The Spotlight is on…   L. M. Gonzalez’s Chocolate Swirl Cookie Christmas ~ #WRPbks #Blog

Please help me welcome today’s guest, L. M. Gonzalez…

She didn’t believe in true love.

He vowed never to love again.


The place was decorated with twinkle lights and red, green, and gold garland. And then her eyes settled on Ray. Her breath caught in her throat as she glimpsed the bracelet of a gold watch at his wrist. He seemed a different man than the one at the Adult Center and the one in jeans who’d gone to her house. He seemed charming and sexy and likeable.

“They have a variety of entrees,” Ray said.

“Oh.” She hadn’t looked, so she opened her menu.

“What do you like?”

Jennifer stared, mesmerized with him. Oh, I don’t know—you. He grinned, and embarrassment filled her. He probably knew what she was feeling. And she

would not feel that way, not with him. Especially not with him.

“I’ll eat salad. I’m not very hungry,” she said.

“Umm…eating dinner together is the first step of the foreplay to romance, didn’t you know?”

“Romance isn’t sex.” She glared at him.

His smile didn’t falter. “Eating can be an aphrodisiac. Feeding each other can be very romantic.”

Jennifer swallowed hard at his words. “I’m not feeding you anything.”

“Jenny, this isn’t going to work if you don’t cooperate.” Ray winked at her.

Her nipples peaked at his wink, and she was glad  she’d worn a scarf. She picked up her glass of water.

“My name is Jennifer, not Jenny.”

“You don’t like nicknames?”

“Not from you.”

“I think I know now why you’re blocked in the love-and-romance thing. You’re tight. You need to loosen up.”

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L.M. Gonzalez writes about the loves and lives of Latinas and the challenges of romance the second time around. Her stories, set against a backdrop of strong Latino culture blended with an American lifestyle, are refreshing and capture the essence of everyday Hispanic life.


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3 responses to “The Spotlight is on…   L. M. Gonzalez’s Chocolate Swirl Cookie Christmas ~ #WRPbks #Blog

  1. Good luck with your new release!!


  2. Thank you Alicia for hosting me.


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