Eyes to Die For by DJ FitzSimons ~ A Friday the 13th Story Series ~ #Fridaythe13th #Blog #Fri13thStories

Happy 2023! It’s almost release day for a series of horror short stories revolving around Friday the 13th. I will be sharing each story on my post, one per day. Today, I’m pleased to welcome DJ FitzSimons with her story,  Eyes to Die For…

Fun Fact:

I am from a neighboring town of the one used in my story.



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James Bucknall can get any woman he wants with one sultry look from his bewitching blue eyes. Handsome, charming, and clean-cut, he’s the epitome of a GQ guy. James is also a maniacal serial killer, who murders women as casually as he dates them. At least that is his modus operandi until he meets Frankie Wilson.

There’s something entrancing about the sad, young woman, that has captivated James’s interest, and right now, she is more appealing alive rather than dead. The surprising discovery of Frankie’s connection to James’s last victim, Charlie, arouses the killer’s interest to unexpected heights.

And that’s when Charlie’s ghost decides to intervene.


Tonight, I’m on the hunt, but I can’t seem to get into it. I’ve danced with a couple of women who look like they spent hours getting ready to come out here, but they’re just not doing it for me. I’m just leaving the dance floor with yet another bimbo, where I feel someone’s eyes on me. Instinct makes me stop and look up.

A blonde. Nothing special, but she’s pretty in a natural kind of way, though it’s tough to see as the lighting isn’t great right here. But even in the dimness I can clearly see she’s on the hook.

I ditch my dance partner at the bar. She doesn’t seem to care as there are already horny, jock-types angling to get her attention. Mine’s shifted to the girl I just saw. I plan to find her.




DJ is originally from London. She currently publishes short stories which are set in various parts of the U.K.

Website https://www.judebayton.com

Twitter https://twitter.com/JudeBayton

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jude.bayton.9

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/judebayton/


Find all 13 stories at this link: A Friday the 13th Story #3


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5 responses to “Eyes to Die For by DJ FitzSimons ~ A Friday the 13th Story Series ~ #Fridaythe13th #Blog #Fri13thStories

  1. Can’t wait to read this!!

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  2. Great cover as the story will be.

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  3. Christopher Farris

    Looking forward to this!

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  4. This sounds so scary! I am excited to read it!

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  5. You are sooo good at these creepy stories and this is no exception. Your setting was so vivid too. Great job!


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