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House on 13th by Dex Rivers ~ A Friday the 13th Story Series ~ #Fridaythe13th #Blog #Fri13thStories

Happy 2023! It’s almost release day for a series of horror short stories revolving around Friday the 13th. I will be sharing each story on my post, one per day. Today, I’m pleased to welcome Dex Rivers with his story, House on 13th…


Fun Fact:



I researched deadly, quick-acting poisons for the story, but they are surprisingly hard to obtain, so I had to use another murder method. If the authorities check my search history, I’m in big trouble.

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Newlywed Linette Holmes is ecstatic to have found her Mr. Right, but she’s less than enthusiastic about moving into the home he shared with his first wife, who met an untimely end. However, she wants to make him happy, so she reluctantly agrees and moves in, ready to start her new life.

When her husband abandons her for a business trip, she’s stuck alone with his morose housekeeper. Soon, things start to go very wrong and she has a close call she barely escapes. She assumes it’s just an accident, but when the ‘accidents’ escalate, she can’t ignore that her near misses appear more calculated. Is the housekeeper trying to kill her or is something otherworldly at play? When a visitor is killed in the house, she decides it’s time to vacate the premises. But easier said than done. In the beginning, the house didn’t seem to want her there, but now it won’t let her leave.


“You seem like a good person. I’m glad Brenton found somebody.”

“I’m sure he’s been lonely since he lost Gillian.”

Rex chuckled. “Oh, Brenton doesn’t allow himself to be lonely for long. It’s a shame about what happened to that girl.”

“You mean his wife?”

“No, the other one. Melody Delgado. Did you not hear about that?”

She wasn’t sure she wanted to know, but she said, “Hear about what?”

He winced. “I guess maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, but it wouldn’t be too hard for you to find out.”

“Find out what? Please tell me what what’s going on.”

He hesitated for just a moment, then said, “Your husband was dating this nice little girl. Last May, she had a terrible accident. Right here at the house.”

Fear gripped her throat. “Accident? Is she okay?”

Rex gave a humorless chuckle. “I wouldn’t say she is. Poor girl is dead.”

Linette’s hands shook, and she nearly dropped her coffee cup. “How did she die?” The words trembled out of her.

“Seems she got disoriented and fell down the stairs. Broke her neck. They say she died instantly.”

Fell down the stairs? Regina’s doubts came to mind. Was she right in thinking that Brenton might have had something to do with his wife’s death? Surely the police wondered how two women could suffer accidental deaths in this man’s house. “Where was Brenton?”

“On a business trip. She was staying here at the house while he was gone. I met her a few times. Really nice girl.”

Dread tightened her stomach. “So the police cleared him?”

Rex frowned. “Yeah, the police definitely cleared him. He had a solid alibi he was in Chicago. You don’t suspect your husband of killing her, do you? Why, I know Brenton and there’s no way he’d do something like that.”

She forced a smile. “Of course not. I was just…”

They chatted for a few more minutes but Linette couldn’t recall anything they discussed. Her mind was racing with thoughts of two women who had been with Brenton both dying in this house. And now she had to live here. Chills raced over her flesh. Was she crazy or should she be scared?




I live on the East Coast where I spend my free time devouring horror novels. I enjoy them so much, I sometimes wonder if something is wrong with me… To be safe, I decided to channel my affinity for the macabre into writing about it rather than acting it out…you’re welcome.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/stores/author/B00OQ9WGGM/about

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