House at the Edge – A World of Gothic: Greece

An excellent post about a new release in the A World of Gothic series – AND, an offer to get the book free in exchange for a review!

MM Jaye's HEAs

I’ve done it, and I deserve a pat on my back. I’ve written my first Gothic mystery romance, formatted on my own and uploaded not only on Amazon but on iTunes, Kobo and B&N as well. (Still waiting for that B&N link, though.) This is a 38K-word novella, and it’s priced at only $0.99.

House at the Edge is the second novella in the “A World of Gothic” series of mystery romances written by authors from around the world. Last month, Marie Treanor presented her Ghost in the Rain, a gripping story set in the Scottish Highlands. This month, the Gothic tour stops on a remote Greek island, but unlike my contemporary summery romances, this time, the setting is in the dead of winter, and my heroine is almost dead inside. Who’s better to deal with a rumored haunted mansion? Read on for the blurb, an…

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4 responses to “House at the Edge – A World of Gothic: Greece

  1. MM Jaye

    Thank you so much for reblogging, Alicia, and for your ongoing support! You’re a gem!


  2. I just read it, actually. MM Jaye’s writing is wonderful! A highly recommended read 🙂


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