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Friday Fragment Contest – #Giveaway #FunGame #BookLovers – January 20, 2017


Happy Friday and welcome to my weekly contest –

Below you will find three different books, by three different authors, and beneath each, you will find three different short excerpts. Only one excerpt is from the listed book. Using the form at the bottom of the post, enter your guesses as to which excerpt is correct for each book. Once a month, I will draw a name from all those who attempt a guess on this game, AND on my Facebook SpotaLie game (check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAliciaDean/) The winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Each week, the first person to guess all 3 correctly receives an additional entry. (TIP: Click on each link and read the blurbs for a better chance at guessing correctly)

In addition to filling out the contact form, we’d also love it if you would comment, whether it is about your guesses, the books, the authors, etc. Have fun!

Terms and Conditions: No purchase necessary to win. There is no limit on how many times one entrant can win. You do not have to guess correctly to be entered in the monthly drawing.


*** The game runs from the day it’s posted through the following Friday morning when the next post goes up, so feel free to send your guesses in and comment any time during that week. In order to stay up to date on each post, follow my blog by signing up in the column to the right.

*** Extra Giveaways!! – 

Alicia Dean will draw the name of one commenter and that person will win a $5 Amazon gift card.

Book 1:

Haunting at Spook Light Inn: A World of Gothic ~ Oklahoma by Alicia Dean

Buy  Link: https://www.amazon.com/Haunting-Spook-Light-Inn-Oklahoma-ebook/dp/B01GNGTU96/


Snippet A:

His tone was friendly, but I wasn’t fooled. His interest was business. I wondered if he had more questions or was just trying to get a read on me, see if I’d lied about Josie. I hadn’t. But I was probably going to. I couldn’t let the cops at her now. She was too fragile.

Even knowing his interest wasn’t personal, I was self-conscious about my appearance. I wore a sweatshirt and Royals’ cap, no make-up. My mother hated it when I “dressed like a vagabond,” so I did so more often than not when I knew I’d see her. Now that I’d run into Brody, my plan to annoy my mother had back-fired.

Snippet B:

Slivers of moonlight filtered through the leaves of the oak trees above Emily’s head. Thick fog floated on the ground, leaving only the tops of the phony headstones they’d set up showing. The fog was phony too, but it looked so real, the effect was downright spooky—as was standing in the woods with Michael Myers. Even though she knew Caster was beneath the mask, a little quiver of fear raced over her skin. She gave a breathless laugh. “Okay, let’s do this.”

“I’m ready,” he said, his voice muffled beneath the mask.

She turned her back to him, and he slipped an arm around her waist.

Snippet C:

I wasn’t aware I’d made a conscious decision, but I found myself parking the golf cart at the edge of the woods, at the mouth of the trail that led to the carriage house. What was there that Declan didn’t want me to see? I felt a little guilty, but I pushed it away. If he had something valuable, it wasn’t like I was going to steal it. And if he was hiding something criminal, the authorities had a right to know.

As before, I tried both doors. As before, neither of them opened. I checked all the windows, this time using the flashlight on my cell to try to penetrate the interior gloom. Nothing. Definitely something covering the windows.


Book 2:

Title: The Highlander’s English Woman

Amazon buy linkhttps://amzn.com/B01LXYHNGS

Find Ruth Here:   http://ruthacasie.com/ 


Snippet A:

He put his pen down and sat back, his casual manner indicating he wasn’t in any hurry. A glint of humor lit his eyes. An easy smile lifted the corners of his mouth. The thrill of his obvious interest in her buoyed her spirits. Her smile broadened, it was the polite thing to do, although polite never entered her mind.

Snippet B:

“We’ll rest when we get to the other side.” He turned to Laura on her palfrey. “You’ll ride across with me.”

Laura gave him a cold stare. “I assure you, I can handle my horse crossing a river.”

“I’m sure you can. However, it’s all about size,” he smirked.

She tilted her head and sucked in a quick breath at the double meaning of his words.

“My horse,” he said in a husky voice. “Where is your mind, m’lady? He stands several hands higher than yours.” He straightened in his saddle. A flash of heat ran up her neck.

