“10 Moments that Changed My Life” by Dianne Noble & Her New Release:

Please help me welcome author Dianne Noble, who is sharing the moments that changed her life and her latest release…


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  • Being born on Bonfire Night in Hazlewood Castle. Not nobility, despite my name! It was a nursing home.

  • First day at school, first of fifteen I would attend. Sat on the toilet and hoped the bus would go without me.

  • Aged seven, sailed to Singapore on a troopship. Took 28 days and I saw a camel on the banks of the Suez Canal.

  • Three years later the RAF moved us to Lancs, England. Never been so cold in my whole life after the heat and sun of Singapore.

  • Cyprus next at the time Turkey was threatening to invade. I was a teenager surrounded by handsome UN peace-keeping troops. My father lost the last of his hair.

  • Marriage to a Civil Engineer who took me to Bahrain in the Arabian Gulf. Loved the place and worked in the British Embassy.

  • Back in England, divorced and a single parent. Tough years but character forming.

  • Kids grown and flown so back on my travels. India, China, Israel, Guatemala & Russia amongst others, keeping comprehensive journals.

  • Started novel writing using said journals. Travelled more. Wrote more.

  • Tirgearr Publishing accepted my novel Outcast based in India. There are many more in the pipeline, based in Egypt, Morocco, maybe Iran. Who knows?

WOW…what a life you’ve led. Fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing, Dianne. Congratulations on your new release! The cover is beautiful.




Rose leaves her Cornwall café to search for her daughter in the sweltering slums of Kolkata, India.
In the daily struggle for survival, she is often brought to her knees, but finds strength to overcome the poverty and disease and grows to love the Dalit community she helps.
But then there are deaths, and she fears for her own safety.


A beggar was pulling at her sleeve, a woman carrying a baby with two front teeth so new they still had scalloped edges. Clutching on to her frayed sari was a tiny girl wearing pink knickers and nothing else. Rose looked down at them. She knew better than to give to beggars, knew she’d be overwhelmed in a stampede. But there was something in the woman’s eyes, a hopelessness which tore at her chest. She hesitated then put her hand in her bag but the woman had already turned away, was slipping between the cars to cross the road.     ‘Wait,’ Rose called.

The girl pulled her hand free of her mother’s and darted back to Rose. And then the explosion came.


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14 responses to ““10 Moments that Changed My Life” by Dianne Noble & Her New Release:

  1. Ashantay Peters

    Beautiful cover, an excerpt that hooks – I’m intrigued! Best wishes with your debut novel and sending you many wishes for success.


    • Thank you so much! It’s every bit as good as the cover and excerpt suggests! I’ve just signed a contract with Tirgearr Publishing and a second book based in India, A Hundred Hands, is to be released in October. This book tells the story of Polly who is forced to flee her village in Wales, England and ends up in India caring for street children.


  2. I thought I’d moved a lot growing up a Marine Corps brat, but it was nothing compared to your adventures. Best of luck with the book!


    • Thank you! There’s one good thing about the sort of life we’ve both lived, in that it really broadens your mind, always a good basis for being a writer. Not only do you have the different countries and lifestyles to draw on, there are the experiences of being uprooted and being a stranger wherever you live.


  3. Yes, I love your cover! This sounds tres interesting! Love the comment about the peacekeepers and your dad! Best wishes for OUTCAST and A HUNDRED HANDS and all of your writing endeavors, Dianne!


    • Thank you, that’s very kind of you. At the time I thought my father was an ogre who grounded me for the slightest infringement of his rules, but looking back the poor man must have had many sleepless nights!


  4. The excerpt is great. Very gripping. Good luck to you!


  5. Wow…what a fascinating life! I can’t help but envy those, like you, who have gotten to travel so much, so early, but I suppose kids like that yearn for the roots of staying in one place for a while. Loved the excerpt; great detail in the description of the baby!


    • Thank you Leah. I wouldn’t have changed my life, the richness and the variety, but on the down side it makes you rootless. There isn’t really anywhere to call home and there are no school reunions to attend.


  6. pamelasthibodeaux

    Definitely some interesting moments!
    Good luck and God’s blessings.


  7. It is wonderful that you are able to use your extensive travels and life experiences in your writing. What a blessing! Best wishes.


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