“Ever Since” – New Release by Dorothy Callahan – #99Cents

Please help me welcome Dorothy Callahan with her latest release…


Thank you for having me! I’m excited to be sharing a bit about my new release, which is a slight diversion from my normal writings. I tend to write action/adventure/romance, but with Ever Since, I felt Cora had a different story to tell. After all, she’s stuck home with her family over the holidays, hiding the fact she just lost her job, and who did her Nana invite to stay with them but the one man who broke her heart? Add a Nor’easter and the biggest bash of the year, and you’ll see why Cora is all sass and crass when it comes to Matty.

If you love animals like I do, you’ll be happy to see them pop up in all my stories. Cora is no exception; she’s a licensed veterinary technician with a rescued bunny who finds herself roped in to taking care of all the family’s pets while she’s there.

Cora is first introduced in my book “IMPENETRABLE: Let No One In,” which is available for FREE right now on my website, www.dorothycallahan.com. All I need is the email address to send it to and it’s yours! (She shows up again in “CRAZY LITTLE FLING,” too.)



Gorgeous. Scottish. A musician—but not in the traditional sense. No, Matteu MacKenzie is one of the best bagpipe players around—a Master Piper. And Cora had given her heart to him, only to have him break it by choosing his music over her. But a secret they share is tearing them apart, and unless Cora is willing to acknowledge what happened, Matty feels their love can never be redeemed. And by midnight on New Year’s Eve, their chances will expire.


they met as teens, they clicked. Completely.


they started dating, they knew they belonged together.


the car accident that ended innocent lives, Cora has been on her own—abandoned, bereft, betrayed by the only man she’d ever loved.


the day Matty’s distracted driving almost cost Cora her life, he’s been unable to cope with how deeply he failed her.

They have not been the same


Interested to see how they interact? Here’s one of the first scenes with them together, having come in from the cold after wrangling Cora’s mom’s horses back into the barn:

Perhaps he sensed her thoughts, because once more Matty leaned in. “Roll in to me, mo chridhe. Yer family is starting to find yer actions a wee bit cold to me.”

Cora hissed, “Just because Nana and Mom haven’t told anyone doesn’t give you carte blanche to pretend nothing is wrong between us.”

“Aya, everything is wrong. We’re but inches apart, yet I canna see over yer walls.”

“Walls you put there.”

“Aya. Walls I intend to knock down.”

“Intend away, but you made your choice. These are the consequences.”

“Aya, but a decision made in panic, mo chridhe, is no decision at all. I was blind with fear and pain and desperate to prove maself to ye.”

Despite his pathetic attempt at a plea, it was his familiar endearment that made Cora turn to glare at him. “Stop calling me that. I mean it. And panic or no, you had fourteen months to contact me. Which you didn’t. Which means we’re done.”

She couldn’t read his expression, but it seemed guarded. “No, lass. We’re na done until death has stolen me.”

“Stolen me. I could have died in that hospital, but you left anyway.”

His eyes swept down, the long lashes fanning against his cheeks, sending shadows along his high cheekbones as the fire undulated before them. “Aya, I’ve failed ye.”

“Yes. You have.”

Her declaration made his lips curl. “Ye never mince words, Cora. It’s what I’ve always admired so about ye. Life is black and white to ye. No gray. Ever.” He nodded once and got up, tucking the wool blanket around her as he left the living room.

And Cora finally got to sit before the fire in absolute silence to enjoy her cocoa.

Funny, it seemed so much hotter only seconds ago.


Right now, the ebook is available at pre-order price of $0.99 at most online retailers, including Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Ever-Since-Dorothy-Callahan-ebook/dp/B01N4FH5E6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484403591&sr=8-1&keywords=ever+since+dorothy+callahan

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/ever-since-dorothy-callahan/1125361916?ean=2940154214244



Dorothy Callahan is one of those authors who annoys other authors by refusing to be tied down to one genre. If a tale demands to be told—even if she’s never read a single story like it—she’ll find a way to write the book of her heart. This is the only way to quiet those demanding characters begging to be heard.

She lives in New York with her wonderful husband, a pride of demanding cats, and two loyal dogs, all rescued from shelters (well, not the husband). Her love of both animals and writing prompted her to start READ AND RESCUE, an organization where animal-loving authors and readers can find one another. The unique aspect to this group is that each author pledges a portion of proceeds to his/her favorite animal cause.

When Dorothy is not writing, she enjoys shopping for antiques and renovating their pre-Civil War house. If you are interested in learning more about Dorothy or how to help other animals in need, please visit her at dorothycallahan.com, dorothycallahanauthor@gmail.com, Facebook at Dorothy Callahan Author, or Twitter under Dorothy Callahan@Callahanauthor.

Thank you, Alicia, for letting me join you today! I hope you had fun getting to know these two characters a bit. I enjoyed the chance to share.


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