Gothic Mystery Romance from Florida ~ Dark Hunt #AWorldofGothic

Tis the season…what better time to get lost in A World of Gothic?

A group of authors from countries all over the world were drawn together by our love of the classic gothic mysteries by authors such as Daphne du Maurier, Victoria Holt and Phyllis A. Whitney.

While the stories are stand-alone, they each share a recurring thread of a Spinel stone, which can play a small or large part in the plot. We have stories set in Scotland, Greece, Oklahoma, Florida, France, Ireland, and more.

Dark Hunt by Tamrie Foxtail

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Cassie O’Dey arrives in Virtue, Florida searching for information about Becca, the mother who abandoned her. While staying at the same bed and breakfast where Becca last stayed, Cassie encounters a familiar ghost.
Walker Thayner, a widower, has returned to Virtue to work on restoring the bed and breakfast his family has owned for generations. Hoping to find solace in his work, Walker has shut himself off emotionally. Despite his sullen demeanor Cassie finds herself drawn to him.
Even as hopes of a future in Virtue fill her heart, Cassie finds her thoughts drawn to the dark past of this small Florida town. Can she solve a murder that took place a quarter of a century in the past and put the ghost of Becca O’Dey to rest?


The old radiator in the bedroom was putting out some heat, thank goodness. Florida had nothing on Pennsylvania when it came to cold weather, but North Florida was still colder than I had expected.

I finished the last few chapters of the book and still wasn’t ready to sleep. I was used to working the two till ten shift at the restaurant then staying up until two in the morning once I got home.

There was no TV, no internet, so I searched the upstairs bookcase in the hall for something to read. I pulled out a copy of Jane Eyre, one of those books I’d heard about, but never read. I held it in one hand, enjoying the feel of it, the worn leather cover and the gilt edging.

Had my mother read this book? Had her fingers turned the pages?

I shoved the book back into place. Why couldn’t I either forgive her for walking out on us or just let her memory go? Memory? That was a laugh. I hadn’t even been a year old when she left. I didn’t have a single memory of the woman. I wondered if Morgan or his sister knew where she had gone. If they did, what then? Did I really want to contact her? What was I supposed to do, call her up and say “Hey, remember me? I’m the kid you walked out on twenty-five years ago. So, tell me what you’ve been up to. Did you pop out anymore kids that you walked out on?”

I scanned the rest of the titles on the shelf, trying to take my mind off my mother but the thoughts persisted. For the thousandth time I wondered if I had a half-sibling or two somewhere.

The hall was colder than my room had been. I wrapped my arms around myself. Motion caught the corner of my eye and I turned my head.

A woman hovered at the end of the hall. Her face was turned away from me, facing the ceiling. Long, dark hair trailed down her back and the edge of the long, pale gown she wore swung two feet above the worn wooden floors.





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Ghost in the Rain

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  1. Mary Preston

    DARK HUNT looks and sounds fantastic.


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