BJ Scott’s Highland Covenant from Treasure the Knight Boxed Set

Please help me welcome B.J. Scott, the first of 4 authors from Treasure the Knight boxed set. I’ll be featuring one author per day for the next 4 days. Enjoy!

Heather moorland in bloom, Glen Esk, Scotland

My name is B.J Scott and I want to send out a huge thank you to Alicia Dean having me here today.

I am equally excited to be part of Treasure the Knight, a boxed set of four new novellas about the famed Knights Templar, and set to release on Jan 22 2018. My book in the series entitled Highland Covenant.

While my primary passion is for Highland Romance, the Knights Templar has always been of great fascination.  The way a small group of monks, sworn to a life of poverty, banded together to protect Christian Pilgrims to the Holy Land became one of the largest, richest, most respected and feared order of knights that ever existed has intrigued people for centuries and does to this day. The meteoric rise and equally devastating fall is also something that books, movies and historians have pondered as well. Did they really know about the famed treasure of Solomon hidden beneath the Temple Mount and did they escape with it prior to their downfall?  Will we ever know and will it be located?


Tell me what you think and your name will be entered to win a Knight Templar Book mark and your choice of any one of my current e-books

Highland Covenant from Treasure the Knight:


Francois de Valier, a member of the once revered Knights Templar arrives in Scotland with one thing on his mind—to find his Friend and fellow knight, Lazarus Fraser, and retrieve a piece of the famed Templar treasure he entrusted in his care. Once reunited, the two men set out to deliver the religious artifact to a place of safekeeping. Hunted by agents of the French King, their journey is fraught with danger, and a shocking turn of events that not only changes their plans, but could in cost them their lives.



The Scottish Highlands, 1317.

Francois de Valier crouched in the bushes, waiting for the stable attendant to leave. He suspected it was close to midnight, and he’d been squatting for so long, he wasn’t sure his cramped legs were strong enough to carry him the short distance to the stable—where he hoped to find a warm dry place to bed down for the night.

He’d emptied his wineskin before noon and would give anything for something to drink. It had been two days since he’d stolen some bannock from the windowsill of a croft in one of the small villages he’d ventured through on his way to Beauly. His mouth was bone dry and his empty stomach rumbled so loudly that and when the young man exiting the stable paused and glanced over his shoulder, Francois was certain the lad had heard the sound.

With bated breath, he waited until the young man was gone and the coast was clear before making his move. He rose to a wobbly stance, braced his throbbing ribs with his forearm and gritted his teeth against the pain that racked his body.

Not long after his arrival in Scotland, he’d been attacked by agents of the French crown, savagely beaten until he lost consciousness, then was left for dead. By the time they’d realized their mistake, he’d managed to crawl away. It was only by the grace of the Almighty that he had remained one step ahead of the assailants. Exhausted, and burning with fever, he just wanted to find a place to lay his head until morning.

His entire life had been one insurmountable challenge after another, and as a member of the now disbanded Knights Templar, he was no stranger to hardship, sacrifice, or suffering. The sacred order was formed for the protection of Christian pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land. Allowed to cross borders freely, they were exempt from all laws and answered to no one but the Pope. Despite their humble lifestyle, and originally being known as the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon, they had managed to amass a great fortune. Once touted as heroes, they were now fugitives, falsely accused of heinous crimes against the church and humanity, hunted like animals, and left fleeing for their lives.

Many times, he’d been tempted to give up, to face whatever punishment King Philip IV saw fit. But just prior to his capture and imprisonment, Francois entered into a covenant with several of his fellow knights, taking a sacred oath to protect religious artifacts taken from the Holy Land, and if necessary, guarding the treasure with his life. A man of his word, he’d not give up— not while there was a breath left in his battered body, not while he was so close to finishing his quest and honoring that vow.


For those of you who don’t know my, I am a Canadian author and I write Scottish historical romance and Highland Time Travel. I currently have thirteen books published and more on the way!

***Please note for those who might not realize, there are two other authors with the same name so if looking for my books, be sure you read the author bio before making your purchase.  Otherwise you might get books from the other author and a totally different genre of books and will be in for quite a shock****

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36 responses to “BJ Scott’s Highland Covenant from Treasure the Knight Boxed Set

  1. I am so excited to be here today and look forward to visiting with those who drop in


  2. Charlene Whitehouse

    Thank you for sharing. Wonderful interview. Is it the same one they are looking for on Oak island. I do not believe it will be found in our time. I have been watching Knightfall on T.V. and it’s very interesting to watch.


  3. Anna Markland

    Great excerpt, BJ. I am so looking forward to the release of this great set.


  4. I love the cover of this book! I’m enjoying the Knightfall series, and this looks like it fits perfectly into the templar trend. Best of luck!


  5. This sounds really good and I love the cover!


  6. This is a fascinating topic, B.J.! I love stories about the. Knight’s Templar. Great excerpt, too!


  7. Your story sounds terrific, Barb! I am so looking forward to the release of this collection.


  8. Patricia Kiyono

    What an intriguing subject! Congratulations on the release and best wishes for its success.


  9. This sounds intriguing. Best of luck.


  10. annalba

    Congratulations B.J besides my Highlanders, I have been fascinated by the Templars. Excited to read it.


  11. Kayden Claremont

    Great except! Best of luck.


  12. Cool cover and great excerpt. Best of luck with its release!


  13. You’re excerpt is great, BJ! Can’t wait to read your novella.


  14. Hey BJ. I have been fascinated by this as so many are as well. I have been watching Knightfall which I love and Oak Island. I believe it is real but will probably not be found. Although I wonder if it is found would they tell us or could prove it beyond a doubt. I cannot wait to read this set and know it will be great. Thank you and live the blurb!!!😊📚


    • Thanks Lori. If it is true the other thingthat boggles my mind is the elaborate way they protected the treasure. That they could mastsr such feats is amazing. There are a lot of theories that Columbus did not discover America…the Templars did over 100 years earlier along with vikings associated with a northern Scottish Clan the Sinclairs.


  15. Diane Burton

    Ever since National Treasure (movie) I’ve been fascinated by the treasure. Best wishes.


  16. I have the anthology preordered and really looking forward to reading it! The blurb and excerpt from your novella are wonderful. Wishing all of you much success with its release!


  17. pamelasthibodeaux

    Sorry I’m late. Sounds like a great collection! Beautiful book mark.
    Good luck and God’s blessings


  18. I do not believe it will ever be found, some things should be left alone. love the excerpt. Kimi


  19. Suzannah

    Wow I can’t wait! Absolutely love history and am very interested in the Knights Templar


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