One month of promo (including a review) for only $25!!

My friend has revamped her promo package and is now taking submissions from January on:

Author Promo Pal Package from T.P. Warren

Free up your time for what you love most…writing!

This can supplement whatever promo you are doing yourself, but you will always know that your book/name is being shared in the social media world.

(Promo runs from the first of a calendar month to the end of the calendar month – spaces are limited, so sign up soon – you can sign up for only one month, or continue to use the service for as many months as you’d like, as long as space is available. You can promote the same book, or a different one each month)

Here’s what you get for $25…

1- An honest review of your book on BookBub and Goodreads. The review will be recommended on BookBub and shared to Twitter and Facebook * (you will need to provide a PDF or ‘gift’ the book to me) (I will attempt to share on Amazon but not all reviews are accepted there)

(Note: This is not ‘paying for a review’ because the service is for the overall promo, but as a bonus, it includes a review.)

2 – 10 tweets per week about your book (you compose the tweets and APP tweets them each week)

3 – A teaser image created for your book that fits within the Twitter parameters and the same image resized for Instagram.

4 – Your book will be shared on Author Promo Pal’s Facebook page each week

5 – Author Promo Pal will post a snippet and buy link to your book here: (You will need to provide a mini excerpt from your book) And I will share the post on Twitter.

6 – Your book will be listed on a blog post on Alicia Dean’s blog:

7 – Your book will be listed (and will remain) on Alicia Dean’s “Fabulous Books” Pinterest board

8 –  On Goodreads, I will shelve up to 3 of your books (which raises their visibility). I will comment on 1 of your 5 star reviews (which makes it appear in my newsfeed and the newsfeed of my friends). I will also like a few other 5 star reviews.

9 – I will share your book on Instagram twice throughout the month.

To sign up, contact me at to reserve a spot. If I have openings, I will let you know how to pay and send your information



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4 responses to “One month of promo (including a review) for only $25!!

  1. Thanks for the head’s up, Alicia.


  2. I will most definitely be using this service again…have used it before with great results.


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