Snippet C:

He caught her around her waist and brought her face to his. How he adored the passion in her violet eyes. They asked for more. He answered with a searing kiss and teased her mouth open with his tongue. She didn’t protest. Instead she moved closer molding her body into his, fitting like a key in a lock. Encouraged, his tongue swept her mouth and he reveled at the sweet taste. When he released her she stood in the crook of his arm, her head on his chest. His cheek rested on her hair. Quiet and content, he savored the last few moments while the sun rose over the edge of the hill.


Book 3:

Title: A Taste of Tragedy

Find Kim Here:  http://KimMcMahill.blogspot.com


Snippet A:

Devyn scrambled out of the gully and cut across the raised ground above the bend in the creek. Inching out toward the edge, she peered over and spotted her target. His back was to her. She had a clean shot, but this time she was determined to get answers and dead men couldn’t talk.

Snippet B:

Grace Talbot gripped the steering wheel of her white four-wheel-drive truck. Every muscle in her body tensed as she leaned closer to the windshield, straining her eyes, searching the blowing snow for the reflector poles, which lined the road, or for any tire track, which would indicate someone else had driven through recently.

Traveling the remote rural Wyoming road in a blizzard was risky, and she would have avoided such a stupid act if her Uncle Moss wasn’t in the hospital fighting for his life  and Butch, his only hired ranch hand, wasn’t dead.

Snippet C:

“Try to get some sleep. We can’t afford to have a sniper with the shakes. I’ll wake you in a few hours and then I’ll get some rest.” Deuce wrapped his arms around her tighter and rested his chin on her shoulder, his cheek brushing hers, wondering how many times he could hold her this close without taking more.



Correct answers & winner of the extra entry from last week:

No one guessed correctly last week. 😦 (As far as I could see. If you think you did, please email me at AliciaMDean@aol.com and I’ll double check)

Last week’s answers:

Dance Toward The Light by Linda Carroll-Bradd  Correct snippet: “C”

Everything His Heart Desires by Patricia Preston Correct snippet: “C”

The Mad Monk’s Treasure by Kris Bock Correct snippet: “A”




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Halloween Romance: If Christine Had Chosen the Phantom

Last year, my OKRWA writing chapter held a fun contest where participants were challenged to write a 500 word story with a ‘monster’ as the romance hero. I’ll be sharing a few of those on my blog between now and Halloween.  Enjoy!


I am a huge musical theater lover! So choosing the Phantom as my monster was a no-brainer. I’ve seen the show eleven times! Yes. Eleven. 11. I was recently in New York City and saw three shows: Something Rotten (second time, both on Broadway); Wicked (seven times, first time on Broadway. Unbelievable!); and, School of Rock (first time ever) and another Andrew Lloyd Webber. (He also did Phantom). I did try to see Phantom of the Opera again, but they didn’t have Rush tickets, and well…. I have seen it 4 times on Broadway, and was once given a backstage tour! My daughter took a picture of me holding one of actors masks and said “She’s speechless”. Alas, it was true.


(Side note from Alicia – Catching Kathy ‘speechless’ is a rare event. So sorry I missed it. 😉 – JK, Kathy, love ya!!)

If Christine Had Chosen the Phantom


1905 Sewers beneath the Paris Opera House

“Make. Your. Choice.”

His raspy snarl filled the bizarrely decorated space. A carved out niche somewhere in the sewers beneath the Paris Opera House. Lighted candelabras sat atop a grand piano that had seen better days, a chair before a cracked mirror that distorted my image grotesquely. I glanced over my shoulder. Raoul, my childhood friend, begging me with his eyes, noose snug about his neck. I’d known him since childhood.

My fingers trembled. What if I made the wrong choice? This evil, half-masked man rose to his full height, poised for… Was that hate in his eyes? Or love? Would he kill me? Raoul? Dear God, help me, but I wanted him. Him, my angel of music. He, who sang to me when I slept. Could I really choose him, the Phantom of the Opera, over my childhood sweetheart?

Slowly, I stood. Crept toward him so as not to frighten him. Lifted my hands to that face. That beautiful, sad creature, who gave my voice song, night after night. His face so scarred was difficult to look upon, but when I close my eyes all I hear is his brilliant music.

“Christine! Christine!”

“Oh, Raoul, I’m sorry.” I lunged forward, trapped firm lips beneath my own. For a moment the Phantom froze. But I refused to be rejected. “You love me,” I whispered.

