A Plethora of 99 Cent Ebooks!!!

99 Cent Ebooks galore

Check out our monthly list of 99 cent reads. All different genres, all great bargains!

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Hope you discover some enticing reads!



For a limited time, the authors of Chick Swagger are offering their Hard Men of the Rockies as a complete collection. Five stories, five men who will spice up your library and leave you looking for Mistletoe and Lace.

Find the authors of Chick Swagger at ChickSwagger.com.



Knight Geoffrey de Montfort vanishes for seven years after his wedding night—then returns without revealing to his wife where he has been. Will Geoffrey’s silence create a rift too large to heal—or can he and Merryn recapture the love they once shared?

Find Alexa Aston here: https://alexaaston.wordpress.com/



Sophie Davenport returns home from London without a marriage proposal, determined to remain single and do charitable work–until Jeremy Wyatt shows up at her doorstep.

Find Becky Lower here: http://www.beckylowerauthor.com



Lt. Col. Dale Mitchlen doesn’t believe year-old Katie Ann is his—until he sees her picture. With the child’s mother KIA, he informs Alyson Sander, Katie’s aunt, that he’s seeking custody, pending a DNA test. Despite instant attraction, Katie’s future hangs in the balance and neither wants to make a mistake by following their heart.

Find Sandra McGregor at www.SandraMcGregor.com


A naughty novella. Erotic strangers-to-lovers costume party adventure.

Find Kris Pearson here – http://www.krispearson.com



Sharon Parker’s daughter convinced the family to go to Blythe Cove Manor for Mother’s Day. Little did she know that the simple act of love would unveil a long held secret that could bring the family together or tear them apart.

Find Shirley Hailstock here: http://www.shirleyhailstock.net



How can he stay with the woman he married once he learns she may have hired someone to kill him? And what if she isn’t really his wife?

Find Debby Conrad here:  www.DebbyConrad.com



Miss Laura Stokes is a man with a mission. The Duke of Rothmore must convince the girl-in-disguise to give up her vendetta–but can he also win her heart?
Find Deb Marlowe here:   www.DebMarlowe.com
Traveling during the holiday season doesn’t sound romantic, but a star in the East, an abandoned child and a quest for holiday cheer might just convince these two that love is the best gift of the Season. 
Find Deb Marlowe here:  www.DebMarlowe.com



Kathleen James looked forward to an intimate dinner and an engagement ring. Dominic Lawrence planned this marriage proposal for six months. Nothing can go wrong—until his Nonna calls.
Can Antonia’s romantic WWII tale of her American GI and a very special collie bring these two hearts together?
Find Aubrey Wynne here: 



Uncovering a lie drives a new marquess back from a self-imposed exile at Christmas to find the only woman he’s ever loved. Finding her turns out to be easy, uncovering her stunning secrets, a bit harder. But winning her back will be the greatest challenge of all.

Find Alina K. Field at http://alinakfield.com





Are you on the Naughty List? A boxed set guaranteed to warm up your winter! Thirteen Naughty Holiday stories by bestselling authors writing as The Naughty Literati. Last chance at 99¢!

Check out The Naughty Literati Bookshelf for more sexy boxed sets!




Naughty Flames: Eleven Fiery Romances includes Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical, Menage, New Adult, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Rubenesque, Shapeshifter, and Stepbrother romance from bestselling authors writing as The Naughty Literati!

Preorder at 99¢! Release date December 1st!

Check out The Naughty Literati Bookshelf for more sexy boxed sets!



She’s a Time Lord, he’s a Trekker. When fandoms collide, the fun begins.
Come see what else is going on in Kathryn Lively’s strange mind: http://www.facebook.com/authorkathrynlively


 Former navy SEAL John Huntington is the Midnight Man. He’s willing to put his heart and his life on the line for interior designer, Suzanne Barron. When unknown enemies come after Suzanne, The Midnight Man will do anything to protect her…and failure is definitely is not an option. 

Find Lisa Marie Rice here: Website, Facebook, TwitterAmazon Author Page.



A vampire won’t rest until they’re all dead… Until she meets him, and everything changes.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00070]
The second daughter of a baron has somehow caught the eye of a duke… only he’s an imposter! Can the real duke save the day? Or will Christmas be ruined for both of them?
Find Nicole Zoltack here: http://www.subscribepage.com/m0k3l8




She spent her entire life fighting death. Now she’s falling in love with him…

When her loved ones are threatened, nurse Audra Grayson will risk her life…even her soul to save them. But can she risk her heart to a Grim Reaper?



