Sadira Stone ~ Opposites Ignite: Bangers Tavern Romance 2.

Please help me welcome today’s guest, Sadira Stone…

I’m thrilled to introduce Eddie Volkov and Rosie Chu, the romantic leads in my just-released sexy contemporary romance Opposites Ignite: Bangers Tavern Romance 2.

Skinny, shy, and strait-laced, Eddie works as barback at Bangers Tavern and has been crushing on Rosie since the day they met at work. He’s keeping a secret from his family: instead of taking over their dry-cleaning business, he wants to open his own bar. Inspired by his Russian heritage, Dacha Vodka Bar will feature Russian dumplings and a hundred varieties of vodka, plus craft beer and wines from Washington State, since he’s located in Tacoma.

Curvy, blue-haired, tattooed, and flirtatious, Rosie Chu loves her work at Bangers Tavern but aspires to become a professional tattoo artist. Kissing Eddie under the mistletoe at work leads to more than she bargained for, and now she must figure out how such a mismatched couple could possibly work. Guys like Eddie never stick around with girls like her.

Food plays a huge role in this love story, from the endless varieties of tater tots served at Bangers Tavern, to the Russian goodies Eddie’s mom pushes on the couple, as well as Asian fusion treats they sample on their dates. Here’s Eddie and Rosie talking about their favorites:

Rosie: “You’re charming, Eddie, and cute, and a great kisser, but what really won me over was all the Russian dumplings. What are those steamed ones called again? The ones your grandma made for New Year’s Day?”

Eddie: “Pelmeni. They’re killer, right? You were a good sport to try Mom’s chocolate salami.”

Rosie: “What are you talking about? It was delish, even if it does look a little like a turd. And who could resist a guy who brought me pirozhki on one of the crappiest days of my life?”

Eddie: “Well, fried dumplings can cure pretty much anything. They’re pretty heavy, though, not like those fresh spring rolls we had downtown.”

Rosie: “Stay on my good side and I’ll make some for you.”

Eddie: “And those spicy Korean chicken wings? Wow. Plus, you looked really hot licking the sauce off your fingers.”

Rosie: “Food is seductive, right? Remember how you won me back with a platter of onion-Swiss-bacon tots?”

Eddie: “What can I say? It makes my inner caveman happy to feed my woman.”

Here are a few links, in case you want to try some traditional Russian treats.


Chocolate salami:

Find all of this, plus cocktail recipes from Bangers Tavern, in Opposites Ignite!

A mismatch sparks the hottest flames.


Blue-haired, buxom, and bodacious, server Rosie needs her job at Bangers Tavern, where her work family adores her weirdness and supports her hunt for a tattoo apprenticeship. When too much New Year’s bubbly tumbles her into a sweet, shy coworker’s bed, she craves more. But guys like Eddie never stick with girls like her.

Strait-laced, soft-spoken, and skinny, barback Eddie has a huge crush on his curvy, tattooed coworker. Their New Year’s surprise is a dream come true—until grandma walks in on them.  Eddie begs Rosie to fake-date him to appease his old-fashioned family. He’s already keeping secrets, so what’s the harm in one more? But the longer he pretends with Rosie, the deeper he falls.

Their boss lays down the law: No relationship drama at work, or you’re fired. Rosie’s everything Eddie ever wanted—but to keep her, he’ll have to drop a terrifying truth bomb on his loving but stifling family. And Rosie must trust her bruised heart with the guy who nearly crushed it.

Come back to Bangers Tavern for a steamy, laugh-out-loud, opposites-attract romance that ignites in all the worst ways—and the best!

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But why did Dawn hang mistletoe from the bar’s ceiling if she didn’t want people to kiss? Eddie would wait until the boss was in her office, then find some excuse to linger beneath that clump of green, his eyebrows flicking up in a flirtatious question. You wanna?

Damn it, she did wanna. His crooked smile was so tempting. And his lips were so soft, his kisses so sweet—unlike the slobbery mauling she got from most guys she dated. Desire simmered under his cool surface, making her want to dive deeper.

New Year’s Eve served up the perfect excuse. When the bar staff toasted the new year, it was so easy to land in Eddie’s arms. So easy to keep dancing as their coworkers filed out, leaving them alone beneath the kitschy disco ball, its dizzy sparkle whirling them around and around.

And now he slept beside her, sunlight glinting off his wavy brown hair, glossy lashes fanned across his cheekbones, dark scruff shadowing his razor-sharp jaw. So pretty, so vulnerable, so one hundred percent wrong for her. Clean-cut guys like Eddie never stuck around with girls like her. God knows she’d bashed her head against that brick wall enough times to learn her lesson.

Breath held, she gingerly removed his hand from her breast and wriggled toward the edge of the bed. Eddie sighed and squirmed into the space she’d vacated, nuzzling her pillow. No, she corrected herself, his pillow. Gotta get out of here.

Rising on unsteady legs, she turned back for a final look. Sleep melted his solemn daytime expression into peaceful sweetness. His bare shoulders rose on a shiver. As she bent to tuck the quilt around him, her boob brushed his arm.

“Huh?” His eyes fluttered open. His brow rumpled, then smoothed as a bleary smile spread across his pillow-creased face. “Good morning,” he croaked and pushed up on his elbow. His gaze sharpened as it raked over her naked body. “Wow.”

“Yeah. Wow.” She waved a limp hand over the bed. “Last night was, uh—really something.” She shuffled backward, stifling the impulse to cover her bits. After all, he’d seen every inch of her. He’d sampled it all, too. Twice, if she recalled correctly. The details were still kind of blurry, but she remembered lots of giggling, Eddie’s silky hair tickling her inner thighs, the slap of flesh on flesh, and a climax so powerful she nearly blacked out.

Author Bio: 

Ever since her first kiss, Sadira’s been spinning steamy tales in her head. After leaving her teaching career in Germany, she finally tried her hand at writing one. Now she’s a happy citizen of Romancelandia, penning contemporary romance from her new home in Washington State, U.S.A. When not writing, which is seldom, she explores the Pacific Northwest with her charming husband, enjoys the local music scene, plays darts (pretty well), plays guitar (badly), and gobbles all the books. Visit Sadira at

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  1. Congratulations on this second book in your series!


  2. Kara O'Neal

    Sounds like a great book! I love shy guys!


  3. pamelasthibodeaux

    Great excerpt!
    Good luck and God’s blessings


  4. Loved the excerpt! Congrats on the new release.


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