“Yes. Yes.” A damn broke. His mouth devoured mine. His tongue swept against mine with passion, with fever. Each stroke weakened my knees, but his arms kept me upright. His body was strong, hard, masculine. His hand hovered at my breast. I felt the heat but he didn’t touch. He broke away, his breathing labored. Wary, shock-filled eyes met mine.

“Let Raoul go. I shall stay.” My whisper echoed against the stone walls.

“If you are deceiving me—” Harsh words, yet I deserved no better. He had no reason to believe in others or me. Why should he? Ridiculed his whole life. No one looked past the scars to the cleverness of his wit and mind.

I placed my finger against his lips. “No,” I said. “I wish to stay.”

He whipped a knife from nowhere. In a single slash, the rope dangled above, felling Raoul to his knees. “Christine, you don’t have to, he can’t make you.”

The Phantom spun and dropped in the chair, draping one leg over the armrest. His manner appeared nonchalant, but I knew he held his breath, awaiting my response. I went to the door and opened it.

“He is not forcing me,” I said. “I’m sorry.”

“This is the point of no return. Christine. I beg you.” Raoul reached out a hand. I stepped back, his shoulders fell.

“This is goodbye. Think of me fondly. Remember me, once in a while.” I will not cry. I will not.

His knuckles graze my cheek. “There will never be a day when I won’t think of you.”


Check out Kathy’s Gothic Mystery Romance, which is part of a series, A World of Gothic, in which I also published a novella. 


Can she live with what her memories may unlock?
She remembers nothing of her past except the sting of her aunt’s slap jarring her to the stained letter she held in one hand, the bloody knife in the other, and … her father’s lifeless body at her feet. Now she must face the truth…did she murder her own father.


“With your assistance, Miss Ross, we’ll be tearing this house apart.” He glanced between his two companions. “When I learn who the dishonest party is, make no mistake, I will be pressing charges. To the fullest extent of the law.”
My stomach nose-dived a hundred leagues below sea level. Not only did I possess one of the Spanish coins, but my presence here was not exactly on the up-and-up.
“That’s just rich. Isn’t it, Adam?” Raven hissed. “Laughable to hear you speaking of following the law.”
He dropped his napkin. “I have matters to attend to this morning, Miss Ross. I’m sure you have ideas to present. Let’s meet in the library. Shall we say—” He eyed my crusted bread with an amused smirk. “—fifteen minutes?”
“Of course,” I responded, so relieved I almost slid from my chair to the floor. The library. I could handle the library.

Click HERE to purchase from Amazon – ON SALE FOR ONLY 99¢



Kathy L Wheeler (aka Kae Elle Wheeler) is the author of sixteen contemporary and historical novels and novellas that range from sweet to spicy and an award winning author. She has a BA in Management Information Systems from the University of Central Oklahoma that includes a vocal minor. She loves the NFL, the NBA, musical theater, travel, reading, writing and just to scratch the singing itch…. karaoke. She is a member Romance Writers of American and The Beau Monde chapter. She currently serves as editor of both, the Regency Reader and Novel Notes Authors newsletters. Kathy lives in Edmond, OK with her attorney and musically talented husband, Al. She has one grown daughter with an adorable baby boy and another on the way, and one bossy cat, who acts as if she were the rescuer rather than the rescue-e!!
contact info:



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Constance Walker ~ Author Interview & New Release: Lost Roses of Ganymede House

Please help me welcome today’s guest, Constance Walker, who is sharing a little about herself and her brand new release. It’s a gothic mystery, which I love!


  1. Where did you get the idea for Lost Roses of Ganymede House?

One afternoon I was driving over a bridge and I saw this beautiful stone mansion sitting on a cliff overlooking a river and I was intrigued with it.  I wondered who lived there and for how long and who they were and what kind of family it was and if it was a happy household and one thought led to another and — you know how you used to play the “what if?” game when you were younger?  Well, I began playing that game in my mind: “What if the house was overlooking a sea in rural England?  What if it was in Victorian times?”  And then, “What if that beautiful house was haunted and had a ghost and who was the ghost and why was it there?” And by the end of the drive I had the premise for a Gothic mystery. 

