Friday Fragment Contest – #Giveaway #FunGame #BookLovers – February 24, 2017


Happy Friday and welcome to my weekly contest –

Below you will find three different books, by three different authors, and beneath each, you will find three different short excerpts. Only one excerpt is from the listed book. Using the form at the bottom of the post, enter your guesses as to which excerpt is correct for each book. Once a month, I will draw a name from all those who attempt a guess on this game, AND on my Facebook SpotaLie game (check it out here: The winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Each week, the first person to guess all 3 correctly receives an additional entry. (TIP: Click on each link and read the blurbs for a better chance at guessing correctly)

In addition to filling out the contact form, we’d also love it if you would comment, whether it is about your guesses, the books, the authors, etc. Have fun!

Terms and Conditions: No purchase necessary to win. There is no limit on how many times one entrant can win. You do not have to guess correctly to be entered in the monthly drawing.


*** The game runs from the day it’s posted through the following Friday morning when the next post goes up, so feel free to send your guesses in and comment any time during that week. In order to stay up to date on each post, follow my blog by signing up in the column to the right. – ***Since a winner’s name will be drawn on Tuesday, February 28th, any guesses after that will be counted in the March drawing. The correct answers will still be posted Friday, March 3.


Extra Giveaway!!!

One lucky commenter will receive a FREE Ebook of Ruth Kaufman’s AT HIS COMMAND


Book 1:

In Your Arms by Shannyn Schroeder

Buy Link:

Find Shannyn here:


Snippet A  

He opened the door and strode in. She had the radio on and he knew she couldn’t hear him. He leaned against the wall in the hallway at the epicenter of the apartment and waited. She wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without seeing him. Within a minute she emerged from her bedroom wearing a skimpy robe while reading the label on a jar. Although he hadn’t moved, it was like she felt his presence and looked up. Everything froze. Her eyes widened. Then she screamed, threw the jar at him.

Snippet B

“Something tells me I should be worried about a chick who carries duct tape in her trunk.” She suddenly realized how bad that sounded and laughed too. Nothing about this day was going right. “I have it for emergencies, not to tie up my captives.” He crossed his arms, causing his shirt to tighten on his biceps and drawing her eye to a tattoo peeking out. He smiled and added, “Maybe I should take your picture to let my friends know who I’m with in case I disappear.” Oh, man. He was cute. She didn’t want him to be cute.

Snippet C

His breathing was slightly faster than normal. At least he had the excuse of lifting weights. All she’d done was walk down the stairs and ogle him. He bent and she shivered as his body lowered. He grabbed the basket and held it to the side. She tilted her face up. He stared into her eyes, but then his gaze traveled over her whole face, landing on her mouth. The look was so intense that she could almost feel the phantom pressure on her lips.

Book 2:

My Once & Future Love by Ruth Kaufman

Buy Link:

Find Ruth Here:


Snippet A  

Adrian straightened, his desire to leave evaporating despite the awkward situation. The glazenwright was beautiful, with a delicate oval face, high cheekbones and a small, straight nose. He knew he was staring, but didn’t want to stop. There was something compelling about this woman aside from her lovely face, which was all he could see. Her heavy, serviceable black cloak and headdress concealed the rest. Her expression captured him. Not the simpering moue of court women, nor the lustful gleam of barmaids or the respectful, downcast eyes of servants. She radiated a quiet confidence he found enticing.

Snippet B  

He and his eight men sat alert, deep enough in the forest to avoid being seen while maintaining a clear view of the road through leafless branches. Nine armed men could frighten travelers. ‘Twas best to let them pass. Each man watched, each horse sinking deeper into chilling mire as a mud-covered, black palfrey plodded over the rise in the road, its long mane whipping in the frigid winds. “No rider,” Martin, the scout, murmured. “Look again,” Nicholas replied. At first he too had thought the horse was riderless. Now he could see a woman collapsed on the animal’s back.

Snippet C  

“It’s a bit late for such a warning.” Her smooth skin was ashen. A ribbon held thick auburn hair off her oval face, but a few long waves tumbled over her shoulders to tease his hands. She drew herself up as if gathering her composure. Many women would’ve collapsed by now, after receiving and helping a wounded stranger, then hiding him from soldiers who could return at any moment. He admired her strength of will. And her fine features, straight brows framing those golden eyes he couldn’t seem to look away from, her delicate nose and lips. Stunning, but thin.

Book 3:

Soul Seducer by Alicia Dean

Buy Link: 


Snippet A:

Finally, she forced her eyes open and found herself staring at a water-stained ceiling. When she turned her head to the left, she saw a window covered by thick drapes with a sliver of light showing between the panels. She scowled. Where was she?

“You’re awake.”

She gasped. The voice came from her right. It was coarse, deep and staticy, as if filtered through a speaker. She turned her head toward the voice and knew immediately she was in trouble. If she weren’t in trouble, the man sitting next to the bed probably wouldn’t be wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees hockey mask.

Snippet B:

She lifted her lashes, staring up at him, wanting to lose herself in his glittering blue gaze. Wanting to feel his hands on her body…his full, sensual lips on hers. Wanting to be swept away in whatever madness this was. It felt so strange, yet at the same time, exhilarating, compelling, irresistible…dangerous.

Yes, dangerous. Gulping in a breath, she stepped back. His touch fell away, breaking the strange hold he had on her.

“You! It was you there that night. In the alley…” Her breath came in short gasps as the odd yearning was replaced by fear. “Then again, at the hospital.” She shot her gaze around the room. “Where’s the other one? The blond guy? Who the hell are you?”

Snippet C:

Eyes tightly closed, she pressed her back to the desk, praying the robbers hadn’t heard her scream. I’m going to die…I’ll never see Emma again… Panic built in her chest, and her breathing sped up. I can’t die, please don’t let me die…

No! She would not die. She would survive. She had to.

She tried not to look again, but her gaze was drawn against her will. Sophie’s body lay half-in, half-out of the chair. Her eyes were open. Blood was smeared on her pale yellow blouse. A shudder raced over China’s skin.



Correct answers & winner of the extra entry from last week:

The first person who guessed correctly was Stacey Dixon, who wins an additional entry in the February contest. Congrats, Stacey!

Last week’s answers:

Book 1 – A Time to Heal: Correct Snippet: A

Book 2 – Remedy Maker: Correct Snippet: B

Book 3 – Saving Casey: Correct Snippet: C


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  1. ELF

    Duct tape can take care of almost everything! Great snippets, all of these sound intriguing.


  2. Nancy Burgess

    These books sound good.


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