ‘n’ spicy romance, and when she isn’t working on the next novel or movie script, she can be found spending time with hubby and family, armchair travelling, creating recipes, reading about health and nutrition, or working on her spiritual growth. She enjoys going for walks, gardening, or simply crazy-dancing around the house. Monique loves to hear from her readers. You can email her at monique@moniquedevere.com, or contact her by visiting her website: www.moniquedevere.com or blog: http://moniquedevere.blogspot.co.uk to learn more about her books. You can also visit her Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/moniquedevere or follow her on Twitter: @MoniqueDeVere or Instagram: authormdv

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