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Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part 11 – A Quick One

This is going to be brief, but I didn’t want to skip a week. It’s been a very, very busy week. And a sad one. I lost my precious Uncle Peck this morning. He was 95, and he was ready to go, but those he left behind will feel his loss deeply.


uncle peck


(See, I love him so much, I even posted a pic of him wearing a Sooners cap :))

Also, we learned that my son, Presley, who is twenty-one, has fibromyalgia. That is heartbreaking as well, because he’s such a great kid, such a big-hearted and funny and wonderful young man. I hate the thought of his going through so much pain for the rest of his life. But, we are also extremely grateful, because the doctor was testing him for something more serious, such as possibly ALS. So, while I’m not thrilled about the diagnosis, I’m considering it a blessing.

As always in my life, when times are difficult, Elvis makes me feel better. Therefore, I’ll just share something brief about him. First of all, a funny memory (funny to me). When we were little, I used to tell my sister, Ruth, that when Elvis sang ‘Stuck on You’ he was singing to me because of the line: “I’m gonna run my fingers through your long black hair.” (I had long dark hair). She would get SO mad. 🙂

Now, a beautiful pic:

EP Blue

And, in closing, an amazing performance of Elvis singing How Great Thou Art. This is for you, Uncle Peck.



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