Author Promo Pal June Reviews

Love, love the setting, characters, the plot, and…everything. Such a wonderful, sexy, emotional read. It was a unique and refreshing change that the heroine was the one who rescued the hero. She was a strong, smart, capable woman. Loved the hero as well…he was sexy and funny and kind. They were both fantastic characters. The writing was engaging and vivid. Excellent book!

A fantastic, intense, suspenseful novel with the added bonus of being set in Oklahoma. The characters and setting came alive. I loved Phoebe and despised Jack. The author made them seem so real that I actually experienced an emotional reaction. The Native American culture and mysticism was beautifully woven into the story. Just an overall great and compelling read.

Oh my gosh. What a blast from the past. I loved the era this was set in. So much going on in the 60s and 70s and the author did a great job of taking me back to that time. Paul is a sympathetic character and a great protagonist, but he is not without flaws. Aurora is an awesome heroine. She’s strong and admirable and I love the way the relationship between her and Paul unfolds. This story is sad at times, but also inspiring. I would highly recommend.

Yikes…a delightfully dark and frightening tale of wicked creatures–demons and shapeshifters, doesn’t get much scarier than that–and a team of hunters who are trying to stop them. The team members have issues of their own they’re dealing with, but they are strong enough to rise above. I have read the other books in this series and each one is unique and spooky and imaginitive. I really admire the author’s creativity and his penchant for the dark side.


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