The title?  Roses – the scent of them – is a feature of the book so I knew that had to be part of it.  And I have always had a fascination with the planet Jupiter – don’t ask me why because I can’t really tell you — and I took one of its moons – Ganymede – and named the house after it.  And somehow it all worked and I had my title, Lost Roses of Ganymede House. 

  1. Are there any tricks or habits you use when creating a story?

When I write, I sometimes speak the words out loud as I’m typing.  It helps me with the grammar and punctuation and also catches any awkward phrases, etc.  Jake, my wonderful/fantastic 12-year old rescued hound/shepherd sits beside my desk and he’ll look up at me as though he’s also critiquing, but he never offers an alternative.  All he wants is another treat. 

  1. What book have you read that you wish you would have written?

Not a book but a movie script.  THE WAY WE WERE.  I absolutely loved that screenplay and I’ve seen the movie a dozen times and each time I am so impressed with the writing and the concept.  And even though it had a bittersweet ending, it was a great romance.

  1. What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

“Loyal.”  Once you’re included into my family or are my friend then that’s it!  It’s a bond for life.

What is one word you think others might use to describe you? 

“Tenacious.”  I’ll fight forever for people, animals, causes – anything that will make life a little better for everyone on this earth.  I joke that my parents must have known what kind of person I would be and named me Constance – it means steadfast, never yielding.    

  1. What’s your favorite book of all time and why?

It’s an old non-fiction book I discovered many years ago, SERENADE TO THE BIG BIRD.  It was written during the Second World War by Bert Stiles, an Army Air Force bomber pilot.  It may have been one of the first non-fiction books I ever read and I was completely blown away by the way he wrote about his experiences and his outlook on life and war and peace.  It was published posthumously – he went down with his plane during an air battle.  I’ve mentioned the book several times to other writers and I’m always amazed that someone has also read it and considers it to be one of the best non-fiction books they’ve read.   

  1. What do you want readers to come away with after they read Lost Roses of Ganymede House?

A sense of enjoyment, of caring about the characters and the storyline and a good feeling about having spent their time reading the book.  When I get reviews from readers on Facebook or Goodreads who write that they loved the book so much that they wished it never ended … that’s the ultimate praise.  And that’s when I really do say “thank you” out loud and want to sit down and write another book immediately.   


Thank you! I enjoyed the interview. And now, please tell us about your book…




“There, Miss, that be Ganymede House in the distance,” says the driver of her carriage as newly impoverished Sarah Scott gets her first glimpse of the magnificent house in Yorkshire, England, where she will live as tutor for the two children of widower Oliver Grayson.  But, unknown to the young woman, she is about to venture into a bleak home where the children are silent, the master morose, the servants suspicious and the family history forbidding.

And, as she begins to take on the responsibility for the children’s education, Sarah finds herself caught up in the hostile spirit that permeates Ganymede–the portrait of Oliver’s wife, Rosamunda, that is locked away in an unused bedroom; the mysterious scent of roses in rooms where no one has entered; the mystery surrounding Rosamunda’s death and the banishment of the mother’s imprint on the children and the manor.  Slowly Sarah comes to realize that evil inhabits the house and that she no longer is an outsider to the family–what stalks and touches Ganymede now touches her.

Buy Link:


Author Bio: Constance Walker is the author of Gothic mysteries, paranormal and contemporary romance fiction, and is currently working on a novel about senior citizens.  You can contact her at her in-the-process-of revising-her web site,

WWW.CONSTANCEWALKER.COM  or at her Goodreads Author page:





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GHOST IN THE RAIN ~ A World of Gothic: Scotland by Marie Treanor

I am very, very excited to introduce today’s guest and share her new release. Several months ago, I decided to put together a group of authors from various countries to collaborate on a novella series, with each story set in a different country. I love gothic mystery romances, so I decided that would be a fun genre for our series. I put out a few feelers, and Marie was one of the authors who came on board. Marie is the launch author for our series of stand-alone novellas. Her story, Ghost in the Rain, released today, and it is awesome!!! And, guess what? It’s on sale for only 99 cents!

Welcome, Marie…

Tell us a fun fact about you: 

When I first met my husband, he told me he played in a band and was going to be a rock star. It was Halloween. 🙂

What did you like about writing as a group effort?

