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Monthly Drawing – $50 Amazon Gift Card & FREE Books! Play Fiction Fanatics Feud

Join our Facebook page and play our fun version of Family Feud where each month we hold a drawing where the first place winner receives a $50 Amazon Gift Card and the second place winner receives a free ebook by each of our ten authors.

Plus…you get to answer questions like this:

Question 1:

Name 5 things people buy to show they are successful

Question 2:

Name 5 ways for a couple to spend a romantic evening

Question 3

Name 5 things people like doing when listening to music

You do not have to get the answers correct to enter. And, we have so many ways of entering that you could easily receive SIXTY-TWO entries per month!

Each Saturday morning, we post a new set of questions. Check out all the fun here:


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Like Family Feud? Like winning Amazon Gift Cards???

Then join our Fiction Fanatics Fued Facebook group and play for a monthly first place prize of a $50 Amazon gift card and a second place prize of one free ebook by each of our ten authors:


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This week’s questions: (You must answer ON THE FB PAGE and not in the comments below in order to be eligible to enter. More info on entering can be found by clicking the above link)

Fiction Fanatics Feud Question 1: 

Name something you would hate to find under your bed…


Fiction Fanatics Feud Question 2:

Name something people are often chased by in movies  


Fiction Fanatics Feud Question 3

Name a reason someone might make fun of your car




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