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The ghost living in his house might have saved him from an unhappy marriage and brought him the girl of his dreams but when his ex-fiancee returns. The same spirit turns his life upside down.



A jilted bounty hunter lands in the year 1870 three weeks before an interview vital to her law enforcement career. A Kansas marshal wages a daily battle with guilt, but now has to deal with a strange woman who dropped out of nowhere and can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Find Callie here:  www.calliehutton.com



Naughty Haunts features Eleven Spooky Love Stories including BBW, BDSM, Contemporary, M/M, Menage, New Adult, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Speculative Fiction, Stepbrother, and Witch Romance from bestselling authors writing as The Naughty Literati!

Check out The Naughty Literati Bookshelf for more 99¢ anthologies! http://naughtyliterati.com/naughtybookshelf/



This Christmas, Noelle has a decision to make. Leave David or stay? Or teach him how it feels to be betrayed?

You can find Joan here: https://www.amazon.com/author/joanreeves



She’s a corporate executive with a secret–she’s psychic and speaks with dead people. Her boss–a wealthy hotelier–lost his wife in a tragic accident years ago. Now she’s the psychic at an Autumn Masquerade and hoping to make it through the night without him finding out, but the ghost of his wife has other plans…



A Regency romance with a touch of the paranormal: “Enchantment and romance abound in Schwab’s captivating tale of a spell gone wrong, a love potion gone right, deceit, revenge, black magic and redemption.” ~ Kathe Robin, Romantic Times, 4 stars

Find Sandra Schwab here: http://www.sandraschwab.com/



Winner AWC Writing Awards~Judges Comments: At first these stories reel you into what appears to be formula romance. Then they turn the genre on its head, throwing a perfectly aimed, delightful curveball at the surprising and satisfying endings. WOW!
Find Casi here: http://amzn.to/2d4Pebb



In this short historical romance, Jacqueline’s fire has long been extinguished in an unhappy marriage. A young king reignites her passion, but can their romance flourish?
The Romance Reigns series explores the fictional lives and romances of the ladies that stole the heart of a king.

Find Sandra Kyle here:  http://www.sandrakyle.com/



A 1950’s romance short story.  Caregiver for an alcoholic mother, Toby Lawson is only  happy when she listens to Elvis Presley. His music takes her away and helps her escape from everything wrong in her life. But then she reconnects with her first and only love, Noah Rivers. Can she forgive him for the past and grab onto a future?
Follow Alicia on Amazon and get updates for all new releases: https://www.amazon.com/Alicia-Dean/e/B004HQW4X4/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1



Playboy Reese Caster only fell hard for one woman in his life–Emily–and he narrowly escaped the trappings of marriage. Now, Emily’s husband’s ghost is trying to force Caster to woo her to keep her from hooking up with a loser. The pesky ghost won’t take no for an answer. But Caster reluctantly finds that wooing Emily isn’t so torturous after all.

Follow Alicia on Amazon and get updates for all new releases: https://www.amazon.com/Alicia-Dean/e/B004HQW4X4/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1



Will a justice-seeking wanderer find solace on a ranch with a stubborn widow determined to protect what is hers? Kell is looking for a place to hole up for winter when he meets a woman needing help with mysterious lights on her ranch. Little does he know what he’s signing up for.




Riding hard and loving harder… Cowboys, Bulls, and Buckles…Where eight seconds means the difference between winning and love… Six brand new stories by some of the hottest Contemporary Western Romance Authors… 



Keep your friends close and your enemies closer—that’s why Dean hires his business rival’s broke ex-girlfriend. He didn’t count on his heart being in more danger than his business. Will the trust they build be enough to keep them together—or will an unexpected betrayal tear them apart…and possibly cost them their lives?

Find Stacey Joy Netzel at www.StaceyJoyNetzel.com



Nothing is as it seems, when an old flame rescues you from an accident. It’s time to reconsider all you’ve ever known. All you’ve ever desired.

Find Carol DeVaney here: https://www.amazon.com/Carol-DeVaney/e/B005PRX20I/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1



Piper Dunn isn’t what you’d call a normal teenager.  But then most mutants aren’t.



Tullamore Castle Ireland is an enchanted place where the adventurous can expect the unexpected. Seven steamy paranormal romance stories with a magical Celtic twist. Find love with a vampire, amorous ghosts, Djinn, a griffin and more.

Find Dena Garson at http://www.denagarson.com/



Separated high-school sweethearts meet 12 years later & sparks still fly. But will their dreams be shattered forever when the truth behind the breakup is revealed? A #secondchance romance. The first of seven couples, seven stories.

Find Diana Stout at http://sharpenedpencilsproductions.com/



Coy decided to put an end to his gun-slinging days long ago. He doesn’t plan on staying at the ranch, and he certainly doesn’t intend to settle down … no matter how pretty the widow is.

Find out more about Keta’s books here: http://ketaskeep.blogspot.com



Tour guide Sophia overhears the secret surrounding Lord Heaton’s parentage. But is it her attraction to him or the fear of opening a Pandora’s box that makes her keep quiet about it? How long can she stay at Heaton Abbey knowing what she does?

Find Lorna here: https://lornapeel.com



When her brother takes a trip into the north and disappears without a trace, Beth is left on her own at Farmer Holdings. Major Dante Regiment must find a way to protect her, as the Emperor is not the only one causing chaos in Khandarken

Find Sylvie Grayson here: www.sylviegrayson.com



Extra! Extra! Read all about it … The Earl of Fennigton’s secret identity as the editor of The Tattler means he can report the gossip he hears at ton events. But what happens when he decides to blackmail a young lady in an effort to spend more time with her? The Tattler knows!

Find Linda Rae Sande here: http://LindaRaeSande.com



From USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Queen:  3 Full Novels

Escape to the intriguing charm-filled world of Queen’s Beacon Hill where Boston and London’s law enforcement mix to spark action and fun.

Find out about Stephanie Queen and sign up for her Newsletter here:  http://stephaniequeen.com/



 Fans of football and other sports-related romances will love this scorching romantic thriller by Ann Jacobs!

Find And Jacobs here http://www.annjacobs.net


Happy Reading!!!!



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8 responses to “A Plethora of 99 Cent Ebooks!!!

  1. Thanks for hosting my book. McKee’s Ghost is a fun read and includes a bonus story about Ruth’s sister. Have an awesome day, Anita


  2. coryellsusan

    Wunderbar! Something for everyone here and at a bargain price! Thanks for posting.


  3. What a collection! Thanks for putting all of these on your blog!


  4. A big thank you for hosting my book also, Alicia!


  5. Woot! Look at these great deals. Thanks, Alicia!


  6. Great selection here! I’ve bought several of these before, but managed to pick up a few more. Thanks again for sharing these bargains, Alicia!


  7. You’re welcome, one and all! Thank you for participating. YES, some fabulous deals!! Come back and see us again sometime. 🙂


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