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Amazon.com Gift Card Giveaway & New Release: “You’re Invited” #AHAgrp #Giveaway

Hello and Happy Month of Halloween!

If you like slasher/horror stories, check out my new release. A short Halloween horror story: You’re Invited

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“You what?” Morgan glared at Axel. “You left her out there? You’re a tool.” She was already annoyed at him for dressing like Elvis. Her parents had been huge fans and she loved him too. There was only one Elvis, and Axel dressing like and trying to imitate him was completely disrespectful.

He laughed. “Come on, cuz. I’m just messing around. I’ll go get her here in a minute. I’m just wanting to see how long she’ll wait.”

“Oh…she’ll wait forever for her Romeo.” Liesel put a hand on her heart and fluttered her eyes.

The others laughed.

“It’s not funny,” Morgan bit out. “That’s the only reason you invited her, isn’t it? So you could screw with her? Sometimes you guys are just evil.” She slammed her empty cup onto the picnic table and grabbed Axel’s hand. “Come on, we’re going to get her right now.”

“Okay, okay. Sorry. I didn’t mean to piss you off.”

She scowled. Even after his apology, she wasn’t ready to let him off the hook. She loved him, and she was so grateful to his family for taking her and Hadley in after their parents died. And he’d been good to her, making sure she was included in a group that normally wouldn’t give her a second look. But sometimes, he could be a real dick. “Take me to where you left her. Hopefully, she didn’t try to come back on her own and get lost.”

They headed through the gate and into the woods. Shit. It was sooo dark. The poor girl was probably terrified. And cold. The weather was mild compared to most Octobers in in Minnesota, but it was still chilly.

“Celina!” she called. “We’re on our way. Just hang tight.” She didn’t know if the girl could hear her, but she continued to call our reassuring words.

They’d gone maybe twenty feet when Morgan saw something up ahead. The moonlight was nearly obscured by the tree branches, but the path was well-lit enough for her to make out Celina…lying on the ground…something dark and oily, like blood, oozing around the dagger…

Morgan stumbled back, a scream rising from her throat and echoing into the night.




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