Charged with teaching the spoiled lad a lesson, Michelle has strict instructions not fall for his charm. Romance in the countryside. Riches or ruin?

Find Wendy Lou Jones here:  bit.ly/2fhhmrq



When a rough-cut Texan learns he has a daughter and her mother, the woman he still loves, is ready to marry another man, he’s not about to walk away. Not without a fight.
Find ANN MAJOR here:  www.annmajor.com



Can Leigh and Cy find love or will their attempt to find lasting happiness meet with disaster?  Join the Chance City adventure as its citizens battle opposing forces in their searches for love.

Find Robin Deeter here:  http://robindeeter.com/



Will Brock come down from the fence he sits on to find a life time of happiness with Daphne or will he let indecision cost him the love of his life?

Find Robin Deeter here:  http://robindeeter.com/


Caroline Duval wants to see the world, but as an innkeeper’s daughter, her opportunities are few. When a bloody traveler enters the inn, she recognizes him immediately. Could this man from her past be the key to her future?
Find Patricia Kiyono here: http://patriciakiyono.com/


After eighteen years away, she’s home to learn the truth…If she murdered her own father.
Find Kathy L Wheeler at http://kathylwheeler.com



When Tessa agreed to do a favor for her boss, she never thought she’d end up being a mistaken target for a hired killer or falling for the sexy cop who is determined to keep her safe.

Find Edie Hart at https://www.facebook.com/RomanceAuthorEdieHart/.



Bonding to a female shifter is not part of King Noeh’s plan, not until his goddess insists he take a queen by the next full moon or lose his crown. When he rescues a beautiful female from the enemy’s grasp a forbidden attraction blooms, and he must decide between his kingdom and his heart.

Find Rosalie Redd here:  http://www.rosalieredd.com


Hearts Across Time ~ medieval knights and time travel… What’s not to love? Sometimes all you need is to just believe…
Find Sherry Ewing on her website at www.SherryEwing.com


$0.99 SALE ENDS TODAY 11/20!


How much longer would she be hunted? Two years had passed since Amber broke up with her obsessed boyfriend, but he continued to stalk her. The worst part was imagining him wearing every hoodie, hiding in every shadow, or following in every vehicle.

Find Marissa Garner here:  www.marissagarner.com

Hot shot Boston lawyer Ian Pierce has everything but peace of mind. Then
he meets a raggedy girl who may well be a Christmas angel in disguise.

Find Lisabet Sarai here: http://www.lisabetsarai.com

When her dominant husband Greg proposes that they attend a company
Halloween gala, Isabella is too excited to be suspicious.

Find Lisabet Sarai here: http://lisabetsarai.blogspot.com



“There is a way from heart to heart” is an old Afghan proverb . Can Paul find the way to Kate’s heart, or is it closed forever?
From the heat of the Mediterranean to the heart of Scotland…A year of mystery and romance
Find Helena here:  www.helenafairfax.com



When Carter Phillips goes home after multiple deployments, all he wants is time alone to get his head screwed on straight. What he gets is Amy Williams, a woman who sets his blood on fire and has secrets even darker than his own.



A werewolf under cover on a slave ship of dark secrets.

Find Rebecca York here: www.rebeccayork.com



She has a target on her back…only he can save her. With killers on their heels, can they resist simmering desire and uncover truth? Secrets, murder, treason, and fiery passion—who can you trust?

Find Virginia Kelly here: https://www.amazon.com/Virginia-Kelly/e/B001KDD8FK



 Merry Connor and Anthony Lewis search for treasure and find true love.
A desperate bachelor enlists his neighbor to pose as his wife to appease his dying mother and unexpectedly finds love under the mistletoe.


Happy Reading!!!!



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5 responses to “A Plethora of 99 Cent Ebooks!!!

  1. WOW!!! Thank you for this list. Will certainly keep me busy reading through the holidays.


  2. Thank you Alicia! I’m thrilled to have my book included in this list!


  3. thanks for sharing your list! I just bought yours! Can’t wait to read it, and be assured, i will post a review. 🙂


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