I really liked the way ideas bounced around – how one author’s suggestion would set me thinking and spark another notion. Besides which, writing is a very solitary profession and it’s a lovely change to be part of a project that still lets you follow your own story.

What was the most difficult part of writing as a group effort?

To be honest, I don’t think I found any of it very difficult! I suppose I was very aware that if my story didn’t work, I would be letting the whole group down. I couldn’t just slide the manuscript under the bed and forget about it. So I worried that it wasn’t right for the series. But then again, the nice thing about a group effort is that other authors are there to give their opinion, and I was very glad this group’s was favourable!

Thank you for joining me today, Marie. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you on our series!

Marie is giving away a FREE copy of Ghost in the Rain to once lucky commenter…a name will be drawn on Sunday.

(Isn’t this cover gorgeous?)


A haunted Highland house, battered by storms and murder…

Notorious rocker Dan Stewart isn’t anything like Dr. Kate Yorke imagined. Arriving at his remote home in the Scottish Highlands to research some valuable letters – only to discover he’s forgotten their appointment – Kate soaks up the Gothic atmosphere of Invershiel House. But it’s the owner who truly fascinates her.

Reclusive and abrupt, Dan is haunted by the deaths of his fellow band members, especially his one time lover Islay Lamont, whose shade seems to flit around the grounds in the rain. But the ghost is not the only mystery Kate encounters. Light bulbs disappear around her – and only Dan knows she’s scared of the dark. Then she trips over a dead body which inexplicably vanishes.

It becomes a race against time to find the identity of the body and the killer. And to discover if she and Danny have any kind of future together. Or even at all…


I had to acknowledge that my peace was churned up by his unexpected presence here. It wasn’t even an unpleasant feeling; in fact it felt rather…exciting. But it was disturbing.

I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes. I suspected Dan Stewart carried such disturbance wherever he went. If I thought about it, the whole house felt different now. As if its peace had gone too; as if it had sprung to life, eager, waiting.

Mocking my own silly fantasy, I stood abruptly and paced around the room, trying to recover my lost concentration. I suspected I was just tired and would work much faster and much better after a good night’s sleep.

I paused by the window to watch the storm. Although the thunder had stopped, the wind and rain were still blasting the trees and rattling the window. Close-up, I could feel the draught through my thick sweater. On impulse, I retrieved my phone from my bag and tried to capture the raging storm on its camera. But it looked too tame on the screen, not deep or dark enough, no real movement in those black clouds still scudding and swirling across the sky. I wished I could paint. For a moment, I even wished I could be part of it, to go outside in it again. There was nothing to stop me, except common sense.

I smiled to myself and lowered the phone, just as a movement in the garden below caught my eye. Someone was out in this. Someone not remotely dressed for it either. Through the darkness and the almost opaque mist of rain, I could make out only that it seemed to be a woman wearing only some kind of floating, white, wispy garment, more like the loungewear of wealthy women of past centuries than anything anyone would wear today for any purpose. The odd garment shimmered as the figure glided across the lawn, impossibly graceful.

On impulse, I raised my phone again and snapped.

Perhaps she moved too quickly. Nothing of her showed on the screen except an indistinct blur of light against blackness. Frowning, I looked again out of the window, but the woman had gone. Vanished.


Now available from:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/242zolj

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/26t6c5R

B&N: http://bit.ly/1qT8WZn

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1TvPiwg

i-Books: http://apple.co/1YTP2sg

A World of Gothic is a Gothic Mystery Romance Series of stand-alone novellas by authors from all over the world. For information on other titles, check out A World of Gothic Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1105411939511452&fref=ts

Author Bio:

Marie Treanor lives in Scotland, in a chaotic house by the sea, together with her eccentric husband, three much too smart children and a small dog who rules them all. Most days, she avoids both housekeeping and evil day jobs by writing stories of paranormal romance and fantasy.

Marie is the award winning author of over forty steamy paranormal romances – Indie, New York and E-published.

You can find out more about Marie and her books on her website: www.MarieTreanor.com.

Subscribe to her New Release Mailing List: http://www.marietreanor.com/marie-treanor-newsletter/

Catch more latest news on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Marie-Treanor-Paranormal-Romance/105866982782360.

Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarieTreanor

And on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/marietreanor/



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