Friday Fragment Contest – #Giveaway #FunGame #BookLovers – January 6, 2017

Welcome to my weekly contest –

Below you will find three different books, by three different authors, and beneath each, you will find three different short excerpts. Only one excerpt is from the listed book. Using the form at the bottom of the post, enter your guesses as to which excerpt is correct for each book. Once a month, I will draw a name from all those who attempt a guess on this game, AND on my Facebook SpotaLie game (check it out here: The winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Each week, the first person to guess all 3 correctly receives an additional entry. (TIP: Click on each link and read the blurbs for a better chance at guessing correctly)

In addition to filling out the contact form, we’d also love it if you would comment, whether it is about your guesses, the books, the authors, etc. Have fun!

Terms and Conditions: No purchase necessary to win. There is no limit on how many times one entrant can win. You do not have to guess correctly to be entered in the monthly drawing.

*** The game runs from the day it’s posted through the following Friday morning when the next post goes up. In order to stay up to date on each post, follow my blog by signing up in the column to the right.


*** Extra Giveaway!! – Callie Hutton is offering a FREE copy of Seducing the Marquess to one lucky winner! To be entered, simply leave a comment. One name will be drawn and that person will receive a signed print book (USA Residents Only), or an ebook for overseas residents.


Book 1:

The Dream Catcher by Marie Laval

UK Link:
US Link:


Snippet A:

‘Take me to your master immediately,’ she started in a voice as cold and steady she could manage, ‘so I can ask him to have you whipped for your insolence.’

     There was a collective gasp from the people around them. Not looking in the least impressed, the man crossed his arms on his broad chest and arched his eyebrows.


     She took another deep breath.

     ‘That’s what I do to disrespectful servants on my estate, and I can assure you they stop smirking after five lashes.’ That was an outrageous lie, of course, but no one here was to know.

Snippet B:

Who did the woman think he was to summon him to her room like that? A lackey, probably. His lips twisted in an angry snarl as he climbed the stairs two by two. Madame Norton might live in a ramshackle manor house on the bleak, windswept Devonshire moorland, but she was still a Beauregard on her mother’s side and a member of the English gentry by marriage. He should have followed Martin’s advice and stayed at the club a while longer.

       He walked down the draughty corridor and drummed impatient fingers on her door.

      ‘Who’s there?’  A timid voice answered from behind the door.

Snippet C:

  ‘A diversion? That’s a mild way of putting it,’ he sneered. ‘The girls’ dancing was… ahem… striking, to say the least. Ask that poor old man who collapsed.’ He drew in a deep breath. ‘Anyway, where did you learn to dance like that?’

    She lowered her eyes, snapped a leaf from a nearby bush and tore it into tiny pieces that spiralled to the ground. ‘Malika taught me, in secret. She always said I was good enough to be one of them.’

     She was right, her dancing had been entrancing, mesmerising, but he wasn’t going to tell her.


Book 2:

A Demon’s Witch by Tena Stetler


Find Tena Here:


Snippet A

She raised her arms, about to send the yoga mats back to their proper place when the heavy wooden front door creaked open. Piper rushed toward the door, teeth bared and a growl rumbled in her throat. Summer whirled around and yelped as Devlin ambled into the room, black hair tousled and glistening with melting snowflakes. His nonchalance at the dog’s approach surprised her as he slowed to a stop. Piper sniffed around him, backed up a few inches, then stood at alert in front of Devlin.

“You scared the bejeebers out of me.” Summer held her hand to her chest as her heart thundered.

“What are you doing here?”

Snippet B:

Angie chortled. “Not him silly girl.”  She raised an eyebrow and grinned at Willow. “The owner, Bruce is his name, I believe.  Now he’s hot.”

Willow scowled and her eyes widened.  “Oh, Angie, that’s not smart.  I’ve heard about him, tall, dark, handsome and mysterious.  Just your type, but he’s not human.  The faery realm’s heard tell of him, he’s dangerous and vicious.  He rules the western hemisphere with an iron fist, keeping magic folk honest and in their place.  One misstep and you’re history.”  She drew an index finger across her throat then flopped her head to one side.

Snippet C:

She sliced her arm through the air. Unseen forces slammed Mr. Green to the ground. His eyes glowed an eerie green. Pain erupted in Pepper’s head. He was drawing on her magic. Suddenly, a rainbow shower of knife-sharp feathers zoomed out of the cabin door, across the air, and sliced through the man’s clothes, pinning him to the ground. Red and blue flashing lights reflected against the cabin’s wet exterior. The sirens’wail echoed all around her, and Kaylee’s scream broke through the chaos, then everything went black.

Lathen slammed on the brakes as he turned into the driveway behind the police vehicle


Book 3:

Seducing the Marquess by Callie Hutton


Find Callie Here:


Snippet A:

“Suppose a woman wanted to not do all those things? Suppose she wanted to sit in Parliament? Or visit Tattersall’s on a Tuesday for the auctions, or visit White’s, or a gaming hell?” Her voice rose as all the things she had been denied that she never knew she cared about bubbled to the surface.

He opened and closed his mouth several times before he spoke. “You want to go to a gaming hell?”

All the air left her lungs and she felt deflated, like a balloon that had a pin stuck in it. Of course she didn’t want to go to a gaming hell. What she wanted was to have her husband make love to her like he had his mistress.

Snippet B:

“Dare I hope you saved a dance for me?”

Why did this man affect her so? She should hate him for what he did to her, but instead she melted at his touch and got lost in his eyes. “Yes, I believe I have one or two left.” She smiled, irritated at the breathless sound of her voice.

He reached for the small card dangling from her wrist. “A waltz, perchance?”

“I’m sorry, my lord, but all four are taken.” Heat rose from her middle to spread to her face. She fought the urge to hurry to the French doors and gulp in air.

He turned the card over. “Lord Carstairs won’t be able to take his waltz, so you may put my name in his place.”

Snippet C:

“Actually, I was waiting for you to finish with Mrs. Morehead so I could speak with you in private.”

“I have nothing to say to you, my lord.” She was really beginning to feel the chill and was afraid her words came out a bit stuttered. He stood, shrugged out of his jacket and, before she could protest, he dropped it over her shoulders. Immediately the warmth from his body and scent of his soap, combined with another musky smell, encompassed her.

“This is hardly proper.”

He grinned. “Is it more proper for me to sit comfortably and watch a lady shiver with the cold? I think not.”





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  2. Thanks for the giveaway, Alicia! Of the three books, the one I’d most like to read is Tena Stetler’s. Especially if I’m in the mood for something seriously weird!

    Good luck, fellow players!

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  3. Janet Goodard

    Love Callie Hutton books. Haven’t read the other authors, sound good.

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  4. Brigitte`Antoinette Ware

    Hi. Can’t wait to read the lot! I don’t like the black background, because it’s hard to see. Thanks. It is a different kind of contest.

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  5. What a fun contest! Kudos Alicia Dean!

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  6. This is so much fun! Can I still play even though it’s Saturday…? I hope! I’m a first timer with this game! I’m adding a calandar reminder too! Hehee! Thank you for the giveaways! Headed up to the game!:-)

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  7. Kristina

    My first time coming across your site. Love the game! So much fun hunting for the answers (I hope I got them right!). Found new author and book to add to my Must Read list for 2017. I’m a subscriber now!!! Thanks for the fun and for the opportunity to win. Please add me for the chance to win Seducing the Marquess… In the beginning, it’s all about the book. Once I love the book, it’s all about the author. Lol. Thanks again.

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